516 Killed by One Strike

Meowth suddenly stopped eating and bristled. It bared its teeth in the direction of the noise and growled fiercely.

Han Sen stared at the snowcapped mountain, and soon saw a creature that looked like a triceratops rushing out from behind the mountain.

Its horn shimmered like a silver awl and its skin looked like iron. The moment the triceratops came out, Han Sen felt dazed.

Han Sen wondered if Yi Dongmu was dumb. Such a large creature weighed at least a dozen tons. It would take more than a year for someone to eat it. What use would it be even if he killed it?

But then Han Sen thought, Yi Dongmu is probably just trying to gain the beast soul. The meat probably isn't that important to him.

Han Sen felt a bit upset. However, it would not be a waste if he got the meat. He would not eat it himself, but he could feed Archangel.

Han Sen took Meowth and ran back. He didn't need to move a finger anyway. With 20% of the meat, he could feed Archangel happily.

The triceratops had rushed to the body of the mutant creature. Without a pause, it passed the body and came toward Han Sen.

Yi Dongmu suddenly came out of the snow pit he had buried himself in, stabbing his dagger at the stomach of the triceratops.

The skin of the triceratops was much thicker than that of the mutant creature. Yi Dongmu's dagger disappeared in the skin of the triceratops, yet no blood came out. Only black leather and white fat was cut open.

The triceratops tried to shake Yi Dongmu off of its stomach. However, Yi Dongmu moved up its body and climbed its back like a gecko, stabbing fiercely.

The triceratops roared and stamped like crazy, trying to knock Yi Dongmu down. However, Yi Dongmu stuck so closely to the creature that it couldn't loosen his grip.

Han Sen found a remote spot and sat down, caressing Meowth's head and enjoying his barbecue as well as Yi Dongmu's performance.

"Bravo. I will give you 9.9 for this move." Han Sen couldn't keep himself from giving scores to Yi Dongmu's best attacks.

Yi Dongmu was very upset. The skin of the triceratops was so thick and tough that only a little blood came out, despite the fact that he had stabbed the creature multiple times.

On the other hand, the triceratops seemed to have infinite strength. Jumping and wiggling, it almost got rid of Yi Dongmu several times. He had to grip the creature tight with both hands and stick close to it. There was no chance for him to touch the dagger again.

However, Han Sen was enjoying the show, applauding when he saw something good, which made Yi Dongmu feel so upset he was about to hurl.

"Come and help me!" Yi Dongmu could not last any longer and yelled to Han Sen.

"That is not okay. We had an agreement. You give me 20% of the meat and all I need to do is to lure the sacred-blood creature out. I will not do other jobs," Han Sen said, shaking his head.

"If this creature runs away, you will get nothing," Yi Dongmu exclaimed again.

"If you want me to take action, that is fine. However, if I do, we can't split the meat like this. I must have 60% of the meat. 20% is my reward for leading it out. And the other 40% is what I should have for collaborating with you to kill it," Han Sen said, counting on his fingers.

"60% is fine. You help me kill it, and you can take 60% of the meat." Yi Dongmu was in no mood to bargain with Han Sen. His main goal was to try to gain the beast soul. The meat was less important.

"Okay, that's a deal." Han Sen then stood up, summoned his claws, and walked toward the triceratops.

"Help me to distract it from the side…" Yi Dongmu quickly said, seeing Han Sen approaching.

However, Han Sen did not pay any attention to him. He walked directly to face the triceratops.

The triceratops noticed Han Sen and flung itself towards him with its eyes red. It was incredibly frightening, rushing forward like a locomotive at full speed.

Han Sen was still walking toward the triceratops at a normal speed. The moment he was about to clash with the triceratops, Han Sen suddenly leaned his body back.

The triceratops rushed over Han Sen's body, and Han Sen dropped flat in the gap between its legs. The triceratops went ahead but did not hurt Han Sen at all.

Han Sen dusted the snow off his body and got up. The triceratops screamed as blood poured from its stomach. It wiggled and fell to the ground with a thump. It struggled several times but failed to get up again.

Yi Dongmu jumped off the back of the triceratops, observed the struggling creature carefully, and saw three marks on its stomach that went through its entire body. Obviously, they were left by Han Sen when he brushed by the creature.

Yi Dongmu stared at Han Sen for a long while. He did not expect that the random person he met was such a master.

He knew the impressive figures on the icefield, so he did not pay too much attention to Han Sen when he first saw him. However, Han Sen's strike made Yi Dongmu feel utterly surprised.

"If you do not move fast, it will die," Han Sen noted to Yi Dongmu.

Under these circumstances, Han Sen would abide by the agreement. Since he had agreed to help Yi Dongmu kill the creature and he had been promised 60% of the meat, he did not need to be greedy about the potential beast soul.

Yi Dongmu did not say anything and stabbed his dagger into the jaw of the triceratops, ending its life with several strikes. Han Sen didn't know if Yi Dongmu gained a beast soul. However, he did not have any special expression after killing the creature. Walking up to Han Sen, he said, "You're good."

"Just average. I just broke a hundred," Han Sen said casually.

"I know the locations of some other sacred-blood creatures living alone. How about we continue to cooperate in the future?" Yi Dongmu said seriously.

"That's okay. However, if it were a long-term cooperation, we could not split it like this." Han Sen smiled and gestured to the body.

"We will split the meat half-and-half. The beast soul will depend on our own luck." The fact that Yi Dongmu said that showed he reckoned that Han Sen was stronger than himself. Otherwise, because he provided the location, he should have taken 10% more.

"Okay," Han Sen agreed. It would take Han Sen some time to find sacred-blood creatures, and he would not necessarily be able to kill them by himself, anyway.

Yi Dongmu would provide him with the location of the sacred-blood creatures and he could take half of the gains. There was nothing wrong about that.

"Let's split up the sacred-blood meat first," Han Sen said, pointing to the body of the triceratops.

"You can have all of it. You have poison on the weapon, so the meat has already been contaminated. Even if I take it, I will not dare to eat it," Yi Dongmu said calmly.

"Thank you then." Han Sen summoned the angel, asking her to eat the triceratops up.

"A humanoid pet? What is the level of it?" Yi Dongmu stared at the Archangel. With his background, he had never got a chance to have a humanoid pet.

"Sacred-blood," Han Sen said casually.
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