1626 Flick Sword

The people that weren't skilled probably felt nothing when watching the fight. But the faces of all the powerful spectators changed, particularly when they imagined what things would be like if they were facing Six Paths themselves. They were in utter shock, and they had no clue how they'd respond to such a strike.

Everyone's eyes moved to Han Sen, wondering how he'd deal with the situation.

"Are you sure Dollar is fine?" Tang Zhenliu asked, swallowing hard. He wasn't very good with the sword, but he could feel the pressure of that strike. So, he had to ask.

Gu Qingcheng was standing by his side. She said, "Six Paths Emperor is strong, but this strike won't be able to hurt his opponent."

"Why?" Tang Zhenliu asked simply, as the Six Paths Sword came directly in front of Han Sen.

Han Sen's body glowed with holy light He raised his hand and simply flicked the Six Paths Sword. And from that one small move, the sword was knocked off-course. It came down near Han Sen, missing him.

Outer Sky leader and the others all looked on in shock. Normal sorts couldn't feel or see how amazing it was that Six Paths' strike had failed, but the elites knew. And they knew how difficult it must have been to have flicked the sword off-course.

Sky Sword used the power of the sky and the power of the ground. The finger meant Han Sen had gone against the sky and the ground. If he could simply defy those powers with a flick, it was a statement of the power he possessed.

And if Han Sen used Flick Sword, he had to destroy the swordmind of the sky and ground. If he was unable to destroy the swordmind, he wouldn't have been able to flick the sky and ground.

Han Sen's Flick Sword shocked many elites, even Outer Sky King. But truthfully, it wasn't that amazing. Because Han Sen's swordmind received a big boost from the swordmark, he was stronger than Six Paths. Even his swordmind was.

So, Six Paths' swordmind did not affect him. The power to gather the forces of the sky and ground was more than anything a borrowing of their strength. Six Paths didn't possess it himself.

And momentum attacks did not work on Han Sen when he used super king spirit. So, while the elites saw an incredible strike, Han Sen saw a fairly average strike similar to what the ordinary people saw. With the right amount of strength, it wasn't difficult to block.

Now that Han Sen had maxed out his super geno points, his strength was greater than Six Paths'. His ability to flick the sword away was not surprising.

In the eyes of the other elites, the flick was far too shocking to witness.

"Good," Six Paths said. His eyes held a wild excitement, as his interest in his opponent had increased ten-fold after the flick.

He struck again, but this time it was different. When he unleashed the attack, the audience felt as if they themselves had been hit. Their bodies shook.

Han Sen remembered this strike: it was Six Paths' Spirit Sword Path. Its title did not refer to the spirits of the sanctuary, but the spirit of a living being.

The skill had a name, but it felt hollow and empty. When it struck, it came to claim your spirit.

The person that recognized your greatest flaws was often yourself. The Spirit Sword attacked a person's spirit, and when it landed on different people, different people felt different things.

When people felt the strike, they could feel it target their weaknesses. Even the audience, when trying to block it, became a bit of a mess.

Some people, with weak minds, looked pale. It looked as if they themselves had been struck. They opened their mouths and coughed up blood. People with strong minds, like Outer Sky King, simply grimaced a little. Even he had been affected, somewhat

"Such powerful skills. I can't believe the spirits have a swordsman that talented." Gu Qingcheng expressed a compliment.

"What is that sword skill? He is attacking Dollar, but it feels like it is attacking me." Wang Yuhang's face looked bad as he spoke.

"This is a sword skill that can steal a person's soul. You can't even see it being cast. It's not like he is using an ordinary skill, it is like he is controlling something that can seek out and exploit our weaknesses," Gu Qingcheng said.

"Is such a thing possible?" Tang Zhenliu's eyes opened wide. He had never even considered something like this before.

Lin Feng and Jing Jiwu were lost in thought for quite a bit, and when the silence between them ended, Jing Jiwu said, "Does this mean Dollar is battling himself? Six Paths Sword is now controlled by Dollar, so he's attacking himself, right?"

"Yes. It does not matter how strong anyone is, they can all feel fear. It can go unnoticed, like if someone sprained their left hand, but others didn't realize it. The one with the injury can be afraid because he knows he has incurred that injury. And that fear is what can draw in the Six Paths Sword. It can bring it to target the weakspot. That means the enemy will begin to reveal their own weakspots. In my time, very few people were able to use something like this," Gu Qingcheng coldly said.

"Whoa! That's such a horrible technique," Tang Zhenliu balked.

Everyone who knew about Spirit Sword now stared at Han Sen. They wanted to see how Han Sen would break the threat.

People could dodge when an attack came for their weakspot. Spirit Sword itself wasn't much of a killer, unless the will of its opponent was weak. Dodging it would not be hard if it wasn't.

The scary thing about Spirit Sword was that it exposed your flaws and weaknesses to the opponent. It was not something that aimed to kill you, right away.

Outer Sky leader did not think Dollar had a weak mind, so this strike probably wouldn't harm him.

They wanted to see what Dollar's flaw might be, though. If Dollar won and became their enemy, they would know his weakness. It'd be a great benefit

Everyone was thinking like this while watching Han Sen. They were eager to see how he'd respond.

Han Sen showed no sign of a reaction, though. He didn't even move. He flicked his sword and knocked the Six Paths Sword away again.

Everyone looked at that in shock. Dollar did not have any reaction, and he revealed no weakness. It was unbelievable.

There were two possibilities for this occurring. The first was that Dollar's will was strong enough to be absolutely fearless. Strange, since everyone living had the occasional negative thought. Unless you were God, being fearless sounded impossible.

The second possibility was that Dollar's body was perfect, and there were no weakspots. There was nothing to expose.

No matter which was correct, the entire scenario was difficult to fathom. It shouldn't have happened to any being that wasn't a god.
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