2162 Ocean Monumen


Before Han Sen went back to Narrow Moon, he had some things to wrap up in Sky Palace. Half a month after his returning from Metal World, Han Sen finished all his outstanding business issues and went to meet with the Sky Palace leader.

"Go. Leave your name upon the ocean monument. Wherever you go, remember you have Sky Palace to call a home," said the Sky Palace leader.

The ocean monument was very large, so it had room for many names.

Sky Palace had many famous members that were recorded there. When their practice ended in Sky Palace, they were permitted to leave their names upon the ocean monument. That way, people would forever know that they had been members of Sky Palace, and they had lived in that amazing place.

Yisha had left her name on the ocean monument, and now it was time for Han Sen to add his. This was always the last act a person would perform as a student of Sky Palace.

When Han Sen went to the ocean monument, many Sky also went to watch. The people of Sky Palace had a lot of mixed emotions upon seeing Han Sen journey to the monument to leave his name behind.

Han Sen was a very smart and unique person. Sky Palace was home to many geniuses, but he was the only one that could equal Lone Bamboo. Not everyone had that level of honor or talent.

A lot of people thought it was regrettable that Han Sen was so good. He had so much more difficulty gaining rank than others did, and everyone could see that.

With his difficulty in leveling up, it was hard to say if he would ever reach King class. It would be a shame if he never made it that far.

Others, however, found that thought pleasant. They were happy that Han Sen had great difficulty when it came to leveling up, and they hoped that becoming a Duke took him as long as possible.

The ocean monument was a floating island that hung amidst the clouds of Sky Palace. The entire island was a single mountain. Standing ten thousand meters tall, the black mountain was an intimidating sight. It hung in the air like a sword perforating the sky.

The mountain was a piece of history, as its entire surface was scrawled with a great many markings. People had left their names, swordmarks, carvings, and even paintings on its rocky slopes.

Sky Palace did not restrict what a departing student could leave behind on the monument. Before they left, they could draw or leave anything they wished as a lasting testament to their legacy in Sky Palace. It was something for people to remember them by.

But leaving behind a name on the ocean monument was a very hard thing to do.

The mountain's name came from the material it was made from: ocean stone. Like a vast ocean that hid a little of everything within its depths, ocean stone could absorb the properties of many elements. Using power upon an ocean stone didn't have much effect, because the stone quickly grew a natural resistance to whatever power was used against it. Leaving their name behind would be a headache for an ordinary Marquise.

Many travelers had left swordmarks on the mountain's surface because they lacked the power to leave their whole name upon it. So, a mark would be left instead of their name.

There were many elites that were able to leave their entire name upon the ocean stone, of course. Some of the greatest were even able to carve a poem into the stone.

There were some even greater exceptions, too. The peak of the mountain was once as sharp as a needle, but four meters of the peak had been sliced off. It was Yisha who had done that, when the time came for her own departure. It was proof she had been a student of Sky Palace, at one point in time.

That part of the stone was later brought to Narrow Moon by Yisha herself. On Planet Blade, she placed the thick stump of mountain carefully in her garden. She called it "my little ocean mountain."

Han Sen observed the ocean monument before him, and he thought he should bring a souvenir home for himself, since Yisha had done the same.

"Should I take the peak back with me?" Han Sen stroked his jaw as he eyed the peak.

Yisha had already cut off the sharpest point of the peak. The base of her cut was now a flat top that was around eight meters wide. With the toughness of the ocean stone, cutting it would be a difficult task.

When Yisha left, she left as a Duke. But right now, Han Sen was only a Marquise. He was very weak compared to Yisha, and even if he used Six Break Skies, he'd only be able to remove a little.

The thought crossed his mind that taking more would make him look bad. He was there to leave behind a memory. He was there to give, and not to steal something like a thief. Han Sen thought of himself as a civilized man, so he wasn't going to do something so crude.

But also, he felt as if it would be wrong to leave without really using his talents.

Even if he was unable to remove the peak like Yisha had, he thought he should at least return with a small stone. Ocean stones were very expensive, and they made for sturdy construction materials in high-end houses.

The rooms that were built from ocean stone could not be penetrated by a thief. Even a King class burglar would also need to exert all their strength to open one. And surely they could be used in other ways as well. A training room and punching bag made from ocean stone would be absolutely perfect for him, he figured.

Han Sen's mind circled the idea of a training room again and again. With some memory foam, it would be perfect. When he needed to train geno arts or practice with his friends, he would not have to be afraid of destroying his base.

"It is just a shame I'm only a lowly Marquise. I'm too weak. If I was a King, I could cut the mountain in half and take it back with me. Sky Palace has a lot of resources, and even this mountain is just a monument. I'm sure they'd be okay with me taking half of it. But it is a shame I am too weak for that. I'll probably only end up with a piece large enough to replace one of the tiles on my bathroom floor," Han Sen thought.

"Whatever. I guess I'll just have to take one piece as a souvenir. It's better than nothing, I suppose." Han Sen went on to think, "And even if I do only end up getting a piece, I should at least try and get as much as I am able to. I only have one chance at this, after all."

Han Sen fell deep into thought, and his eyes suddenly squinted. The black pupils of his eyes became purple, before segmenting into four. Four different petals manifested, blooming to cover his irises.

Han Sen was looking at the ocean mountain, wondering where it would be best for him to strike.

The Sky Palace leader watched Han Sen, and as he did, his throat constricted. When Yisha left, she had stared at the mountain with the same intensity that Han Sen was currently using.

"Fortunately... fortunately he is going as a Marquise. If he left as a Duke like Yisha, I am afraid a big chunk of the ocean mountain would be gone. This way it will only be a small piece, so that's okay... It'll be fine..." the Sky Palace leader reassured himself.
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