1757 Ghost Eye Beas


"So the purple lotus's suction only applies to geno armor and geno armaments. It doesn't seem to affect the body." Han Sen shook out his arms and looked around.

Many other people had discovered this secret, too. And after giving up their geno armors, they were all free.

After they were freed, people began to dig at the lotus seeds residing below their feet. Unfortunately, they were unable to make use of their geno powers. Using their raw strength did not even allow for them to move a petal, and thus, rendered the seeds unobtainable.

Some couldn't help but try to resummon their geno armor, and when they did, they were immediately grounded and made immobile. So, they had to quickly take it off again.

The Nobles couldn't do anything, either. Even with the treasure directly in front of them, they lacked the strength to dig it up. They were in a rush.

Han Sen tried searching for the wolf-head man, but he was unable to find him. It seemed as if he had not been pulled down to where they were.

Han Sen looked at the pieces of metal and the dead bodies around him, and he was immediately stricken with a bad feeling.

The lotus only had the suction powers, so it didn't seem too harmful. But how had the metal corroded and bodies decomposed like so?

"Dad? The eye is back." Bao'er spoke into Han Sen's ear.

Han Sen looked to where Bao'er's finger was pointing, but he saw nothing. Bao'er was pointing towards the lotus, so if there was something behind it, he could not tell.

Han Sen jumped atop a petal that was near him. He looked down, over the edge, and his face changed.

Down, far below the lotus, a green eye was approaching. The eye wasn't as big as the lotus, but it was still as big as a house. The eye was shining green, and the sight of it was chilling. It was like a demon from hell.

Han Sen, holding Bao'er, quickly chose to fall back. As he went, he tried to activate his mutant blood. He also initiated a connection with his space traveling powers, so he could return to the sanctuary whenever he so desired.

The others were still digging for the lotus seed, oblivious to the eye that was nearing them. Soon after, a giant eyeball was hovering high above the lotus, surveying the helpless creatures in its sight.

When the Nobles and commoners finally noticed the presence of the eye, they all stopped digging.

Ghost Eye looked at them for two seconds, and after that, the eye shone with the color green. It was like a spotlight, shining down on the lotus.

Most of the beings down there were still digging out the lotus seeds, and they were caught in the beam of light The light covered them, making them look like they had green skin.

"Aargh!" A scream erupted from the ranks, after one commoner—who was blinded by the light—suddenly noticed the huge blisters developing on his skin. They came and broke quickly, with the pus melting the flesh like water. The juices squirted all over the lotus.

He wasn't the only one, either. A second later, the bodies of many creatures developed such blisters and began melting. It even happened to the Nobles, though the process began more slowly.

Some people wished to dodge the light, and they resummoned their geno armor to fight back.

The people who summoned their geno armors were sucked down onto the lotus, though. Even their geno armors began to corrode and rot. Now Han Sen knew what had happened to the creatures that came down before them.

Ghost Eye's light was shining down on the lotus. Without geno armors or armaments, and not even Nobles could avoid what was happening.

But if they were to use their geno armaments and geno armors, they'd be sucked down and fixed in place. The situation had gotten really bad.

Han Sen used his mutant blood powers and moved quickly across the flower, dodging each searing beam of light.

Ghost Eye's powers were not indestructible, just stronger than the Nobles. It was possible that the creature was a Viscount class fiend, but it could have been just a strong Baron.

Regardless, the creature was a supreme being in that place. Its strength was of a level that did not allow for the Nobles to fight back.

Han Sen wondered if he should return to the sanctuary or deal with Ghost Eye, then and there. And as he did, he heard movement from above.

Before Han Sen could raise his head to take a look, a white arrow descended from the sky, striking the hovering eye.

Ghost Eye obviously felt it, as it immediately turned its shining stare up toward the white light.

When the green light met the white light, it was like water thrown upon charcoal. There was a lot of smoke, and the white light eventually shot forward and pierced the eye.

Ghost Eye screamed. It turned around, wanting to retreat, but not long after, it was as if the eye was melting. The crystals were dripping and smoking.


In the end, Ghost Eye could not return to the darkness. It landed atop the lotus, struggling and squirming. Han Sen saw a white bone arrow in its eye. The arrow was shining with holy light. It was made of bone, but it was not evil at all. It really did look holy.

"I cannot believe that a Viscount Ghost Eye was guarding the magnet fruit. It was lucky you brought the Archangel Bone Arrow; if you hadn't, we couldn't have killed it. It was Viscount class, but when standing next to the magnet fruit, not even a Count could have done anything," Long Wolf said, watching Ghost Eye melt away.

"It took the beast quite some time to deal with the cannon fodder. Without them, even with Archangel Bone Arrow, it is unlikely we could have killed him." Xina smiled, coming down to land on the lotus. She looked at the creature and then saw Han Sen. She looked at him strangely.

"This kid is lucky. He didn't get shined on by Ghost Eye. What would you like to do with him?" Lone Wolf asked, nodding toward Han Sen.

"Get rid of him. No one can take the magnet fruit that is rightfully ours. If those old men come and fight for it, we can deny accusations," Xina said.

"Yes, My Lady." Lone Wolf smiled, his evil fangs showing. His eyes looked red as he approached Han Sen.

Han Sen frowned and jumped towards Ghost Eye.

Ghost Eye's body was melting, but it wasn't completely dead, so Xina hadn't yet taken back the bone arrow. Han Sen was running for it.

Lone Wolf saw where Han Sen was running to, and his face looked like a cat's that was hungrily stalking a mouse. His eyes turned red and his fur became straight, like a hedgehog.


Lone Wolf jumped towards Han Sen, extending all four paws. The claws looked ready to sink into Han Sen's neck.
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