1949 Turning into an An


Burning Lamp had suffered thousands of years of pain, but he refused to die. He wanted to remain long enough to see a new deified amongst the Buddha. Seven Spirit was his greatest hope of achieving this. But now that hope had been stolen from him, and it was difficult to fathom just how angry Burning Lamp really was.

The Buddha commoners were in shock. It had been years since Burning Lamp had been seen in person outside the palace, but now he stood in the city beside the western door. Many Kings were following him, also. The citizens of the city wondered what had happened.

Han Sen had traveled through Heaven until he came to the shore of a seemingly endless sea. A ship had been waiting beside the waters; a ship made of golden leaves. He embarked and used it to reach the other side.

On the other side, Han Sen found Speechless and others. There were ten of them. A few of them were the people that had seen following Speechless.

The music in Heaven had no effect on Han Sen. He had reached the other end, and when he did, a Buddha light landed on him. It energized Han Sen's cells and reinforced his body.

That reinforcement was not enough for Han Sen to level up, but he knew his body had gotten a lot stronger. It was quite effective, whatever it was.

Speechless, seeing Han Sen reach the other end, was flabbergasted. The others with her were surprised, too. They didn't expect anyone who wasn't in their group to survive the trip.

Speechless Lady saw Han Sen approach, as if to speak with her, but just before he did, a door appeared. The group traveled through the door, and they ended up outside the western door in Buddha City.

After they exited, they all took a step back in shock. Burning Lamp Alpha and the other kings were all there. Speechless immediately bowed before him, as did the others. They were all shaking and trembling in fear.

"You may be excused," Clear Sea King told the others. Burning Lamp Alpha didn't say anything, though. All he did was look at Han Sen.

The others sighed in relief. They staggered away. The feeling of pressure hadn't been directed at them, but they still felt an overwhelming sense of danger, and that was enough to scare them.

Han Sen frowned when he saw this. He knew the Buddha wouldn't be very forgiving, but he didn't expect Burning Lamp Alpha himself to appear.

Clear Sea King, seeing Han Sen, asked coldly, "Han Sen, why did you kill Seven Spirit?"

After hearing that, everyone looked at each other in shock. Everyone knew of Seven Spirit and his incredible talent.

"Why are you saying that? When did I kill him?" Han Sen responded without an ounce of fear.

"You're denying it?" the Buddha shouted. They were very angry.

There was such a frightening pressure being thrown about, and the people nearby were having difficulty keeping their breathing steady. But Han Sen, the one under the force of those questions, was wholly calm. He said, "You say I killed Seven Spirit? Okay, and where's the evidence of that?"

"We will have evidence. You cannot deny this wrongdoing." Clear Sea King didn't want to let Han Sen talk. He flapped his sleeves, and they became large pieces of cloth that tried to cover Han Sen.

In the comer of a pavilion, Yisha's eyes looked cold. The white chess piece in her hand snapped in half. She stood up, her back as straight as a knife.

The old man across from her was shocked. He placed a black chess piece down on the board. The pavilion was in a strange dimension, separate from reality and the rest of the world.

"Buddha Mark, our friendship ends here," Yisha said, her voice cold. She slashed through the air and broke through the dimensional fabric. Then she leaped into the sky.

In front of the western door, Clear Sea King's sleeve was going to wrap around Han Sen. But just as it was about to snare him, a purple knifelight ripped through the sleeve.

Yisha appeared directly in front of Han Sen, her posture as straight and regal as a queen's. She looked emotionlessly at the Buddhas before her, and when she spoke, there was no fear in her voice.

"Burning Lamp, you are deified! But if you do not give me an explanation for this transgression today, I will see to the destruction of the Buddha Kingdom myself. I will destroy everything here without remorse." Yisha spoke slowly, staring directly at Burning Lamp Alpha.

"How dare you, Knife Queen! Just because the Buddha have a fond relationship with the Rebate, it does not mean you can be disrespectful towards Alpha." The Buddha Kings all started to yell.

Burning Lamp raised his head and said coldly, "Your student killed my student. Isn't that enough for you to know?" "Evidence," Yisha responded simply.

Burning Lamp looked at Yisha, and he moved his hand. It was not clear how he moved it, and it did not seem to be aimed at anyone in particular. But somehow, Han Sen had been grabbed from behind her.

Yisha looked cold, and she slashed towards Burning Lamp Alpha.

Burning Lamp Alpha did not look at Yisha, yet he moved his palm perfectly in time with her attack. Yisha's strike tore through the air, but it was like it needed to travel countless miles before it could hope to reach that hand. It was close, and yet so far.

Burning Lamp's other hand, which had grabbed hold of Han Sen, was shining. It covered Han Sen's body, and then all of a sudden, Han Sen was turned into an ant.

After Han Sen was transformed into an ant, Burning Lamp Alpha threw him back to Yisha. He coldly said, "For all our sakes, I will allow him to live. But you better watch it."

After that, the Kings walked away with their light.

As Yisha held Han Sen's ant body carefully, she kept clutching her knife. She didn't try another attack, though, because she knew it would be pointless.

"I'll be useless until I become deified. Being half-deified is just a joke." Yisha gritted her teeth, gripped the ant more firmly, and flew away.

The other races had seen what Burning Lamp did, and they were shocked. Even a half-deified elite like Yisha could not do anything to oppose him. She could not protect her student from being turned into an ant, either. It was scary to think about.

Han Sen had been shocked, too. His power had been too weak for him to even consider fighting back. And then Burning Lamp had simply turned him into an ant. He really did feel like he had been turned into an ant, too; it didn't appear to be some sort of illusion.
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