1596 Rescue

Han Sen was horrified. He tried to dodge the attacks from Lin Feng, and at the same time, he yelled, "What's happening, Lin Feng?"

Han Sen knew that Lin Feng was controlled, but he didn't know if only Lin Feng's body was possessed, or if his mind was as well.

Lin Feng continued to swing his sword toward Han Sen, and at the same time, he said, "My body is under someone else's control. Go away!"

Then I'll cut you free. Han Sen was holding the Bulwark Umbrella in one hand and his Taia sword in the other. He struck the bones that were locked around Lin Feng.

Ah! Lin Feng suddenly screamed in agony, then he coughed out blood, which shocked Han Sen to his very core.

Han Sen was confident about his sword technique; his aim was perfect. Han Sen was certain that he slashed the bloody bones, so he couldn't understand why Lin Feng had been injured.

Han Sen saw that the bloody bones were completely intact, but Lin Feng kept coughing up blood. Han Sen realized something was wrong.

Either flee now or kill me! Lin Feng told Han Sen through gritted teeth. He had realized what was happening.

Han Sen didn't want to give up like that He then slashed the bloody bones in two different places, but the same thing happened. The bloody bones got hit, but Lin Feng was the one who was actually injured.

The bloody bones were transferring all damage done to them straight to Lin Feng.

Han Sen wasn't having any sudden inspiration on how to deal with the situation. He had to use his Bulwark Umbrella and Taia sword to ward off the attacks.

Han Sen and Lin Feng realized that their time was running out, yet Han Sen still didn't have the time to actually fight Lin Feng. Han Sen didn't know much about Lin Feng's actual fighting power, but he was certainly that Lin Feng was incredibly powerful.

Now, Lin Feng was totally under the bloody bones' control, but he was still performing his own blade techniques. Although Lin Feng was only had a gemstone geno core, his blade technique shocked Han Sen a lot.

Lin Feng's techniques were elegant and mild, but they weren't visually stunning or mysterious. They weren't like God's Retribution's skills, which turned complicated into simple, and they weren't as intricate as Six Paths' abilities. Each of Lin Feng's moves looked very simple and plain, but those simple and ordinary sword techniques seemed powerful, perhaps unbreakable.

Lin Feng's sword techniques turned something base and ordinary into something rare and ethereal.

There were some flaws in Lin Feng's techniques, but the pressure exerted from those attacks made the wielder feel like they were like an emperor that nobody could easily bypass.

Han Sen's blade techniques were also good, but it would be difficult for him to win against Lin Feng just using his sword. However, Han Sen's focus wasn't on swords, so he had many other methods to suppress Lin Feng. When it came to strength, Lin Feng was not Han Sen's match.

If Lin Feng had been an enemy, Han Sen would've killed him already, but Han Sen didn't want to harm his friend. He was forced to stay on the defensive, which put him at a disadvantage.

To make sure that he didn't injure Lin Feng, Han Sen had to keep stepping back, and after several steps, he had drifted back into the storm, so he couldn't see anything around him.


Lin Feng, who was controlled by the bloody bones, didn't seem to be affected by the storm at all. Instead, he became even more ferocious, and he flitted here and there like a shadow in the storm. He kept showing up in the storm and hitting Han Sen.

Han Sen warded off another strike from Lin Feng, yet all of a sudden, a sword suddenly appeared in Lin Feng's left hand. The sword stabbed Han Sen's shoulder, and he started to bleed.

Han Sen spun his own sword, but he couldn't slash the bloody bones. Lin Feng disappeared into the storm again.

Lin Feng, who was now dua卜wielding swords, got more aggressive. He attacked Han Sen again and again from the cover of the storm, but Han Sen could only defend instead of attacking. Lin Feng took advantage of every opening that Han Sen provided, and Han Sen's wounds kept piling up and his blood kept dripping.

Kill me, Lin Feng yelled with a hoarse voice, his eyes red.

However, Han Sen couldn't attack Lin Feng like that He warded off the attacks from Lin Feng while saying, "HI keep thinking. There's got to be something I can do. I won't let you die like this."

Despite saying so, Han Sen couldn't think of anything. He couldn't kill Lin Feng, but he also couldn't dodge the attacks in the storm as fast as Lin Feng. It seemed that killing Lin Feng would be the only way to survive.

Han Sen got more injured, and blood covered his entire body.

Blood Bone Demon looked at Lin Feng and Han Sen who were fighting each other in the storm. She smiled. "I thought it would take longer to kill Han Sen since he didn't touch the blood bone puppet, but now, it seems it's not necessary anymore. Humans are such bizarre creatures. They'll literally let themselves be killed for the sake of others. Totally bizarre, but I like this feeling."

Humans are indeed idiotic creatures, as they usually do things that are completely meaningless, said Qing Ya mildly.

Just when Blood Bone Demon tried to say something, Lin Feng lunged forward and ran his sword through Han Sen's heart. Han Sen fell onto the ground.

Mr. Qing Ya, it's done now, Blood Bone Demon said excitedly to Qing Ya.

You should be more careful. That human being is exceptional, Qing Ya said, looking at Han Sen's lifeless body on the ground.

Please rest assured, Mr. Qing Ya. There won't be a problem. Blood Bone Demon was very confident. She walked toward Han Sen and Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was standing in the storm. All of a sudden, the storm around them disappeared, and then a man and a woman walked toward him.

To be exact, there were three of them. That woman had the lower body of a centipede, and she was carrying a man that couldn't move at all. That person seemed to have been completely paralyzed. Though he was still slightly conscious, he couldn't even move his lips and eyeballs. It was Jing Jiwu.

Who are you? Lin Feng shouted at Qing Ya as his eyes popped in shock. Apparently, he could tell that Qing Ya was the master in this situation.

Blood Bone Demon smiled weirdly. Lin Feng couldn't control himself at all. He raised the blade in his hand and stabbed Han Sen, who already seemed lifeless.

See, Mr. Qing Ya, that human is completely dead now, said Blood Bone Demon. And then, she threw the paralyzed Jing Jiwu onto the ground, and she stabbed down toward him with claws that looked like bones. "This guy is useless now."

Before Blood Bone Demon could stab Jing Jiwu with her claws, the space around her was suddenly twisted, and a trace of light flashed, cutting off the claws that struck toward Jing Jiwu. As for Jing Jiwu, a hand grabbed him and pulled him away from the claws.

You're still alive? Blood Bone Demon's eyes popped out, staring at the man supporting Jing Jiwu. It was Han Sen, who she had presumed to be dead.
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