2106 Taking it by Force

"F*ck! That's a powerful technique." Han Sen frowned. He thought with Sky Palace leader's help and teachings, he'd be able to get the rebirthing powers with ease. But of course, as usual, things weren't working out as he might have expected them to.

If Han Sen was only dealing with one of the brothers, the ring skill the leader had taught him might have actually stood a chance. But now that the two of them had combined their strength to combat Han Sen, he had no hope of competing.

Seeing the rebirthing powers head for Andola, Han Sen wracked his mind for a way in which he could turn the tables. The ring skill had been created by the Sky Palace leader specifically to attract the rebirthing power. Han Sen had been counting on it to work, and now that it was proving ineffective, he had no clue what he might do.

Attempting to attract the rebirthing power with his own lifeforce was useless. His lifeforce was weaker than Andola's, not to mention that the contest was two-on-one.

"I can't worry too much about it." Han Sen gritted his teeth and then charged up a Jadeskin light. With it, he flew towards the rebirthing power.

Han Sen wanted to see if the Marquise freezing godlight power could freeze the rebirthing power and stall it.

When Andola and Angela saw Han Sen trying to grab the winged eggs, they did not even move. They just laughed with disdain. The rebirthing power could not be taken by force. Even a King class person could not use force to grab them.

Fairy Feather elder smiled and spoke to Yun Changkong. "Elder Yun, young people have no patience. Did you not tell him that he cannot take the rebirthing powers by force?"

"Ha! It's a good thing that young people are reckless. That fire and passion should be maintained. They should strive for everything they can while they have the time to try," Yun Changkong said coldly.

Yun Changkong thought Han Sen was doing the right thing, even if he wasn't successful. People who sat down like cabbages and didn't even try were the absolute worst. Fighting until the end, no matter how low the probability of success—that was what everyone should do.

So, while all the Feathers looked at Han Sen as if he was some sort of clown, Yun Changkong was of the firm belief that Han Sen was doing what was right. He admired his behavior.

And it was true that Han Sen would never slow down and stop doing his best. No matter how trying the task was, he just never gave in. It might seem easy to never stop fighting, but very few could actually go on as he did.

The Jadeskin godlight hit a rebirthing power, but the freezing godlight had no effect. It was like hitting a shadow, as the power shot right through its body.

"It really doesn't work." Han Sen pretty much expected this result, so it wasn't as if he was disappointed.

Andola and Angela, the two brothers, looked even more disdainful. Andola smirked. "Rebirthing powers cannot be taken by force. You have to wait for them to come and enter your body. Didn't you know that?"

The Feather elders and elites were laughing their socks off. Their eyes were full of condescension as Han Sen's hands grabbed nothing. They looked at him like he was an absolute buffoon.

Kong Fei had put out the lantern of the Feathers, so there was no one that the Feathers hated more. In addition, Kong Fei had given deified feathers to Han Sen and Stay Up Late. To the Feathers, that meant Han Sen and Stay Up Late were Kong Fei's dogs. If Han Sen had not belonged to Sky Palace, he would have never been given access to this pool. They would have hunted him down and killed him.

You cannot force this. What an ignorant youth." Fairy Feather elder stroked his beard as he spoke.

"The Pool of Rebirth is a sacred item belonging to the Feather, so of course it would help us," another elder said.

"We should remind them not to take too much. They need to let Han Sen have some, as he is a guest," an elder sneered. They were all so merry, and they practically radiated arrogance.

The Sky Palace envoys frowned, but this was part of the deal between the Feathers and Sky Palace. It was not like the Feathers were slaves.

The Feathers had more options than just Sky Palace, but Sky Palace had made them the best offer. That was why the Feather allied with Sky Palace. The Feathers were controlled by Sky Palace, but they still governed their own affairs.

If Sky Palace completely controlled the Feathers, there would have been no reason to send envoys to the Feathers to discuss the future.

The envoys of Sky Palace were not fond of the Feathers' behavior, but they couldn't make too much of an issue over it.

It wouldn't reflect well on Sky Palace.

Yun Changkong did not move. He just looked at Han Sen. He was on his own now, and there was no one there that could help him.

Teaching Han Sen the ring technique had been a good idea. Even against two ordinary Dukes, Han Sen could have taken most of the rebirthing power. No one could have known that the Feathers would field such powerful competitors. Andola and Angela were twins, and they had Judgment Angel Light. They could transfer power to one another. That was something ordinary Dukes could not accomplish.

When their lifeforces joined as one, not even a genuine King could beat them. That was because they were Kings at one point, too.

Han Sen hadn't expected his Jadeskin light to work, so he used it mostly as a distraction. As the observers were focused on his futile attempts to capture the winged eggs, Han Sen got close enough to the statue to open the Demon Bug King Bai Sema.

Han Sen could no longer afford to hold back; they had to see which side was stronger. It'd be okay if he failed, but if he succeeded, Han Sen was not going to leave them a single ounce of rebirthing power. He was taking everything for himself.


A blue glass light appeared around Han Sen, encasing all the rebirthing powers and the angel statue within.

"Stupid! Rebirthing power cannot be blocked by force, either. You cannot use strength to trap it!" Andola laughed darkly.

Fairy Feather smiled and said, "It is good that young people work hard. But doing this is both reckless and foolish."

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