1755 Magnet Frui


"The wolf-head man went down. Xina is out and about somewhere, but I'm not sure where she went," Mister Tiger said.

Han Sen went quiet for a moment "In that case, I'll head on down, too."

Mister Tiger wished to stop him, but Han Sen wasn't going to listen. All he could tell Han Sen was that if something seemed to be going awry, he should turn back immediately.

Han Sen thanked him and then went to the edge of the shaft. Han Sen saw many ropes attached. They were all well-made and strong. They weren't made of metal, but they were certainly quite sturdy.

One Kate saw Han Sen nearing the hole, and so he swiftly came over to try and sell Han Sen a rope. If Han Sen was willing to pay, of course.

Although Han Sen could fly, he didn't want to show off that ability. So, he gave the merchant some money and used his rope to descend.

Many people were climbing down at the same time, as well. Han Sen quietly asked Bao'er, "Bao'er, do you see anything?" "No. The eye is gone." Bao'er looked down and shook her head.

"Okay, then. But if you do see something strange, would you mind telling me?" Han Sen asked.

"Okay, Dad." Bao'er nodded.

Han Sen continued his descent. Bao'er was on his back, continuously looking down, but there was nothing beneath them.

Han Sen looked down and noticed it was too dark for him to discern anything. It was a dark world down there, and all light seemed to get smothered down in the pit

It didn't take Han Sen long to climb a full kilometer down the rope. After that, though, the space beneath him didn't seem as dark. It was dim, but he could see something.

The center of the hole still looked black, but there were stairs tracing the wall, like a spiral staircase. The stair circled down into the darkness, and how deep they went, Han Sen had no idea.

On the staircase, Han Sen saw many Kate and others of different races.

Aside from the stairs, there were many nooks and holes, though. It seemed like there were other people moving down the walls using those small clefts in the rock.

"Many people want to get down here." Han Sen frowned. He looked around and noticed there wasn't a single soul from Black Gold Group. Mister Tiger had said that Third Master wasn't allowing anyone to venture down.

Han Sen patted Bao'er and decided to descend the staircase. Because many people were unable to get down, he put on his Spell armor.

Even so, Bao'er was very noticeable. Aside from Han Sen, no one else would dare bring a child into such a treacherous place. "Brother, you are brave. You are bringing a kid here?" said a Kate behind Han Sen, mocking him.

Han Sen didn't say a word in return, though; he just kept on walking. After a few miles of descent, the stairs broke off. There was nothing further, just the empty black expanse. It was like the entrance to hell.

Han Sen looked around and saw no one else was continuing the descent. The Kate and the others were digging a hole, and not long after, they were all gone.

The Kate who had been laughing at Han Sen was at the edge of the staircase. He looked down into the hole and said, "This is the end. Someone people try rappelling down from here, but none have returned to tell what they have seen. The holes around here, though? They can take us down further. Still, you shouldn't have brought a child here. While a universal geno fruit is good, simply being alive is more important."

The Kate noticed that Han Sen was continuing to ignore him. So, he just walked to the cave's entrance while shaking his head.

There were many paths to take down in that cave. Ultimately, though, one of those paths was a way down. No one knew if it could take them all the way to the bottom.

When it came to choosing a path, Han Sen selected one from which many Kate were coming and going. Although it appeared that many individuals were just randomly trying paths, hoping to luck into the right path.

"I found a way out!" someone shouted, which led everyone in his direction.

Han Sen frowned at the call, but he followed the crowd of people. He went into a grotto, and at the end, there was a ten- meter-tall stone door.

Many of the searchers were there. They were all talking amongst each other and trying to push it open. No matter what they tried, though, the door did not budge.

Han Sen did not look at the stone door, however. Instead, he observed the people. There was a man wearing a cloak who did not look suspicious. But Han Sen's eyes were so good, he was able to tell it was the man with a wolfs head. And his face was hidden.

"He really is here," Han Sen thought to himself. The wolf-head man suddenly looked back at him, and they locked gazes.

"His senses are very sharp." Han Sen was shocked. He looked away, but he knew the man with a wolfs head had already seen him.

Lone Wolf saw Han Sen and frowned. But he cared little for his presence, and eventually looked away again.

There was another person of a different race there, and he stood at a height of about three meters. He also had four arms, and he paced around in front of the door. He was holding a hammer, and eventually he swung it at the door.

The hammer carried a black light. It was definitely a geno armament, and the monster-man hit the door a few times. Eventually, the rocks around the door began to fall. It was quite scary to witness.

Seeing this was working, the monster beat the door even harder. The barrel-sized hammer kept on pounding into the door. And after a dozen more strikes, the door began to crack.


After another dozen hits, the door finally broke down and revealed the chamber behind it.

It was a half-natural cave with a metal vine inside. It was glowing. There was a metal flower budding on the stalk. Something that looked like a lotus seemed to be shining inside it

"This is the magnet fruit!" someone shouted, as everyone started running for the vine.

Suddenly, everyone was fighting between each other to get their hands on it
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