Chapter 114: Corrupted Locust Treant

Chapter 114: Corrupted Locust Treant

According to Little Ye Tian, there were 2 in the four o’clock direction and another 2 at 12 o’clock. Ye Cang identified them.

Corrupted Locust Treant (Elite - Corrupted): Treant’s that have been corrupted by evil power. They have high attack and are afraid of fire and light damage. A delicacy in some areas.

“They’re weak to fire and light damage. Lele give everyone some ******.” Ye Cang said quietly.

In order to make the Minor Acid Flasks, Minor ******, and small health potions, ThornyRose invested quite a bit of her guild’s manpower and had them clear out green and red slimes. They managed to make hundreds of each type. As for the slime gels, Ye Cang felt that they now had so much, they wouldn’t be able to finish it in a single lifetime. Moreover, after all that crafting, Lin Le managed to reach Intermediate Level in his Alchemy skill. Although it didn’t give him any new recipes, the effects of the consumables he creates increased. ThornyRose had taken half of them as compensation.

“They’re coming…” Little Ye Tian calculated the distance. The fluorescent slime’s eye on her silver staff emitted light, like a flashlight.

FrozenCloud sighed with admiration. That staff’s ability to emit light was really practical, not to mention it even had an AOE life saving skill and an AOE crowd control skill. Now they pretty much didn’t need torches anymore. The range of their ‘flashlight’ was much better.

“Prepare for battle. Everyone select your target.” Ye Cang said, holding a ****** in one hand and his mithril rapier in the other. He had the team feign ignorance and continue advancing. Then suddenly, they all launched ****** at the corrupted locust treants. A terrifying wail sounded out.

“Left first!” Ye Cang said. Zhang ZhengXiong took the lead to charge in. Lin Le, taking advantage of the time when they were weakened from burning, leapt over and activated his flame crystal’s ability. His large blade was shrouded in raging flames. He then activated Bloodmoon Chop, creating the image of a flaming moon. However, they were immune to the bleeding effect. Afterall, tree’s don’t bleed.

Ye Cang activated his Dashing Straight Thrust. The purple rapier turned into a silver flash. He then followed up with Multiple Straight Thrusts, as well as Precise Strike + Straight Thrust. They struck at each of it’s eyes, nose, and mouth; smashing them into splinters, dealing a large amount of damage. The burning increased the effectiveness of their attacks as it made the solid bark more frail. The surrounding roots suddenly beang wriggling towards the party.

Little Ye Tian’s staff shined brilliantly in the darkness. The roots were like mice that had spotted a cat. They began to retreat and hide as they burned and smoked under the light. Lin Le, jumped off the tree’s shoulder like trunk and dodged past the burning roots and branches. Mid-jump, he swung his bag, which sent three ****** flinging out. They smashed upon the two treants who were rushing over, braving the fire and light.

Under the effects of Lin Le’s class talent, the ****** was even more vigorous than the others. It both lasted longer and dealt more damage. To the two treants, who were naturally extremely fearful of fire, this improved flame even stunned them while they took damage. Zhang ZhengXiong saw that the two by Ye Cang and Lin Le had just about turned into woodchips. He glanced at FrozenCloud, and they turned to charged at the ones on the other side. After a Barbaric Tackle, his target was on the verge of collapsing. FrozenCloud’s two tonfas and Zhang ZhengXiong’s war hammer dealt blunt damage. They were like a wrecking ball demolishing a building, reducing the treant to woodchips. All that was left afterwards was two piles of burnt wooden scraps.

FrozenCloud looked at the system message. So High! 130 experience! It didn’t match the difficulty at all. But thinking it over, if they didn’t weaken them with their ******, these monsters would probably have been much more vicious.

“Father, killing these monsters is very efficient. We can conveniently exchange these ****** for experience. Lele still has 130 bottles. Including ours, we have 215 bottles. Lele can use his skill to burn, weaken, and stun three different targets at once, so we should give them all to him. If we can keep killing these treants as fast as we did just now, with a bit more practice, it would take pretty much no effort. Moreover, we won’t take much damage…” Little Ye Tian said after analyzing the experience earned compared to the effort taken to kill.

“Indeed…” Ye Cang said as he felt around the woodchip and stump, then sighed. “The only problem is that this monster doesn’t drop anything.”

FrozenCloud and Zhang ZhengXiong wanted to glare at him. Even Little Ye Tian couldn’t help wanting to sigh. Another elite was wrecked by father. At this time, Lin Le’s voice arrived.

“Brother Lil’White, I found a skillbook! Entangling Roots!” Lin Le looted his first corpse, took out an old worn out book, and called out. Those words were like a sharp arrow, stabbing into Ye Cang’s heart, dealing critical damage. System, you son of a b***h, messing with me again…

Entangling Roots (2nd Rank Nature Spell - Rare): Chant 4 verses (3.5 seconds) to summon countless roots which will attempt to bind the target, immobilizing them. The time it takes them to break free depends on their stats. The number of roots, as well as their strength is influenced by attributes and terrain. Lasts 7 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute. Cost: 10 mana. Requirements: 20 Intelligence.

Ye Cang took the skillbook and thought it over. He decided not to use it. Even without it’s long cast time, if it was like the attack earlier, no speed focused expert would ever be caught by it. He looked at Little Ye Tian, she could probably make use of it using her calculations and predictions. “Want it?”

Ye Tian nodded, and learned it. She now had one more skill she could make use of and it was even a control skill. Although it might not be easy to use, but she had the confidence to use it to it’s full potential.

Lin Le then looted two excellent quality equipment, and directly threw it into his handcart to sell.

Ye Cang began gathering the burnt woodchips. He actually found two minor nature crystals, which cheered him up. Crystals were good stuff. He took out the iron pot and signaled Zhang ZhengXiong to start a fire. “Since we’re going to be farming monsters here for a while, then let’s heal and buff up.”

“Bro! As long as we have Lele, killing these things is so easy. We don’t need buffs. Let’s not waste food, and just kill them.” Zhang ZhengXiong said. The other three quickly agreed. Even Little Ye Tian was nodding furiously. Although she knew that with two buffs, their efficiency would rise, but her whole body was tingling, telling her to run away.

“We don’t have to worry about that, there is plenty of food. This is to increase the team’s efficiency. How can we not put my miraculous cooking skills to use, it would be such a waste…” The other four made bitter faces, not knowing how to respond to his words. The key words: ‘don’t worry’, ‘plenty of food’, and ‘miraculous cooking skills’, permeated their hearts with despair. He didn’t even know that his ‘food’ couldn’t even be called food. It was a biological weapon.

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed deeply. Let’s just light the fire. Afterall, at least we’re all suffering together.

Why did I come back… FrozenCloud who had rushed back from ThornyRose’s party began doubting her decision. Comradery? Suddenly, her whole body began to shiver. During the break, I should go see a psychiatrist.
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