2102 Communication

Han Sen learned a lot from the seventy-two original gene kill spells.

Suppress Evil was based on the seventy-two original gene kill spells. Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to study the original gene kill spells, and through this, his proficiency with Suppress Evil improved rapidly. He reached the eighth tier after just one year.

His progress was interrupted, however, when the elders gave him another mission. He was tasked with taking on a Marquise xenogeneic that was wreaking havoc on a business planet belonging to Sky Palace. The job was simple, and Han Sen killed the creature easily.

When he returned to Sky Palace, however, his phone rang. It was a call from the number that Xi Menxiaong had given him.

Han Sen had called the number before, but no one answered. It looked like Xi Menxiaong had given him the number so he could call Han Sen, and not for Han Sen to call him.

Han Sen answered. There was no video, only voice. Han Sen remained quiet as the person on the other end began to speak.

"Han Sen, it is me." The voice was familiar, but it didn't belong to Xi Menxiaong. It was God's Retribution.

"God's Retribution?" Han Sen frowned. Now he was certain that Blood Legion had a method of leaving the sanctuaries. "Yes. Listen, I do not have much time. I'm being watched," God's Retribution said.

"How did you leave the sanctuaries?" Han Sen asked. Just hearing the voice wasn't enough for him to be sure that it was God's Retribution.

"Blood Legion has always had a way to leave. We just can't return." God's Retribution went on to say, "But now is not the time for that. Listen, do not let anyone know you have practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra. If you do, you may find yourself in trouble."

"Why?" Han Sen asked.

"It's complicated. Some guy in the geno universe is coming after Blood Legion members. Fortunately, you have not practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra enough to have blue blood. Just don't tell anyone. If you don't, you won't be found out," God's Retribution said.

"Who has a feud with Blood Legion in the geno universe? Which higher race is it?" Han Sen asked.

"It is not a higher race. It is something far worse." God's Retribution hesitated for a moment, but he still went on to say, 'You know the creature that called itself a god? The one the seventh team encountered?"

Han Sen's heart jumped and he said, "That guy is in the geno universe?"

"Yes, but he didn't come here from the sanctuaries like we did. This universe is his home. Remember, don't let anyone know that you've practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra. If you do, you'll find yourself a target. And keep up the ruse that you're a crystallizer. Don't mention to anyone that you're actually a human. That will expose the fact that you're from the sanctuaries. You did well to do that from the start," God's Retribution said.

"What is he?" Han Sen asked.

"I don't know how to explain. All I can say is that he is scarier than a deified elite, and we cannot hope to fight him. He's killed many Blood Legion members. Until recently, we've had no hope of fighting back," God's Retribution said.

"What's different now?" Han Sen asked.

"Super genes," God's Retribution said.

"What does that mean?" Those two words caught Han Sen's interest.

"Only people who have maxed out their super genes in the sanctuaries can compete with a creature like him. That is our only hope. Until you've grown stronger, do not expose the fact that you possess the Blood-Pulse Sutra." God's Retribution was speaking quickly.

"If you knew about all this, why didn't you tell me back in the sanctuaries?" Han Sen asked.

God's Retribution said, "I told you, we can only leave the sanctuaries. We are unable to return. I only learned about this from the other members upon arrival. Okay. There's no time. I'll contact you again."

The conversation was disconnected abruptly. Han Sen put the phone away and thought to himself, "If all of this is real, then who is this so-called god? Is he like King Jun? Can he not murder anyone here?"

Han Sen thought about this for quite a while, but he didn't come to any more conclusions. He hadn't planned on exposing his Blood-Pulse Sutra anyway, but after that reminder, he would make doubly sure not to. Whether or not God's Retribution was telling the truth, no harm would come from maintaining a low profile.

After thinking things over, Han Sen tried to call him back. Just like before, it did not work.

"Blood Legion members have been able to enter the geno universe for a very long time. Maybe Human Emperor is around here somewhere, but even so, humans have no fame. They must be hiding themselves away, under great pressure." Han Sen looked grim as he continued talking to himself. "Is that god really that powerful, I wonder?"

After Han Sen reported the results of his quest to Sky Palace, he was granted some vacation days.

His Dongxuan Sutra and The Story of Genes still hadn't reached Marquise yet. The Dongxuan Sutra was slowly growing stronger, but The Story of Genes had come to a standstill. He wouldn't level that up unless he got some help.

Han Sen tried to use the Jade Spirits to boost The Story of Genes, but it wasn't very effective. Progress was insufferably slow. At that rate, it would take several decades to become a Marquise with The Story of Genes.

As Han Sen ransacked his mind for a solution to the problem, Thousand Feather Crane arrived with an order from Sky Palace.

The leader has told me to go to the Feather?" Han Sen looked at Thousand Feather Crane in disbelief.

The Sky Palace leader knew of the grudge that the Feathers had against Han Sen, given his connection with Kong Fei. There was also the Blood Feather Knife incident, which only fanned the flames of their hatred.

Yes. The leader wants you to be Sky Palace's envoy to the Feathers. This is good. Have you heard of Holy Heaven's Pool of Rebirth? If you go there as an envoy, you can use it," Thousand Feather Crane said.

You mean the pool Angia used to erase everything he had learned? I don't want to be reborn. What's the point in that?" Han Sen frowned.
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