1555 Emperor Geno Core

After what felt like a century to Han Sen, he heard a giant rumbling noise.

Han Sen's entire body bounced up, hitting the top of the tower, and then fell back to the floor. After that, things went back to normal. The metal tower stopped shaking, the energies suffusing the tower vanished, and everything was quiet.

"Is it finished? Who won?" Han Sen climbed up from the floor, shook his head, and looked around. "Little Silver, Little Star, are you both okay?"

Little Silver, Little Star, and that little Ice Seahorse all climbed up from the ground, shaking their heads and bodies, looking dizzy. Fortunately, none of them were injured. Though their forces were a bit weaker, nothing appeared to be seriously wrong with them.

Han Sen was relieved seeing them all okay. He then ran to the tower window and looked outside, and he was shocked by what he saw.

The tower was now submerged in water, as if it were in an aquarium. Many sea creatures were visible through the window, swimming around them.

Han Sen reached out his hands, and what he touched was indeed water. He looked up, and there was something that looked like blurry clouds above them. There were many strange cracks in the surface of the blurry clouds.

Han Sen took a serious look, and then he realized what had happened. The metal tower had cracked the ice and sunk into the ocean, and now they were at the bottom of the sea.

Quite a few marine creatures were visible, but he couldn't see the rockman or the Black Armor Foe anywhere he looked. The marine creatures only had mutant lifeforces at best, so they were not a threat to Han Sen. Han Sen decided to venture out of the tower.

Han Sen swam toward the cracks in the ice, and after he reached the surface, he found himself surrounded by icebergs and unable to see the mountains anymore.

"Are we not in God's Ruin anymore?" Han Sen looked around, but he couldn't feel that strange power around him anymore, which meant he was no longer in God's Ruin.

The Headless Rockman and the Black Armor Foe had been fighting for such a long time that their access to God's Ruin had closed.

Han Sen looked around, but he couldn't see the Headless Rockman or the Black Armor Foe, and neither could he sense the power ripples around him, so he dived back towards the metal tower in the ocean.

Little Silver looked much better, and the others had also regained consciousness. Little Silver was healing the Little Ice Seahorse's injuries using his lightning.

As for Little Star, it had already reached super level, so it had a much stronger body and wasn't injured very badly.

Han Sen ran down to the first floor, but he couldn't find that headless stone figure. As for the metal tower, its first floor was completely empty. Aside from the technique inscribed on the walls, nothing was left.

"Just as I expected; the Headless Rockman was the headless stone figure in the tower," Han Sen thought. "Where did he go, I wonder? Can I control the metal now?"

Despite having been used to fight that horrifying Black Armor Foe for so long, the metal tower was so sturdy that it wasn't damaged. It was definitely a top-tier item.

During the fight, Han Sen had sensed that he was somehow connected to the metal tower, so he wondered if it would be possible for him to claim the metal tower for his own.

However, he couldn't sense the connection between him and the metal tower anymore. Han Sen hesitated, and then he used his techniques again, letting his body enter that strange state.

As he did so, he immediately felt the bizarre connection between him and the metal tower. It was stronger than before.

Han Sen had tried to control the metal tower while the Headless Rockman and the Black Armor Foe were fighting, but he hadn't been successful. Now that the Headless Rockman was gone, however, there was a chance that he might succeed.

Han Sen was just giving a shot. He might be able to bring the metal tower under his control if things went well, and even if he couldn't do it, he would lose nothing by trying.

Han Sen moved his thoughts, and the metal tower immediately started to shake, making rumbling noises as if it were falling down. Han Sen quickly got out of the metal tower with Little Silver and the others, then turned to look back at the metal tower.

The tower shook and began to shrink quickly, and after only a short while, it reduced to the size of a man's palm. The power inside Han Sen's body was flowing, and the tower shot into his Sea of Soul.

At the same time, there was a familiar voice echoing beside Han Sen's ears, which exhilarated him, "Emperor Geno Core Godly Tower gained."

"Emperor Geno core. It's indeed a top-tier item."

Han Sen didn't know the exact differences between emperor geno cores and super geno cores, but he knew that emperors should correspond to berserk super creatures, so emperor cores would be more powerful than super cores.

Just as he was about to summon the Godly Tower to check its power, Han Sen felt a strong headache and his body began to twitch. He had to deactivate the skill and return his body to its normal state first.

However, after deactivating the skill and trying to summon the Godly Tower, he found that he couldn't connect to it anymore. The tower was slumbering in his Sea of Soul like a dead object.

"Can I only utilize the Godly Tower while I'm transformed?" Han Sen was a little bummed.

If he could only summon the Godly Tower while he had that weird skill running, then he would only be able to use it for a short period of time.

Han Sen took Bao'er and the others to swim out of the ocean and return to the icebergs. He wanted to figure out where they were, but they were surrounded by icebergs and ocean, and he couldn't see a single ice mountain. Apparently, they were already far from God's Ruin.

Since Han Sen had no idea where they were, he needed to pick a direction to travel. He picked south.

Little Star was carrying all of them, which allowed them to move quickly and with little effort, and with Little Silver present, most creatures wouldn't dare to get close to them. After only a few days, they had stepped out of the ice zone.

Everything around them looked strange, and Han Sen had no idea where they were. Han Sen had to ask Little Star to keep heading south, and after only ten miles, he heard people fighting somewhere in front of them.

"Humans?" Han Sen smiled as he listened to the noises. That yelling could only come from humans.

Han Sen took Little Silver and walked forward. If they were really humans, he could at least ask them where he was.

After climbing through some mountains, he saw several humans encircling a mutant creature. Amazingly, he knew one of the humans.

However, the group wasn't doing well. Although the humans were working together to fight the mutant creature, it was still crushing them. They could barely maintain their formation.
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