2088 Taking the Red Cloud

"Where is that cocky red cloud?" Han Sen brought Bao'er to the peak and waited there for three hours, but he had yet to see it. Bao'er was playing with a cloud beast that resembled a fat pig.

Suddenly, a red mist appeared from the sea of clouds and headed their way. Before the red cloud reached the peak, it saw Han Sen. It recognized him, too. It flew around in the sky, with contrails spelling out words.

Idiot, you are back.

Han Sen's eye twitched. He cast the Blood-Pulse Sutra and summoned both pairs of dragon wings. He flapped them and flew off towards the red cloud.

The red cloud moved quickly, and before Han Sen could swing his Ghost Teeth Knife, the red cloud was already gone. It didn't fly far, though. It flew like a bee, and it spelled words in its wake.

Idiot, come and get me.

Han Sen flapped his wings and chased the red cloud. Just when he caught up, the red cloud could speed up and reestablish a distance.

The red cloud became a fist that flipped Han Sen the bird.

Han Sen was not angered by this, though. He actually smiled at it. And then, the red cloud appeared to feel something. Suddenly, it was truly trying to flee.

Its red mist surged, but it didn't move. Instead, it began falling slowly out of the sky.

Bao'er was on the peak, holding up a gold gourd toward the red cloud. An invisible vortex of great power was pulling the cloud down towards it.

The red cloud kept firing red mist like a rocket, but no matter how much power it used, it was still drifting toward Bao'er's gourd. The creature could not escape the slipstream taking it in.

Han Sen was shocked. A normal Marquise would struggle and resist a little before getting absorbed, but that thing was playing tug-of-war with the gourd. It would drift closer and closer to the gourd for some time, but then it would unleash a burst of speed and escape it a bit.

This guy is really different." Han Sen really liked it.

The red cloud could not attack, but its speed would make for an exceptional mount.

The red cloud fought this power for ten minutes, but it was eventually sucked into the gourd. Bao'er felt relieved, and she wiped the sweat from her brow. Even she had used up quite a bit of power.

Han Sen expected the gourd to be up to the task, though. The xenogeneic genes he had brought back to the sanctuary were Marquise, and Bao'er had eaten a lot of them. He had not collected higher xenogeneic genes, though. So, the highest Bao'er could have become was a Marquise, anyway.

"Bao'er, don't digest it. Save it for your Dad, who wants it as a mount," Han Sen said to Bao'er.

"I understand." Bao'er nodded, then she patted the top of the gourd. After that, a red cloud came out of it.

"Will you obey me?" Han Sen asked the red cloud.

The red cloud didn't want to, as it quickly tried to escape. But the gourd was prepared, and a powerful force of suction dragged it right back into the gourd.

Within a second flat, the cloud was back inside the gourd.

After doing this a few times, the red cloud looked exhausted. When it was released the last time, it simply laid down and did not move.

Han Sen picked up Bao'er, jumped atop the red cloud, and shouted at it. "Move! Take us for a tour around Rainbow Cloud Peak."

The red cloud submitted to its fate and took Han Sen and Bao'er for a journey through the sky. Han Sen thought the red cloud had been tamed, but when they were mid-flight, the beast took another shot at escaping.

But again, Bao'er was able to pat the gourd and suck the beast back in.

Han Sen knew that the red cloud was a very wild thing. He didn't let Bao'er release it anymore. He was planning to keep it locked up for a while until its wildness subsided somewhat.

With the red cloud secured, though, Han Sen went back to Jade Island with Bao'er all merrily.

Wherever they went, the Sky Palace students said hello. Bao'er was even more popular than Han Sen, and she definitely had to be the most popular person in all of Sky Palace.

Wherever she went, she was given gifts by students and elders alike. The women really wanted to take her.

Due to Dream Beast now protecting Bao'er, though, the elders of Sky Palace—and the leader—made no attempt to steal Bao'er for themselves. Instead, they just moped about Bao'er not being their student as they wanted her to be.

Han Sen did not know why Dream Beast wished to help Bao'er, but Han Sen noticed that Bao'er was very friendly to creatures such as it.

In the past, Bao'er had used her bottle to feed the Red Pony. That was how they realized it was a super creature called Nightmare. After it went to the Alliance, it stayed in Han Sen's house with Bao'er.

Han Sen practiced geno arts every day. He absorbed Jade Fairy Spirits in the second tower of the White Jade Building when he could, and his Jadeskin leveled up quickly. So, too, did his Dongxuan Sutra. It was only The Story of Genes that had somewhat stalled. There weren't any changes.

"It seems as if The Story of Genes still requires many resources to level up." Han Sen thought regretfully. He had to level up Jadeskin first, though, and use Jade Spirits on his The Story of Genes.

Every time Han Sen went to the White Jade Building, he'd absorb Jade Fairy Spirits. After a while, he realized Jadeskin was developing a strange sort of power.

"I wonder, if Jadeskin reaches Marquise, will I be able to wield cold powers?" Han Sen hoped to get Jadeskin's cold powers. He'd have especially like to wield ice. That would come in very useful for him.

"Brother Han, how are you?" Yu Jing rode his green dragon to Jade Island. He had been doing well for himself, and he looked even richer these days.

"Not bad. It looks like you're doing great, too." Han Sen looked at Yu Jing while he spoke.

Yu Jing smiled and said, "I earned some more money, but now I have an even bigger money-making opportunity ahead. Would you like to help me with it?"

"What is it?" Han Sen asked.

"In one year, it will be the day that the geno being scroll appears. Are you planning to compete?" Yu Jing looked at Han Sen with excitement.
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