1427 Mutant Black Crystal

As the ground collapsed and Han Sen found himself in free fall, he let go of the coin
to plummet by itself. Then, he flew back up to the ground that was still stable.
He waited near the drop for a long time, but the coin did not seem to find ground. If it
had, it would have exploded with a blast Han Sen was sure to feel. Han Sen poked
his head over the sides of the hole that had formed, and it was only then that a scary
power burst out of the ground like a geyser.
The power sent Han Sen flying, around fifty meters away from the hole.
Both sides of the hole had been brought to ruin. The power unleashed by a Saving
Money coin, dialed to the number one hundred, was far too terrifying for Han Sen to
Once he got back on his feet and patted himself down, Han Sen inched his way back
to the drop to get a clearer look at the aftermath. But before he could do that, he
could feel his super king spirit release a substance inside him.
"Aha! Did it work? Am I finally generating a new geno core?" Han Sen stopped to
take a look with sudden happiness.
It was, and just like the formation of his other geno cores, a substance was released
into his Sea of Soul.
It gathered together in a spot and began to swirl, before hardening to present
something solid and tangible. The black crystal, as it always did, released some
liquid that joined the swirling fluids and partook in the creation process.
The black crystal wasn't very big by this point. After having created the other geno
cores, its size had been reduced by fifty percent. And now, with the release of more
liquid, it was getting even smaller.
But this time, Han Sen's shock and awe was taken to a whole new level.
The black crystal was no longer a black crystal. It didn't seem crytallized anymore.
Its color had been wholly robbed, and its shape had been warped. It became a faint,
translucent item that seemed to possess a blurry halo in its interior.
Without the black coloration of the crystal, the light inside was free to shine out. It
began to beam brighter than the sun.
It was so bright, Han Sen was unable to see what might have truly resided within that
light, but whatever it was, he could feel the power it possessed.
Before Han Sen could investigate it any further, though, the geno creation process
was complete. His super king spirit geno core had taken the form of a coin.
The coin had the number one fixed on its front, and on the back was an image of

Han Sen in his super king spirit form.
Self Geno Core: Bronze Coin
Han Sen did not have time to check out the geno core in great detail, though. The
volume of the halo's brightness went up a few more notches, completely blinding
Han Sen.
Fortunately, the light was not harmful. And after a short period of believing himself to
be blind, his vision began to return.
Han Sen took another look at where the black crystal had been, and what he saw

gave him another surprise.
The black crystal was completely gone; it had been replaced by a black crystal armor
set. It was a heavy armor, but it had been forged with a sleekness in mind. It would
be tight-fitting and rather feminine, in many respects.
There was also a weapon alongside the armor set. Placed firmly in the gauntlets,
there was a black crystal greatsword. And on the back of the armor were black
crystal wings.
The black crystal armor was motionless; it was just there. He couldn't see if there
was a creature in it or not, but Han Sen could tell the energy it contained exceeded
that of Night Empress.
After trying to give it a scan, however, Han Sen noticed its energy reduce.
After a bit more time elapsed, all its power had depleted.
In Shadow Shelter, the Nine-Life Cat suddenly opened both of its eyes with a look of
confusion. It arose from its slumber and took off running towards the valley Han Sen
was in.
Nine-Life Cat saw Han Sen there, and with a brisk teleportation, it appeared where
the ground had caved in. It called over to Han Sen, saying, "Weird. I just felt it.
Where is it? Has it gone?"
Nine-Life Cat sniffed around the ruined pasture in search of something, but could
find nothing.
"Why are you here, kitty?" Han Sen opened his eyes near the drop and saw the cat.
Nine-Life Cat did not respond to his question and merely went on to ask, "Did you
see something?"
"What? What did I see?" Han Sen asked, obviously confused.
Nine-Life Cat ignored Han Sen and began talking to itself, pondering something
intently. "Am I mistaken? This thing shouldn't be here."
"What thing? What are you mistaken about? Hello? Are you going to talk to me?"

Han Sen walked up to the Nine-Life Cat while asking.
Nine-Life Cat shook his tail, saying, "It's none of your business! You still only have a
bronze geno core. When are you going to become a god? You should really think
about hurrying up."
"Does it matter to you whether or not I become a god? What interest do you have in
my affairs?" Han Sen said.
Nine-Life Cat looked at Han Sen with a fairly serious look. He told him, "If you don't
become a god, how am I supposed to get back...?"
Nine-Life Cat then realized he had just said something he shouldn't have.
This prompted Han Sen to ask, "Back? Back where?"
"It's nothing." Then, Nine-Life Cat started walking away, as if nothing had happened.
"Are you from the Fifth Sanctuary? Am I supposed to be your transport there?" Han
Sen asked after it.
Nine-Life Cat did not turn around. It continued to walk away, and as it went, it
answered, "Getting to the Fifth Sanctuary isn't easy."
Han Sen wished to ask more questions, but all of a sudden, Nine-Life Cat
Han Sen shook his head and disregarded the cat. Then, he returned his attention to
the Sea of Soul. The armor set was still there, but it was dead and devoid of a
He could not bring it out of the Sea of Soul for some strange reason, and all he could
do was view it with mild curiosity. The armor set, for what it was worth, gave him the
same feelings he received whenever he inspected the black crystal, though.
Han Sen wanted to go back now, but before he took off, he saw something flicker in
the hole. It seemed as if something was down there.
It was dark down in that pit, though. And the light appeared to be very deep within
the hole, which made it hard for him to see what it might be.
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