1758 Archangel Bone Arrow

Lone Wolf was a Baron xenogeneic, and he was in the top tier of his class. Lone Wolf thought little of Han Sen, who he believed to be an ordinary person with only geno armor. Geno armor that he was prohibited from wearing, too.

After Lone Wolf used his xenogeneic genes, he was incredibly swift. He leaped right in front of Han Sen with the plan of ripping through his neck. But suddenly, Han Sen tripped over a dead body and evaded the attack through pure luck.

Lone Wolf thought little of it since it was obviously a coincidence, though. A commoner who only possessed geno armor could not do anything against him, after all.

Lone Wolf jumped over to Han Sen with even greater speed, but the human rolled and dodged. It looked like a dangerous move, but it had meant Lone Wolf had exerted effort into two strikes and gained nothing.

Han Sen was able to deal with Lone Wolf easily. He could fight him face-to-face if he wanted to, but Xina was still close by. She was the one he was worried about. But Han Sen had to get the Archangel Bone Arrow before she did. If he didn't, he'd probably end up skewered with it just like Ghost Eye.

Lone Wolf had struck twice and not hit Han Sen. He was growing a little suspicious, but he thought it to be too farfetched.

You could see worry creeping into Xina's eyes. So, she flapped her wings and tried slashing her hands in a downward arc like a meteor.

Han Sen knew Xina was growing worried, too, and he knew he could no longer pretend to be daft and lucky. So, he fully activated his mutant blood before leaping over to Ghost Eye.

The crystallized mutant blood melted, bubbling and boiling in his veins to pump Han Sen with greater speed. He ditched Lone Wolf and focused solely on reaching Ghost Eye's now-dead body.

But Han Sen underestimated Xina. The moment before Han Sen leaped over there, Xina appeared in front of him. Her strike towards him split the air with an audible crack.

It was too fast, and Han Sen was too late in dodging. Without a doubt, Xina was not as lowly as a Baron. She had to be a Viscount Her speed and strength could not be compared to Han Sen's xenogeneic mode.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and jumped into the air, still determined to reach Ghost Eye. He wanted to use his back to block Xina's strike.

Xina hummed in satisfaction and continued with her strike, hurling it towards Han Sen's back. Even though Han Sen was a Baron, his mutated part was his back. And she was confident she could cut him in half, with the entry point being his back.

The difference between Viscount and Baron was very large. You could not just block such an attack.


Xina hit Han Sen's back, but the impact only made him cough out a little blood. Xina's face twisted in surprise.

When her hand hit Han Sen's back, it was like she had come up against a spring. And she was unable to slice him in two like she planned.

Han Sen had spilled a lot of blood, but the added force gave him the necessary momentum to reach the eyeball. He grabbed the bone arrow and pulled it out of the eye.

Before he could steady himself, he coughed up more blood. Although Han Sen used Ying Yang Blast to absorb Xina's strength, she had been too strong to get away scot-free. The force had almost broken his back.

But he still managed to get the Archangel Bone Arrow, and that meant he had not suffered the hit in vain.

"You killed those Feathers at the Black River?" Xina felt compelled to ask as she stared at Han Sen icily.

Lone Wolf madly cried out, "It must have been him! I cannot believe he is a xenogeneic and has managed to hide the fact. I thought he was merely an ordinary person possessing geno armor. We have to slay him. This man is evil!"

After that, Lone Wolf jumped to Han Sen. He extended savage claws, priming them to plunge deep into Han Sen's heart.

But Han Sen was holding the Archangel Bone Arrow. The vessels throughout his body were bursting, making his body feel like wind. The moment he went past Lone Wolf, the bone arrow shot through the felon's left ear and emerged from the right, sticking motionlessly through Lone Wolfs head.

Han Sen went to the right side of Lone Wolf and pulled out the bone arrow.

Lone Wolfs body had the momentum to travel a few more meters. It trailed blood as it went Pink juice dripped out from his ears. And when he came to a stop on the ground, he twitched and convulsed.

"I cannot believe western Gran City was home to an elite such as you!" Xina looked at Han Sen, but she refrained from showing any emotion. Lone Wolfs death didn't have any effect, it seemed. It was like her dog or cat had simply died, and that was that.

Han Sen did not respond. He merely clutched the Archangel Bone Arrow tightly, staring down Xina. He wasn't going to flee to the sanctuary yet He wanted to test the mettle of a Viscount first.

Xina, seeing Han Sen not say a word, said quietly, "You are strong and tricky, but you have made one mistake."

"Are you saying it was a mistake to make you an enemy?" Han Sen asked.

Xina laughed and said, "Well, that is a mistake. But that's not what I am referring to. You shouldn't have taken the Archangel Bone Arrow."

Han Sen's face changed, and he tried to throw it away. The bone arrow suddenly shone with a holy light, and then it pierced through his chest.

The moment it shot through him, Han Sen felt as if he was pinned on the ground. He couldn't move, and he could no longer control his energy.

Xina looked down at the Han Sen, who was now unable to move. "The Archangel Bone Arrow was made from a king class xenogeneic's bones. It is one of Holy Heaven's most precious treasures. It has its own mind, and commoners cannot simply use it on a whim. Even I, as a Viscount, have only learned how to make use often percent of its power. You, a member of a different race, trying to control it? Well, that means you have a death wish."

Han Sen ran his Blood-Pulse Sutra, then. And he boiled his blood. He couldn't move and so he couldn't teleport.

Seeing Xina approach, Han Sen tried his hardest to break through the arrow's power and initiate a teleport.

Han Sen's cells were releasing energy like a volcano. The power inside him was like a vat of burning gas, igniting his whole body.

Holy light flared into existence, and then, Han Sen's eyes turned white. His black, short hair, became long, white hair.

Han Sen's whole body was shrouded in a holy light, burning brightly.
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