524 Study the Ancient Language

The members of Goddess Gang all bought some of the meat and beast souls at a very low price. However, people outside of the gang could only purchase the meat and beast souls at a premium. Even so, there were still many people competing for them.

The resources at Goddess Shelter were so limited that the competition was incredibly fierce.

Han Sen planned to sell some stuff like this every once in a while in the future. The money he earned would be enough for him to spend in the Alliance.

However, Han Sen was not really obsessed. He didn't want to waste too much time on it, since he wanted to focus on his own evolution instead.

There was much of the golden crab meat left. It would take Han Sen a few days to eat it all. In addition, eating the same thing every day wasn't fun, and he wanted to change to other food every once in a while.

Han Sen decided to take a few days off. When he finished eating the meat of the golden crab, he thought it was time for him to try to kill the berserk gargoyle in the nest.

When he returned to Daphne, Annie ignored him when he went to see his girlfriend, not even glancing at him.

Han Sen was happy enough that Annie didn't do anything. He didn't want to provoke her, so he ignored her as well.

"Han Sen, aren't you interested in the ancient language? An expert in the language came here recently. If you're interested, you could go see him."

Hearing Ji Yanran's words, Han Sen was immediately excited. He quickly asked, "Which ancient language expert? Why would we have one here?"

Ji Yanran smiled and said, "Professor Xu is very talented in linguistics. Also, he is quite a celebrity in the Alliance. Besides the ancient language, he has studied a lot of languages from other species."

"If he is famous, will he ignore me if I go see him?" asked Han Sen.

"I don't think so. Management asked him to come over to teach us about Crystallizers. You could go and have a look first. If you have the opportunity, just ask him about the ancient language. That should be fine," Ji Yanran replied.

Han Sen knew what had happened. Since the last incident, Daphne hadn't had a chance to undertake a task again. New people were recruited, and some affairs were rearranged.

This time, the management asked Professor Xu to teach them about the Crystallizer culture, so obviously there would be no task in the near future. This also showed that the management was paying a lot of attention to Daphne.

Han Sen was naturally very interested in the ancient language. He now could read everything in the Dongxuan Sutra, but that didn't mean he could understand it all. Han Sen still did not understand many parts, and he did not want to practice the martial art before he understood what was going on.

When it was time for the lecture of Professor Xu, Han Sen went to attend. Unexpectedly, he saw the fat squad leader and other cookhouse soldiers. After chatting with them for a while, he then learned that the lecture was compulsory. Except for some higher officers and guards including Annie and Han Sen, everyone had to be at the lecture on time.

The language of the Crystallizers was too complicated. In other words, they were not even words, but more like images. All sorts of complicated lines were put together to make an image that looked like the inner structure of a machine. It was indeed very difficult to learn the meaning.

Even with Han Sen's brain, which had been strengthened, he found it difficult to memorize those images. The other soldiers found the attempt even more painful. When they went to the lecture, they didn't feel like they were understanding anything.

Although it was very difficult to learn, Han Sen was still paying attention to the lecture and tried to memorize it. There seemed to be some kind of a connection between the nine-life cat and the Crystallizers. In addition, he would go to the ruins anyways in the future, so it would not hurt if he understood more about the Crystallizer language.

After Professor Xu's lecture, Han Sen quickly walked to the professor and saluted to him. "Professor Xu, I have a question regarding other languages that I want to ask you. I wonder if you have the time?"

Professor Xu was a general in terms of military rank, which was a much higher rank than Han Sen's. However, Professor Xu didn't have any power.

"Is it about the Crystallizers? Tell me about it." Professor Xu was quite easy-going.

"I want to ask you something about the ancient language of the Alliance," Han Sen said.

Professor Xu looked Han Sen up and down in surprise and asked, "You have studied the ancient language?"

Currently, although the Alliance didn't put less emphasis on liberal arts, many young people were more willing to spend time on practicing hyper geno arts. After all, that would bring them direct benefits. In addition, that would help them to survive and cultivate in God's Sanctuary. Very few people would spend a large amount of time reading books and studying.

Professor Xu did not know whether Han Sen had really learned the ancient language or he was just trying to kiss the professor's *ss.

"I have studied a little. However, I am confused about many things, and I can't find enough reference materials to clarify them," said Han Sen.

"Alright. It is about lunchtime. Let's work together and we can chat in the cafeteria." Professor Xu was not arrogant at all.

If Han Sen was indeed interested in the ancient language, Professor Xu would like to answer his questions.

Han Sen was overjoyed and followed Professor Xu to the cafeteria. After they had ordered, they found a quiet spot to chat and eat.

Initially, Professor Xu thought even if Han Sen had learned the ancient language, he probably only knew some superficial things. After all, Han Sen was too young.

However, after chatting with Han Sen, he found that Han Sen had worked hard on the ancient language. Han Sen was also quite talented and knowledgeable, which surprised Professor Xu. Han Sen's level was beyond his age.

"Han Sen, do you have any relatives studying the ancient language?" Professor Xu couldn't help ask.

"No, my family used to have an alloy factory. But it was closed." Han Sen looked at Professor Xu, not understanding why the professor asked that.

"Okay, so when did you start to learn the ancient language?" Professor Xu asked again.

"Probably two years ago," said Han Sen. In fact, he started just before he evolved, so he had been learning about a year at most.

Professor Xu was even more surprised. In two years, Han Sen had achieved so much, which was very rare. Han Sen was probably extremely talented in this area, otherwise he couldn't have done so well.

In fact, Han Sen did not have other special talents. The reason he was learning fast was that his brain had absorbed the red crystal and developed again. Both his memory and his analysis had been greatly improved. As he remembered more and analyzed more, he naturally became better in this area.

Because they shared common interests, Professor Xu and Han Sen felt more and more comfortable as they chatted. And Han Sen impressed Professor Xu even more.

When Professor Xu explained something to Han Sen, Han Sen could quickly remember and understand it. He could even discuss with Professor Xu or raise a deeper question, which made Professor Xu appreciate Han Sen a lot.

As the two were chatting, they forgot to eat. In the end, their food had gone cold, and they were the only two persons left in the cafeteria. When the cookhouse was about to close, they had to leave.

Before he left, Professor Xu gave Han Sen some materials on the ancient language and asked Han Sen to read them. He also told Han Sen to ask him if there was anything he didn't understand.
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