1998 The Demon Blocking the Sky

Han Sen slashed at Lone Bamboo, but Lone Bamboo did not dodge. He reached out his hand and grabbed Ghost Teeth Knife's blade. Blood poured from his hand, but he wasn't planning on letting go.

Han Sen pulled back, but he couldn't pull Ghost Teeth Knife out of Lone Bamboo's grasp. Having opened his Sky eye, Lone Bamboo was now far stronger.

Before Han Sen could react again, Lone Bamboo's Sky eye fired a red light. It was coming toward Han Sen.

Han Sen wanted to block the red light with his left hand, but Lone Bamboo was also swinging a jade sword at him.

There was nothing he could do, so Han Sen had to react quickly. He let his knife go and evade the red light and the jade sword. When he swept past Lone Bamboo, Han Sen punched his opponent's wrist, knocking the jade sword out of his hand. He moved to grab it.

The knife and the sword had lost their respective masters. Yun Changkong and the elders said, "Oh, no!"

"What is it?" Yun Suyi asked, suddenly looking nervous.

Yun Changkong frowned and said, "Lone Bamboo is affected by a demon. He will want to destroy everything. And Han Sen's Ghost Teeth Knife is an evil knife that wishes to destroy everything, too. Han Sen's Teeth Knife knifemind was triggered. It has a very destructive element. While it is held by Lone Bamboo, it makes the demon even angrier. And..."

"And what?" Yun Suyi quickly asked.

Yun Changkong had a wry smile. "And Lone Bamboo's jade sword is not a holy weapon. It is just a practice sword made from a Xuan Jade Spirit. Aside from being sturdy, it is practically useless. Han Sen has exchanged his King class weapon that aligned with his Teeth Knife knifeskills for a simple practice sword. And on top of that, Lone Bamboo has his eye open. I don't think Han Sen can keep up much longer."

"How... Lone Bamboo's jade sword... How can it be a practice sword?" Yun Suyi and the others looked at it in shock. "Hmph." Yun Changkong sighed and did not explain.

After Lone Bamboo gripped Ghost Teeth Knife, the evil presence rose up, stoking the murderous power within him. He looked like a demon that wished destruction on all the world.


He slashed towards Han Sen. The knifelight looked like a demon, coming to consume Han Sen. It looked like Teeth Knife, minus its Teeth power. It did have Ghost Teeth Knife powers, though, and the depression powers as well. It was more powerful now than it had been when Han Sen was using it.

"Palace Leader, are you not going to intervene? Han Sen is not going to be able to withstand that strike. They will both be destroyed," said a woman, frowning at Sky Palace leader.

The leader squinted his eyes and said, "There is no rush."

The lady felt saddened by this, and she said, "Lone Bamboo is your student, and Han Sen is one of Yisha's people. If anything happens, you can be the one to inform Yisha herself. You can do anything you wish, since you aren't afraid of her."

In the arena, Han Sen was wielding the jade sword. His swordmind exploded. He attacked the scary knifemind. The sword skills were those Lone Bamboo had just used.

The weapons had swapped owners, and the skills had been swapped now, too. The fight continued, with no winner seeming likely to emerge.

"Sh*t! Brother Lone Bamboo can use knives? And Han Sen can use swords, as well? This is strange! He can't be like Lone Bamboo, having experienced lifetimes of nightmares, right?"

"He's the only one who can fight Lone Bamboo like this."

Even King class sorts like Yun Changkong were surprised. They hadn't expected that Han Sen would be able to use the practice sword effectively against Lone Bamboo. His swordskills were very scary, and they appeared even stronger than when he used knifeskills. Unfortunately, his powers were a little suppressed by Lone Bamboo. He was still at a disadvantage.

Lone Bamboo, with his Sky eye open and an activated Ghost Teeth Knife, made Han Sen's Earl body look meager.

Han Sen was being careful. He knew he could not use super king spirit here, and he could not use his own swordskills. That was why he had to use Lone Bamboo's swordskills to fight.

Han Sen summoned the ant queen's mark, then he summoned the rabbit shoes and red mink glove. Now, Han Sen's situation was not as dire.

Han Sen stabilized the fight, then turned his mind back to the battle.

The battle was so breath-taking that the students were forgetting to breathe. Everyone just stared at Han Sen and Lone Bamboo. They did not want to miss a single moment.

Lone Bamboo's body was becoming stronger. Ghost Teeth Knife was triggered by his depression, and his full powers were showing.

Every slash was fueled with enough power to break space.

Han Sen wasn't wielding as much power, but his swordskills were flawless. When he moved, the jade sword was like a lotus flower. He was not at a disadvantage.

But Lone Bamboo's depression was getting stronger, and it was rising quickly. The presence surrounding him was becoming scarier. Han Sen had to fight back Lone Bamboo and the depression at the same time. He was feeling the pressure.

Suddenly, Lone Bamboo fell back across the arena floor. He kept his distance, and he just stared at Han Sen. His three eyes were red, and they looked like those of a demon.

Han Sen looked at Lone Bamboo, but he did not feel happy. He felt heavier.

Lone Bamboo was holding Ghost Teeth Knife. His presence seemed like it was on fire. He suddenly generated a real fire and blew it up into the sky.

"Leveled up?" Yun Changkong and the others were shocked.

Many students in Sky Palace understood what was going on, as well. Lone Bamboo, amidst all that was happening, was becoming a Marquise.

The Sky eye was red, like a bloodied sea. When Lone Bamboo changed, the Sky eye's red sea began to deepen. A horrifying power was swelling out of that eye, and it made Lone Bamboo's body stronger and stronger.

Ghost Teeth Knife was becoming stronger, too. The knife was wreathed in fire, like a demon roaring.

Lone Bamboo leveled up to the rank of Marquise and broke the equilibrium of the battlefield. An endless surge of power went into Ghost Teeth Knife, making it stronger. The knife's flames were like a demon's, and it covered the entire arena.

Han Sen thought he could fight Lone Bamboo with his presence and mind, but now he was under such suppression that he couldn't even release his powers.

The whole place was quiet. Only the flickering knife made a sound, roaring like a bonfire.
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