1933 Magic

Moon Wheel King was right. Han Sen's Moon only had thirty percent of his own gentle power, and that was because Han Sen's Dongxuan Sutra had only been able to simulate thirty percent.

Han Sen's Dongxuan Sutra was still at a low level, though, so he was still pleased that he had managed to simulate thirty percent. If his Dongxuan Sutra ascended, it would not be difficult to increase that percentage.

"Han Sen, you are good for causing people trouble." Yisha sighed. She had already learned about the incident in which he performed Moon.

Just as Han Sen had believed, Yisha had given him Moon as another test. He had only practiced it for a short time, and he had only seen the Narrow Moon Knife once. The fact that he had still managed such a breakthrough was astounding, and it allayed her fears. She no longer had trouble believing Han Sen, and she was sure he really was just that talented.

It did give Yisha conflicted feelings, though. Anyone would love to have a student that talented, but every time she thought about how hard it was to level up Han Sen, it gave her a headache.

Yisha sighed and spoke to herself, "I need to make a plan to see where he can go in order to level up. I can't wholly rely on my finite supply of resources. It won't take him very far."

Han Sen was back on Planet Eclipse, and while the feeling and memory were still with him, he continued his practice of Moon. That gentle skill was quite useful, and it suited Han Sen well.

When Han Sen had a chance at night, he'd return to the sanctuary to be with his family.

Today, Han Sen went home. Luolan and Han Yufei looked happy. They spoke to Han Sen and said, "A baby's coming! A baby's coming!"

Han Sen's body shivered. His eyes opened wide, staring at his parents. He complimented them, saying, "Dad, you are still very manly. Are you saying I have another little brother or little sister on the way?"

"What are you talking about?" Luolan hit Han Sen across the head. She blushed, and happily said, "It's Yanran! She's having a girl."

"Ah!" Han Sen was so happy, he almost jumped.

"Go and see her." Han Yufei patted Han Sen on the shoulder.

The family was happy that Ji Yanran was pregnant. It helped to reduce the trauma of Littlleflower having been taken, and Ji Yanran particularly felt better because of it.

She had only been pregnant for three months, though. So, it would be a while before the birth.

Han Sen had told people he was off to kill xenogeneics as an excuse. That way, he could spend a lot more time with Ji Yanran at home.

People worked at the base, and he didn't really need xenogeneic genes. His Viscount gene tally was already maxed out, anyway. Until he became an Earl, there was no point in eating xenogeneic genes.

Han Sen wanted to stay with Ji Yanran until she delivered, but the base soon had news. Yisha was going to the Buddha, and she wanted Han Sen to go with her. Han Sen couldn't decline, so he packed his stuff and went to Planet Blade. There, he got on a ship alongside Yisha.

"My Queen, why are you going to see the Buddha?" Since Han Sen was here, he wanted this to be over as soon as possible.

Yisha was flying the ship. She didn't look at Han Sen, and she wasn't using her ordinary battleship. She was driving a smaller ship, where only she and Han Sen could occupy it.

"Burning Lamp Alpha gives a speech every century. We are going to listen to him speak, with the Buddha," Yisha said. "Is he the leader of the Buddha?" Han Sen asked.

Yisha nodded and said, "Burning Lamp Alpha is the one that lit the geno lantern. There aren't many of these alphas still alive amongst the higher races."

"Deified elites? We really should listen to his words carefully!" Han Sen said.

Surprisingly, Yisha said, "You don't need to listen to the speech. But you do have to go to the Buddha's heaven." "Heaven?" Han Sen looked at Yisha with confusion.

Yisha smiled and said, "After the alpha has made his speech, he will open up heaven. People are only allowed to go there once in their entire lifetime. I have already been. I am taking you there so you can walk through their heaven. It might help you level up."

"What are the benefits of walking there?" Han Sen asked, blinking.

"It is difficult to say. If you walk well, it might help you greatly. If you walk poorly, you might not gain anything at all. You will find out when you're there, so there's no point in me explaining it to you right now," Yisha said shortly.

Han Sen was curious about the Buddha, particularly because of Ancient Devil. He really wanted to know more about them.

If what Ancient Devil said was true, Asura was somehow connected to the Buddha. And even the Shura of the Alliance and the Demons of the geno universe had some link to the Buddha.

The Buddha were friends of the Rebate, and they weren't too far away from each other. Yisha drove the ship fairly lackadaisically. She wasn't in much of a rush.

"This planet is called Planet Magic. It is one of the planets of the Buddha. The planet is controlled by the Magic. They are an interesting race. It's good that you will get a look at them." Yisha parked her ship in the spaceport and took him to disembark with her.

Han Sen wanted to get all this done as soon as he could, so he could get back to spending time with Ji Yanran. But he couldn't change Yisha's mind, so he followed her around.

When he stepped off the ship, he saw a creature that was reminiscent of a basketball. It wasn't exactly like one, but they were circular. They were around the same size as one, and they came in a variety of colors. Their textures were jellylike, and they hopped to move around. They had big eyes, and they looked really cute.

"These jellies are the Magic?" Han Sen asked curiously.

Yisha nodded. "They are a special race. They are not hostile, but their attack power is more surprising than you would think."

When Han Sen wished to ask why, a pink glob of jelly hopped in front of them. It looked right at Yisha. And then, suddenly, it made a pop noise. The pink jelly took on Yisha's shape.

Han Sen's eyes opened wide in shock. Aside from the weaker energy, the pink jelly became Yisha and looked exactly like her.

Yisha did not seem to mind the mimic, and she even stroked the Magic's head. It enjoyed the touch, and it rubbed her hands.

Han Sen reached out to touch it, too, but Yisha gave him a stem look. It was then that Han Sen realized that if he fondled the Magic, it would practically be the same as him touching Yisha.

It was a shame, but he withdrew his hand.

"Welcome! Our Magic baby was born not too long ago. Are you guys interested in it?" The Magic that looked like Yisha spoke.

"Sh*t! What is this? Are they selling kids? They have a planet protected by the Buddha, so they can't be doing anything that bad!" Han Sen thought.
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