2115 Littleflower Gets Famous

The coin became stuck to the giant fist that was surging with power. And as soon as it was attached to the hand, Kahn's fist was yanked down as if a mountain had just fallen across it.

It wasn't just the fist that fell, either. Kahn's entire body dropped with his fist, falling into the sea that resided below the two fighters.


Kahn couldn't stand atop the water, either. The phantom weight he had been afflicted with had to be far too heavy to allow that. He fell straight into the water, and beneath its waves, he started to sink fast.

Han Sen was rather surprised by this himself. This was the first time he had ever used his modified Coin powers, and the results had exceeded his expectations.

Han Sen had used Turtle, the Sky Palace force, and Suppress Evil to modify his own skill Coin. He couldn't use it in front of others in fear of revealing his identity, so these results were pretty decent for the skill's first use in real combat.

After all, it was quite the feat for Coin to have the encumbering strength to make Kahn's giant body plunge into the sea. Kahn's attempts at resisting the force had been entirely futile.

Pang! Pang! Pang! Pang!

That coin was like a mountain attached to the giant's right glove. Not even Kahn's power could keep him from sinking.

The water churned as the giant kept thrashing about in the sea. His power pushed the water away, but it was ultimately pointless. He couldn't swim, and slowly, his body began to sink. The deeper he got, the less his thrashing disturbed the surface of the water. It was difficult to tell how far Kahn went down exactly.

Now Han Sen almost regretted the decision to make use of the technique, though. He wanted to get through this fight quickly, but Kahn was now someplace under the sea. The power of Coin would only suppress Kahn, not kill him. To finish his foe off for good, Han Sen would have to do so in the water.

Before Han Sen joined Kahn in the sea, however, there was a flash of white light. A shattered paper appeared, bearing Kahn's name.

Han Sen was shocked once more. He had only made Kahn fall into the water. Why would Kahn give up so swiftly by ripping up his paper? The Demon and his frightful body could traverse and survive the expanse of space, after all.

The other Demons that watched this fight were confused, too. They did not know why Kahn conceded the fight after falling into the sea.

Han Sen hadn't realized what he had truly done to Kahn. Kahn was strong, but his giant body was heavy. With the Coin, he kept sinking and sinking into the deep sea.

But that ocean was bottomless. He had gone down at least thirty thousand meters, and there was no end to be found and no sign of a seabed showing up anytime soon, either. What's more, the sheer pressure of the water was becoming unbearably strong.

Kahn wanted to swim up, out, and away, but there was too much pressure on his fist now. Unless he let go of the Lightning Spike gloves, he'd sink with them to a dire end.

Above all, though, Kahn acknowledged he wasn't going to win. And if he gave up his Lightning Spikes, he'd certainly have no chance of fighting his opponent. Losing that King class item would be the worst result of all, so he settled for giving up the fight and just forfeiting his participation in the Geno Being Scroll.

He knew he wouldn't stand a chance and that it was for the best, but still, it made him very depressed. He had no idea how he had lost the fight so easily.

The dimension around Han Sen then became distorted. He came out of the Geno Being Scroll, appearing back on Planet Fire Lotus.

Han Sen quickly looked at the bronze scroll, but Han Littleflower's fight had already ended.

"I was too slow!" Han Sen sighed. And then, he browsed the web. Many creatures were discussing Littleflower's fight.

And then, Han Sen realized it did not matter how fast he was, as he was going to be beaten no matter what. Littleflower's fights in the Viscount tier never seemed to last longer than a measly three seconds.

According to the description of what happened, Han Sen was able to learn that Littleflower was a boy in white armor. His face couldn't be described due to the aforementioned armor. All in all, though, the descriptions matched Littleflower's age.

Han Sen felt depressed. His phone rang then, and he heard Stay Up Late's voice on the other end. Stay Up Late sounded so excited, and he said, "Have you seen Han Littleflower in the Geno Being Scroll? He looks just like Littleflower!"

"I was busy. I couldn't watch it." Han Sen felt depressed.

"That is a shame. The fight was so fast, I would have liked to see more. But it really did look like Littleflower. It'd be pretty amazing if it was him." Stay Up Late was now in an even greater rush to find him.

Although Han Sen had performed well, his fight didn't attract much notice. Aside from some Demons and Dragons spectating, few others watched him perform.

Han Littleflower was the one who became the center of attention. Everyone watched him fight because of his power.

And in addition to that, many wished to confirm his identity from the fights and try to determine if he really was from Sacred.

There were many more fights to come, and Han Sen finished each one as fast as he could. But every time, Littleflower was faster than he was. And because of that, he never had the chance to see him.

Littleflower was popular all around. He one-hit-killed everything. No one had been able to come close to beating him thus far.

"Too scary! What race is Littelflower?"

"Even Demons and Dragons are beaten by him. He is too scary."

"I don't know what kind of monster can be that scary."

"Sacred is not a race, though. Sacred is a place."

"He looks like one of the Sky. Only the Sky can raise someone this sick." "The Sky are strong, but they're not that strong."

Throughout the universe, people tried to guess Littleflower's true identity. But no one was able to deduce who he really was.

While Han Sen sat in a restaurant, he heard such discussions. He felt depressed he couldn't see Littleflower's fights.

"Is that kid really my son?" Han Sen wondered.

Inside the realm of the Dragon, Dragon Nine, Dragon Nineteen, and Dragon Thirty-Nine were waiting for Dragon Eight. When he arrived, they got up to welcome him.

"Brother Nine, Sister Nineteen, Brother Thirty-Nine, are you all here to celebrate me?" Dragon Eight smiled.

Dragon Nineteen spoke. "Brother Eight, we saw your schedule. In two more rounds, you will face-off against some human named Dollar.

"Does it matter who I fight?" Dragon Eight said carelessly.

This guy is very strong. He is scary! Brother Thirty-Nine was unable to withstand his punch. Kahn became a giant, but even he was beaten. We watched his fights, and each one was a crushing victory. I don't know where that guy came from, but you can most certainly not underestimate him. He is like our best Dragon. Don't be careless against him," Dragon Nineteen said.

To me, every enemy is the same. Even with Evil Eye in front of me, I will win." Dragon Eight spoke calmly, but his eyes sparkled with confidence. "I hope that Dollar is as strong as you say. The stronger the better, really."

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