1756 Falling into the Black Hole

Han Sen felt as if something was wrong. He stayed outside the door and just watched.

The Noble that used the hammer to break the door swiftly went towards the metal vine. He grabbed the lotus and the flower.

Han Sen didn't think it would actually be that easy to snatch, but the lotus and the flower were easily pulled down. The giant didn't even have to use much strength.

The four-armed Noble looked delighted with what he had retrieved, and he quickly tried to put the flower and the lotus items into his mouth.

But before he was able to do so, the flash of a swordlight came toward him. A Kate Noble attacked, prompting him to fight back the aggressor with his hammer.

A mess soon unfolded in the cave, as dozens of Nobles began to fight amongst themselves. Many just watched, biding their time for the chance to grab something good.

Han Sen saw the wolf-head man still near the center of the crowd. He didn't try to take the flower or the lotus, however. Things weren't that simple, and he knew it. There was no confirmation that the flower and the lotus were magnet fruits, after all.

As Han Sen surveyed the scene, he soon heard the sound of thunder. He couldn't hear it clearly because of the fight, but it was certainly no human noise.

"We're underground. Where could the thunder be coming from?" Han Sen frowned, and he did his best to listen. The thunder was definitely coming from someplace in the cave.

The cave behind the door was only half-natural. It connected to the bottomless hole, and the thunder sounds were coming from there.

Dozens of Nobles were knee-deep in battle, and even those that were staying out of the fray were still distracted by the lotus and flower. They were trying to keep a close eye on the items. Therefore, no one else noticed the sounds of thunder.

Soon after, however, the thunder got louder. It sounded like explosions in the sky, and everyone began to pay heed.

As the others started to wonder where the noise was coming from, though, it stopped. Everyone was shocked, and even the Nobles who were still fighting had to quit.

Suddenly, a force of suction began to pull on everyone, as if someone had just switched on a vacuum. The Nobles inside the door, and the commoners outside, were all sucked away. They began rolling in the direction of the hole.

Han Sen was in shock, and he couldn't stop himself from being dragged in that direction, either. He grabbed at the rock floor, but he was still being pulled away, leaving scratchmarks behind in the stone.

Everyone started to scream, and almost everyone was sucked down into the gaping pit. The suction made their descent extremely quick.

Han Sen was in the dark, but even so, he was incredibly calm. He held onto Bao'er as he looked around. The sky was visible high above, but he did not know how deep the hole was. He was still falling.

Down below, Han Sen could make out the presence of a purple light. It looked similar to the purple mist he had seen during the nighttime. There was smoke around it

Everyone was falling. Some were crying their eyes out, while others merely watched like Han Sen was. But none of them could stop their rapid freefall. They were falling into the darkness.

And then, the sky became like a needle. The purple lights down below became clearer.

Han Sen noticed that in the darkness down there, the purple light was coming from a purple lotus.

The purple lotus was massive. They all felt like ants before the massive flower.

The purple lotus opened, and the lotus cup was full. It was like purple jade, and the seed looked like an amethyst in the middle.

The lights and the very dimension itself were twisted by the lotus. You could see the distortions from far away.

As Han Sen was drawn toward the lotus flower, he noticed a lot of metal items on its surface. There were trucks, steel pipes, beams, and even helicopters and other sorts of aircraft. There were also road signs, steel pots, steel pans, even steel cutlery. They had all been dragged down to land on the purple lotus.

Han Sen also saw the bodies of creatures, with most of them belonging to the Kate people. There were also individuals from different races Han Sen could not identify. All of them were sprawled out across the lotus.

The scariest thing was that the metal and the bodies atop the flower were starting to melt. It was like they were being instantly decomposed.


All the creatures landed on the purple lotus. Some hit the petals, and some fell on the cup itself. But no matter where they landed, it was like falling onto a luxurious mattress. Their bodies did not hurt after the fall, either.

Soon after, even if they weren't hurt, they were still magnetized to the lotus. Han Sen tried his best to move, but he could not shift his leg away from the lotus.

The four-armed Noble swung his hammer, trying to break the petal that bound him in place. Unfortunately, after one strike, the hammer itself got stuck, and the man was unable to bring it back.

Everyone there were like bugs caught in a spider web. Not a single person could move—not even the Nobles.

Han Sen did not try struggling, though, for he knew such an endeavor would be pointless. He just started to think about how he might be able to escape.

Han Sen did find out that Bao'er was unaffected by the suction, however. She lay down on Han Sen's shoulder, nice and snug. The suction didn't pull him at all.

Bao'er curiously examined the environment, interested in the lotus flower and the lotus seeds.

"Magnet fruit, this is the real magnet fruit!" As Han Sen was thinking about why Bao'er was able to move freely, someone started shouting nearby.

One Noble was standing on his feet, holding the lotus seed in his hands. It looked as if he hadn't been affected by the

Han Sen looked around, noticing other people that weren't affected, either. Most of them were Nobles, but there were a few commoners in their midst

"Strange. Why aren't they affected?" Han Sen looked around and put away his geno armor. He stopped using his geno

With Han Sen's body now feeling supremely light, the suction from the flower was all gone. Han Sen had been freed.
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