Chapter 130: The Rare Flame Burst

Chapter 130: The Rare Flame Burst

Ye Cang very naturally basked in the gazes of admiration. ThornyRose looked at the loot. Altogether there were 5 pieces of equipment and 2 skill books. The harvest was pretty good. As expected of a field boss! She walked over to the crowd of girls and shook her head. There was a guy inside that was so distracted he forgot about gathering the corpse. He was just a big idiot. She pushed her way in and dragged him away. “You definitely want this ring. It’s part of the slime series. It can probably fuse with Shaking Bear’s current one. There’s 4 items ontop of that, you can pick one more. This time I sent more people and suffered the most losses, so I’ll be taking the extra item. You can also pick one skillbook. No problem right? Really New Village’s Hero… Pfft~”

She began discussing with him and didn’t forget to mock him with his title. But Ye Cang completely didn’t realise and waved it off. “It’s nothing, it’s just an exaggerated title. Today, this hero’s mood is pretty good, so we’ll do it your way.”

ThronyRose rolled her eyes, and showed him the loot…

Ye Cang looked at the ring and then picked a scarlet saber out of the other items. Little flames twinkled on its hilt, like stars. He thought of the Superior war hammer that A’Xiong was still using. It was about time for him to swap it out. Everyone in Really New Village who didn’t even have a superior item would cry if they knew what he was thinking. In his eyes, superior weapons were now just junk to be sold.

Lava Slime Ring (Distinguished - Slime)

Category: Ring

Requirements: None

Bonus Damage: 3 - 6

Bonus Fire Damage: 3 - 5

+3 to All Attributes

Kakalika’s fireball: Activate to throw a fast ball of fire at the target. On hit, it deals 50 points of fire damage, with a chance of stunning the target for 3 seconds. Also deals 30 fire damage to everyone around the target, with a chance of knockback or knockdown. Everyone hit has a chance to be inflicted with burn which deals 3 fire damage every 5 seconds. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Kakalika’s Wrath (Distinguished - Slime)

Category: Long Saber

Requirements: 25 Strength, 30 Constitution

Damage: 15 - 17

Additional Fire Damage: 3 - 8

+4 Strength

+5 Constitution

Kakalika’s Wrath: Every attack has a chance of triggering Kakalika’s wrath. On activation, the blade emits flame, dealing 15 points of fire damage to all enemies in range.

Ye Cang put away the two pieces of equipment. He then looked at the skillbooks, and picked out one called Kakalica - Flame Burst. ThornyRose quickly reached out and stopped him. She then held out the other one to him, Kakalika’s Flame blade. “You should take this one…”

Ye Cang looked up at her, and they stared at each other. “Why?”

“We need skills for spellcasters…” ThornyRose said with a smile. It was the truth. The flame burst ability was the same as ring’s ability. It was a top quality early game spell. It had high damage, with aoe crowd control. If GreenDew learned it, her team would power up a lot. It would also be extremely helpful against the jungle’s final boss.

“Mm, actually, I’m also a mage…” Ye Cang replied seriously.

Hearing Ye Cang’s response, ThornyRose didn’t know what to say. His spell power and intelligence was indeed very high. When he and GreenDew had casted tidal wave, his was clearly bigger. However, this aoe crowd control spell was important for her team. “You didn’t even learn the rock spike from last time. Also, you have too many roles. If you really wanted to be a spellcasting Knight, then you have to start giving up on items with physical attributes, and focus on spellcasting items. What do you think?”

“Actually… I have a mage friend. It’s just that she’s not in Really New Village. I want to give it to her. We’ve already saved up quite a few skillbooks to give her.” Ye Cang began holding the flame burst book more tightly and pulling it. ThornyRose also held on tightly, not letting go. The two of them began a tug-of-war.

ThornyRose thought to herself. He still has another friend who’s a mage? It’s probably another weirdo. But he’s already saved up so many books. She frowned and reminded him. “You shouldn’t save the skillbooks for too long. Not just the monetary value, but it will become less valuable to the team over time. Let’s do this. Let me see the skill books you have saved up. If there’s a suitable one, I’ll trade it for this flame burst book.”

Ye Cang hesitated before taking out the books he’d saved up. Blades of Wind, Rock Spikes, Magic Missile, Lesser Fireball. ThornyRose raised her brows. This guy had been holding onto 4 useful spell skillbooks. It would be such a waste to not use them. “Give me rock spike and lesser fireball, then you can have the two skillbooks we just found. But you have to learn them. They will be extremely useful for when we attack the jungle again. Especially this flame burst.”

Ye Cang thought it over. She was right. He took out the two skillbooks and traded with her. He then use the two skillbooks he received. GreenDew watched enviously. All the good spells were actually given to a knight. She sighed, and learned rock spike and lesser fireball. At least having these two together, was not too much worse than flame burst.

Kakalika - Flame Blade (3rd level spell, Demonic, Super Rare): Shroud your blade in Kakalika’s flames, causing it to deal an extra 13 fire damage. Lasts 1 minute or 5 attacks. Cost: 8 mana. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Kakalika - Flame Burst (3rd level spell, Demonic, Super Rare). Its effects were the same as the ring except that it improved along with spell power and relevant attributes. It had a 5 second cast time, or 6 verses, and it had a 1 minute cooldown. It also used quite a bit of mana, eating up 12 whole points. In Ye Cang’s hands, the damage increased to a whopping 82 points. He could kill any non-tank player with a single cast.

ThornyRose saw that he had learned them both. Now they just had to go back to the jungle and fight the final boss. Thinking up till here, she began to feel weary. That Kunqi would have definitely dropped some Distinguished quality equipment. There was definitely a limited number of Distinguished equipment around the beginner village. Perhaps there was only around 10. Just like that, 2 or 3 had disappeared from the world. Looking at Ye Cang’s fair, white right hand, she felt the urge to chop it off. She sighed and distributed her share of the items. She gave a hooked dagger to FrozenBlood. It emitted a burning heat, and dealt very good damage. She herself equipped a heavy armor decorated with a beautiful flame design. Finally, there was a mage robe. It was also decorated with flame designs, but the difference was that the bottom was a crimson red like blood, and as it got higher, the color became lighter. By the time it reached the collar, it was already a pink. It was extremely pretty. GreenDew quickly put it on. It had high intelligence, and some spellpower. It even had an active fire skill.

“As expected of my chosen warriors. Receive my…” Bachiya appeared again intending to reward everyone with her blessings. Ye Cang quickly interrupted her. “Wait, is it another buff rewards? Something that increases our fire resistance or something?”
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