1676 Devil’s Flame in the Sky

He didn't receive an answer. Ancient Devil was just continuing to read the spell that no one could hear.

Elder Yin and Horn Beast Alpha were in shock. Han Menger fired an arrow and managed to break the horned beast's horn. But when that horn was detached, it fell and became another demonic wisp that drifted towards Ancient Devil.

Gu Qingcheng saw an opportunity for attack, but she didn't go after Elder Yin. She just let him go. She saw Ancient Devil in the sky, looking like a real demon.

The fight had come to a standstill while this occurred. Many of the creatures that had come to attack the shelter tried to scamper away. But they could not resist the pull, and they were made into demonic wisps as well.

Even Horn Beast Alpha and Elder Yin wanted to run off.

Ancient Devil threw down the necklace that was comprised of skulls. It turned into a ring and started to spin.

The devilish auras started to travel towards the ring, which began to look like a black hole as it pulled everything in. All those wisps entered the black hole, and it looked like a twisted black sun.

Ancient Devil's spell had a quiet voice. It sounded as if you could hear it, but at the same time you couldn't.

The creatures and spirits heard the noise. They held their heads and rolled around on the ground in agony. Their bodies were fading fast. Black wisps came out of them and went straight for that ominous sun.

Even Elder Yin and Sacred's leader were writhing around on the ground. They no longer looked as strong as they had earlier. Hawk Emperor was in pain, as well. His body was fading, and the spirit stone that was a million miles away was fading, too.

"We have to kill Ancient Devil or we're dead!" one elder yelled. He was in pain, and he tried striking Ancient Devil.

Everyone else had the same thought. They all tried to endure the pain they were feeling and attack Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil remained still, though. He continued to read that weird spell that looked like magic. When the elders came close, though, they instantly turned into black wisps.

And when one elder made it close to Ancient Devil, the demonic sun pulled the spirit straight inside.

Everybody was shocked. The sun began to look like a skull as it ate the nearby elder and looked all evil.

One elder completely disappeared without any fuss.

The elites didn't have a clue what to do, so they could only stand there looking hopeless and scared. If they went, they would be consumed by the demonic sun. If they stopped, it'd only be a matter of time until they became a demonic wisp.

The whole world was shrouded in the black, malicious aura. Ancient Devil and his demonic sun both became the world, like a devil walking the earth.

Gu Qingcheng drew her sword. The sword was overbearing, slashing towards the sun and Ancient Devil.

The swordlight went far, but then the sun turned into a big, reaper-like skull. It swallowed Gu Qingcheng's overbearing swordlight.

Gu Qingcheng's face immediately changed, and she stopped attacking.

Han Menger tried firing an arrow at Ancient Devil's eyebrow, but it didn't reach its destination. Before it could, the big skull swallowed it.

The flames were everywhere. And aside from Shadow Shelter itself, the landscape was turned to char and ruin. It was like a proper hellscape. The decomposing beings were screaming in agony, sending a chill down the spines of all who watched and listened to the torture they had no choice but to endure.

Suddenly, the black sky was filled with another strange view. Everything was suddenly reversed as a beautiful palace appeared. Fairies flew around it in harmony.

When this weird thing appeared in the sky, Han Sen frowned. He held up his umbrella and moved toward Ancient Devil. He didn't know exactly what Ancient Devil was doing, but stopping him would definitely be a success for Han Sen.

"Don't go! He's opening the God's Door!" Gu Qingcheng yelled at Han Sen.

Han Sen was shocked. The God's Door was the entrance to the Fifth Sanctuary. It was the way through to the Alliance. Ancient Devil was using the powers of those around to gain access to it


As Han Sen descended into thought, the air began to tremble and shake. An old and mysterious stone door suddenly appeared.

The gravity came down hard around that area. Ancient Devil opened his eyes and grabbed the demonic sun. When he did, his body was surrounded by a devil's aura. He looked like a volcano, and he was heading right toward that old gate.


The world was shaking, and the scary devil flame was unable to open the door.

Ancient Devi's face did not change, though. He simply continued to read the spell. He raised the skeleton necklace and proceeded toward the stone door.

The whole world rumbled violently. Everyone felt as if their chests were hit, and they struggled against the pressure.

Shadow Shelter's creatures were fine, other than bleeding a little. But the elders who had come with Ancient Devil were most certainly not.

The weaker spirits had all decomposed by this point, and only the strong ones were left alive. But their strength was decreasing, and the power of sudden decomposition was getting stronger.

Ancient Devil used the demonic aura of the decomposed beings around him in his attempts to pound the door open. And indeed, the door rattled as if it was on the verge of opening.

Han Sen frowned, lifted his umbrella, and flew towards Ancient Devil.

It was dangerous to fight in front of the gate, but this was the last chance Han Sen would have to kill him. If Ancient Devil opened the gate, Han Sen knew he'd have no chance.

Of course, Han Sen was unsure whether or not Ancient Devil would be able to make it all the way through, but a being such as him would kill for whatever fancy concerned him. Allowing someone like that into the Alliance would be bad news for everyone.

It'd also be best to kill him before he leveled up.

"Careful! When the gate opens, no one can leave!" Gu Qingcheng shouted at Han Sen.

Han Sen nodded and flew toward Ancient Devil. He came in close to Ancient Devil's body.

Because Dongxuan Sutra hadn't been on its last tier when they fought earlier, it hadn't been very strong. The power of Super Spank might not have even been enough to break a strong substance in this sanctuary, but now things were different Now that Dongxuan Sutra had reached the last tier, it was stronger now.
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