1572 Co-operative Partner

Gu Qingcheng nodded. "You are right. The rooms you and I went to were similar. There were some differences, however. I guess those must have been crystallizer items, but I didn't know that at the time. And when I actually returned from there, I was unable to find the entrance I had originally used."

Han Sen thought the sanctuaries definitely had some association with the crystallizers now. When he entered the Main Control Room, he himself had been taken ten years into the future. He had no reason to doubt what she was telling him.

But Han Sen still believed that something was amiss. He looked at Gu Qingcheng and said, "I remember something; weren't you a member of the seventh team? You were with Han Jinzhi in the beginning, and it's a well-known fact that humans were unable to enter the sanctuaries at that point. The teleporters were just for testing. Did you get out through one of those devices?"

Gu Qingcheng shook her head. "Teleporters aren't the only way for one to leave the sanctuaries. When I teleported away, I found myself standing at an altar situated in some old construct on a human-inhabited planet. It was my exit point, but there was no way for me to re-enter from there. When I eventually returned to the sanctuaries, I made use of human-built teleporters to go to and fro."

Han Sen asked, "When you entered the sanctuary with Han Jinzhi, what did you see?"

"I have answered enough for now. Now it's your turn. Give me the rest of the book." Gu Qingcheng simply put out her hands. "Answer my last question: what happened there?" Han Sen insisted on an answer for this.

"I don't know what happened. We met a being called God. He said he could fulfill our grandest wishes, but we would only receive one each. Han Jinzhi told me not to make a wish, so I left with Ning. Ning did not make a wish, either. After that, I'm unsure what happened," Gu Qingcheng said.

"Were you a demi-god by that point already? Did you think that was God himself, or was it just some strong, almighty creature?" Han Sen asked.

"I don't know. I guess that place was the elusive Fifth Sanctuary, though. The God we met might have just been a god class creature," Gu Qingcheng said, and then put her hands out again. She said, "I've answered everything you've wanted to hear. Now, give me what I'm owed."

"I left the original version at home. I'll have to go and get it" There was nothing more Han Sen could ask, so he complied and went to retrieve the diary for her.

She could read ancient texts better than Han Sen, so she moved through the contents of the diary at a much faster pace. "Strange. That's very strange." Gu Qingcheng was talking to herself as she perused the contents of the book.

"What is strange?" Han Sen quickly asked.

"The creatures mentioned are from the Fourth God's Sanctuary. I saw some after I became a demi-god, but when humans from the Alliance entered, they all disappeared. These people who are numbered, they sound like individuals that might be easy to find. I don't think they are the same sort of humans you'd find in the Alliance," Gu Qingcheng said.

"Maybe they're like you. Perhaps they were people who could enter before all humans naturally could," Han Sen suggested.

"Judging from the numerical values, it seems as if there might be a few thousand such people. I have never met them during my time in the sanctuaries, however," Gu Qingcheng said.

"The sanctuaries are big places. A few thousand scattered across such vast worlds? I'd say it's not too out of the ordinary that you haven't encountered any," Han sen said.

Gu Qingcheng shook her head and said, "Impossible. Some people mentioned in here are said to have killed famous demi- god super creatures. There's no way I wouldn't have heard about any of these feats being accomplished."

"Hmm, that is weird. Maybe the numbers aren't all humans, then?" Han Sen pointed at the last part and asked. "Can you explain the last part? It sounds as if you hadn't been seen in a while. Where did you go off to?"

"Is it because I entered that strange place, and they could not see me?" Gu Qingcheng said, after some thought.

"That is possible. But that also means these observations began recently. Those numbered humans are old humans, though, not modern humans," Han Sen said, after also taking a moment to think.

"It looks like the crystallizers have quite the connection to the sanctuaries, but history says they were destroyed a long time ago. There are many tidbits to string together and figure out here." Gu Qingcheng gave the dairy back to Han Sen and then went on to say, "If you want to get to the bottom of all this, we can co-operate. If you make any more discoveries, how about you share what you know with me? We can investigate this together. What do you think?"

"I can agree to that, yes." Han Sen then asked, "What is up with Elysian Moon, by the way? Why do you both look identical? She is a spirit."

"That is one item of discussion that is none of your business." Gu Qingcheng's temperament went cold.

"We are co-operating, aren't we? It's best that partners get to know each other a bit better." Han Sen smiled.

"This is off-limits to our co-operation." Gu Qingcheng then swiftly pushed Han Sen out of her room and slammed the door. Han Sen touched his nose and left. He wasn't put off—he'd just ask again next time.

"It's time to show off my skills." Han Sen went to the geno core storage. He wanted to get all his geno cores to first place before proceeding to gold class.

Han Sen's genes had leveled up very quickly, but his geno cores hadn't been given the opportunity to catch up. He wanted to spend some time upgrading his geno cores now.

It would be difficult to reach super class, but reaching gemstone should be easy enough.

Han Sen used Crystal Core as his key for entry. This geno core was already in first place, so many wished to challenge and dethrone it.

Han Sen then saw a familiar name. It was Ghost Eye. He was in the top ten in the silver geno core rankings. Han Sen wasn't sure if Ghost Eye had worked his way through the ranks, or if he had just bought his way up.

Han Sen remembered striking a bargain with him once—one that Ghost Eye swiftly betrayed. Although Ghost Eye had ultimately failed, Han Sen was still upset about what had occurred.

"This guy has guts to challenge me. If he wants to die, I suppose I don't mind helping him." Han Sen clenched his fists and accepted Ghost Eye's challenge. Then, he entered the geno core battleground.

Han Sen found the three-eyed panther waiting on the battleground. It was indeed the lying *sshole Ghost Eye.

"You've got some nerve showing your face to me." Han Sen moved his body and teleported directly in front of the tricky feline.

Boss, hang on! I have a big secret I wish to inform you about!" Ghost Eye screamed as he tried to run.
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