2266 Beating a Half-Deified

Han Sen stood on the lotus mountain, watching with great delight as the blood kirin entered the fray. Han Sen guessed that the creature had finished consuming the black kirin, because it was now half-deified. On top of that, it was still inside the White Bone Hell. The ferocity of its attack sent Edward and Ice Blue Knight King reeling back.

After mere seconds had passed, the blood kirin had already torn two King class Ice Blue Knights to shreds. Joy sparked in Han Sen's chest as he saw the wretchedly wild face of the creature.

"You guys hold off this beast! I will go after Han Sen," Edward shouted. He rushed across the battlefield, headed for the lotus mountain with the intent of catching Han Sen once and for all.

The blood kirin was in a killing frenzy, and it paid no attention to guarding its flanks. It pressed the attack against Ice Blue Knight King without sparing a glance at Edward.

Han Sen felt depressed. "This thing's intelligence needs to be increased."

Although Fox Queen had whipped Edward and injured him badly in the process, his half-deified body wasn't to be underestimated. He circled the battle and arrived in front of Han Sen in moments. Han Sen knew that trying to outrun the man with simple speed would be impossible.

Han Sen slapped the Blood Scorpion Jade Drum at his waist, sending a burst of scary sonic power toward Edward's forehead. The power flew out like a barrage of toxic needles.

Edward grunted dismissively, and his whole body turned to a golden color. The Blood Scorpion's toxic needles struck the gold body and failed to puncture it.

Edward's golden form shone like a sun, showering the entire lotus mountain in golden light. Han Sen suddenly felt incredibly heavy, as if he was now shouldering the weight of a mountain. He couldn't move much at all.

Han Sen knew that he was struggling under the power of that special gold godlight.

After Dukes became Kings, their elemental prowess increased dramatically. They could use their powers to blanket the land around them, laying claim to a large area. Edward's power was a heavy burden of suppression. It was a little similar to Ice Blue Knight King's deep blue power.

Edward didn't hesitate. He reached out to grab the currently-suppressed Han Sen.

Han Sen tried to fight it off, but the King class suppression of the area was far too strong to compete with. Plus, Edward was half-deified. Although Han Sen's elemental prowess was very good for his level, it didn't have enough raw strength to counter this attack. He couldn't beat the suppressing force that was coming down on him.

Edward's hand had almost reached Han Sen's neck when suddenly, Han Sen's hand lifted a small bird's nest. In his other hand, he raised a big army spear and thrust it toward Edward's chest.

Edward was shocked. He hadn't expected Han Sen to brush off his King class area-of-effect technique. They were too close together for Edward to block Han Sen's, but Edward didn't hesitate. He ignored Han Sen's strike and continued reaching out to grab his prey by the throat.

Han Sen was just a Duke. Even if his weapon was deified, it wouldn't do too much damage to Edward's half-deified body. If he was able to catch Han Sen at the same time, Edward had no qualm with accepting the strike.

At the moment Edward's fingers closed around Han Sen's neck, the Thunder God Spike was plunged into Edward's armor.

The armor stopped the Thunder God Spike dead, with only an inch of the weapon's tip embedding itself in Edward's breastplate.

But the Thunder God Spike's silver lightning completely ignored the defense offered by that armor. When it discharged, it sent a current of electricity directly into Edward's body. Edward shook as the power ran through him, and his electrified body was sent flying away.


Han Sen struck the Blood Scorpion Jade Drum again. Edward was still being ravaged by the silver lightning, and he couldn't gather his wits fast enough to summon power and repel the sonic attack. That sonic force was driven right into his forehead.

"Argh!" Even for a half-deified elite, hearing the Blood Scorpion Jade Drum felt like being stabbed in the head. Edward couldn't help but let out a shrill cry.

Han Sen put the bird's nest on his head as he continued to pound the drum. He had no intention of remaining idle, though. He teleported directly in front of Edward and used his Thunder God Spike to strike at Edward once more.

Half-deified warriors deserved their reputation, and despite the dizziness and fierce pain, Edward tried to gather up power to block Han Sen's next attack.

The Thunder God Spike's power wasn't very destructive, but the lightning energy it released could bypass any form of defense. The lightning surged into every single cell of Edward's body. Edward shook under the force.

But Han Sen didn't have enough strength to use more than a tiny fraction of the Thunder God Spike's true power. Edward had only been numbed a little. If the Thunder God Spike was used by someone half-deified, a single hit would have left Edward shaking non-stop for an entire day.

The Blood Scorpion Jade Drum's sonic power swept into Edward in a continuous stream, but Edward was holding strong against the numbness induced by the lightning. He raised his shield again, and the sonic attacks began bouncing off of him.

"I'm too weak! If I was stronger, the silver lightning would have kept Edward from gathering enough power to resist," Han Sen thought to himself. He kept moving, though. Instead of thrusting with his Thunder God Spike, he resorted to beating Edward with it like some rod.

All that electricity had Edward shaking on the ground like he was experiencing a seizure. He was like a normal person being struck by a stun rod.

Ice Blue Knight King and the others, who were still in the midst of combat with the blood kirin, were frozen. The half-deified Edward was curled on the ground as Han Sen beat the pulp out of him. It was difficult to imagine.

They knew the extent of Edward's strength, and a Duke should have had no hope of repelling the golden godlight.

Han Sen didn't seem hindered at all as he pounded Edward. Edward's defenses couldn't withstand the lightning power emitted by the rod, and the man screamed continually and frothed at the mouth. It was too frightening to watch.

"What, you won't treat me with respect unless I unleash my power?" Han Sen kept hitting Edward, wondering how he might kill the man.

The lightning could bypass an opponent's defenses, but it couldn't actually kill anyone. And Han Sen couldn't do the job himself. He was too weak to break the man's armor, so he couldn't kill Edward with his strength alone.

"The blood kirin!" Han Sen thought. Then, he beckoned for the monster.

The blood kirin was still chasing the others, but Ice Blue Knight King and his group didn't dare to engage the beast. They were keeping it busy by baiting it back and forth.

The blood kirin's intelligence was low. They lured it left and right, to and fro, and it hadn't managed to kill any of them.

At the sound of Han Sen's voice, though, the beast turned to look at him. When it saw Han Sen slamming his fists into Edward, a light came into its eyes. It ran over, chomped down on Edward's head, and katcha! The armor was destroyed. Edward's head was bitten off.

Severed arteries in the man's neck sprayed blood all over the blood kirin. It swallowed the head in a single gulp. The sight made Ice Blue Knight King and the others shiver in fear and anger.

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