523 Huge Gain

The article "Dollar Spotted At Yellowstone Beach" soon gained a lot of attention on the Skynet.

The article depicted how Dollar came from nowhere, beat all the porcupines, gained the allegiance of the spirit, and killed the giant boar with one punch, among other details. In the end, it also praised Dollar for not staying for the compliments.

If it were Han Sen who was reading this article, he would feel quite embarrassed. He was not being selfless, but simply wanted to avoid being scolded for stealing the spirit after other people had sacrificed their lives.

However, the golden armor of Dollar was so famous that people simply treated him as Dollar after they saw the golden armor.

Most people did not know that Han Sen had sold his golden armor already. Not knowing Han Sen himself, other people could only determine whether or not it was him by the armor.

"If anyone wearing golden armor is Dollar, then there will be countless Dollars."

"This one is definitely real. His arrogance and strength show everything."

"He is covered in armor. How can you tell he's arrogant?"

"Of course I know it was Dollar? He is so peerless that I could tell it was him through three-inch thick steel plate. How can his armor block my eyes?"

"I was there. He is 100% Dollar. So strong. Killed the boar with one punch."

"As far as I know, Dollar sold his golden armor a long time ago. The one you met is definitely not him."

"It is definitely him. I could feel that he was Dollar. And he looked at me full of love. I think he is in love with me…"

"Wake up, son!"

Many people were discussing whether it was Dollar or not. Some believed so, some not. Neither side could persuade the other. It soon became a quarrel.

At the same time, Han Sen was sitting in the Crystal Palace, checking out the new spirit he had gained, Mad Shield.

As he had expected, it was an aristocrat spirit. More than nine feet tall, he was covered in black iron armor. With a tower shield and a double axe, he looked like an ancient god.

The guy had shield in his name, so his shield was especially strong. Han Sen attacked the shield with his claws and only left marks about three inches deep. In terms of defense, Mad Shield was definitely the equivalent of a sacred-blood creature.

Han Sen could only damage the shield because the ghost-pawed claws were berserk; ordinary sacred-blood weapons would be even less threatening to him.

"Unfortunately, he is not a pretty female spirit." Han Sen felt ashamed. Initially, he wanted to form a gang full of pretty spirits. However, spirits were so rare that he might as well recruit some male spirits first.

In the future, the Crystal Palace needed a lot of help on board in order to gather a huge number of sea creatures. However, Han Sen did not want to recruit too many humans, but preferred his own spirits.

After resting for half a day, Han Sen went to the shore again and asked about the situation nearby.

This was Yellowstone Sea. Not far from the beach was a forest. In the forest there were a lot of human shelters. However, there were also a lot of spirit shelters. Humans and spirits were fighting intensely.

"This is somewhere that is truly designed for human cultivation. On the icefield, there are so few resources that I can't even find any knight spirits," Han Sen thought to himself.

As he was thinking about how he should make use of his current resources, he suddenly heard a crack in his sea of soul, which made Han Sen feel happy. He looked to his sea of soul and saw that the light cocoon of the golden growler had broken. The golden growler came out of the cocoon, all golden and shiny. It seemed that its body had turned into gold completely, like a gold statue, though much stronger.

Berserk super creature golden growler: mount.

The berserk golden growler had been enhanced greatly in both speed and strength. It could even be compared to the sacred-blood mounts in Second God's Sanctuary. In addition, its ability to change size was something that an ordinary sacred-blood mount did not have.

Han Sen fed the black crystal to the snowy wolf, and the mutant snowy wolf turned into a berserk beast soul after just one day.

As he fed the black crystal to his beast souls, Han Sen ordered Mermaid Princess to take the Crystal Palace to the icefield.

Because the resources were rich near Yellowstone Sea, beast souls were relatively cheap in that area. If he wanted to sell his beast souls, he should go back to Goddess Shelter to get a good price.

When he went back, Han Sen tried to make the Crystal Palace go directly to the sea near Goddess Shelter. His journey was quite smooth.

The Goddess Shelter was surrounded by the ocean in three directions. Therefore, it was easy to get to the sea near the shelter. He did not encounter other shelters under the water, and he saved himself the trouble of traveling through the mountainous region.

On his way back, Han Sen hunted a large number of primitive creatures and some mutant creatures he found in the water, put them on the back of the golden growler, and returned to Goddess Shelter.

When people in the shelter saw the golden growler and mountain of meat, they were all surprised. There were fewer and fewer creatures that they could hunt nearby, so they had never imagined a scene like this.

Hearing the news, Yang Manli came by. Seeing the huge pile of creatures, she was also dazed.

"Manli, count the chunks of meat, then you can decide how to sell them." Han Sen then transferred all the primitive beast souls and mutant beast souls he had gained to Yang Manli, asking her to sell them all.

Yang Manli saw the dozens of beast souls that Han Sen transferred to her, many of which weren't only mutant, but also berserk, which made her feel quite incredulous.

"Where did you get the meat and beast souls?" Yang Manli looked at Han Sen with a complicated expression.

"I hunted them from the sea." Han Sen knew that the creatures looked like they were from the ocean and there was no way he could hide it.

"The sea?" Yang Manli became even more surprised. It was much harder to hunt in the sea than on land.

"I'm the type of guy that could kill a tiger on a mountain and a dragon in the sea. Isn't it absolutely normal for me to be able to hunt in the ocean? No need to look at me like that," Han Sen smiled and said.

Yang Manli didn't want to smile. Although Han Sen was joking, she understood that the difficulty of the task was no joke.

"How did he achieve that?" Yang Manli felt it was more and more difficult for her to understand Han Sen. When she was in First God's Sanctuary, she had thought Han Sen was inferior to Dollar. However, after they met in Second God's Sanctuary, what Han Sen did astonished her every time.

At this moment, Yang Manli no longer thought the same way she had at first. She had realized that she knew even less about Han Sen than she thought. She did not know what kind of guy he was.
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