Chapter 135: The Struggle for the Accessory

Chapter 135: The Struggle for the Accessory

Ye Cang took the accessory and the armored pants, showing everyone their stats.

Withered Leaf (Masterwork - Ornament)

Category: Accessory

Requirements: None

+7 Strength

+5 Dexterity

-3 Constitution

Withered Leaf (Passive): Each attack deals an additional 5 corrosive damage.

Withered Leaf (Active): Activate to double the passive corrosive damage for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Nature’s Silver Plated Leg Armor (Masterwork - Rare)

Category: Light Leg Armor

Requirements: 20 Constitution, 25 Wisdom

+5 Constitution

+6 Wisdom

+10 Corrosion Resistance

+10 Nature Resistance

+3 Spell Power

“Corrosion and Nature resistance is useful, but the requirements and stats clearly shows that it’s made for Priests, Druids or Shamans. Let’s give it to the little girl.” No one had any objections to ThornyRose’s suggestion. What she said was true, with such a high wisdom requirement as well as an increase in both wisdom and spellpower, it wasn’t something assassins or fighters could wear. Little Ye Tian was a spellcasting type paladin, whose main stats were Wisdom and Constitution. Ye Cang passed the leg armor to Little Ye Tian. Once Little Ye Tian equipped it, it changed. Unlike if a guy was wearing it, it became a battle skirt. On the skirt were layers of thin silver plates. Under the plates, a green skirt could be seen. It was very pleasing to the eyes.

“As for the accessory…” ThornyRose hesitated. Frankly, none of them had accessories and they could all use it. Even for a tank, they would only lose 3 Constitution but gain 7 Strength which would give 7 health. 9 - 7 = 2. They would only lose 2 health in total, and in exchange, every attack would deal extra 5 corrosion damage, which would become 10 when activated. It would raise their damage significantly. Especially Assassins who had fast attacks. That extra 5/10 damage would become astonishingly powerful. She looked around at everybody, and they all seemed to want it. If we eliminate the tanks, I won’t be able to contend for it. If we limited it to only Assassins, even if Lin Le didn’t complain, that lowlife definitely will. If we rolled, there would be no hope. If we bid, that lowlife has much more money than me. What to do? She thought over it and finally decided to bid for it. “This accessory, let’s bid.”

“Let’s start with 10 gold. I’ll start. 10 gold.” ThornyRose began.

“11 gold.” NalanMoon looked confused as she raised. Why not roll?

“Father, go directly to 20 gold.” Ye Tian advised from the side.

“20 gold.” Ye Cang said, showing that he was not lacking money.

“21 gold.” SpyingBlade also wanted it.

“25!” ThornyRose thought of FrozenBlood and clenched her teeth.

“Little Tian, you do it. You’re our treasurer.” Ye Cang gave his power to Little Ye Tian ThornyRose frowned. That smart little girl will be acting.

“35 gold!” Little Ye Tian faintly nodded. Having received the authority to bid, she directly raised by another 10 gold.

“40!” ThornyRose almost roared.

“45! Half gold, half federal dollars!” NalanMoon lamented. That accessory was too good. If she got it, she wouldn’t have to replace it for a long time.

“Can we pay half in federal dollars?” ThornyRose looked around to get everyone’s opinion.

Little Ye Tian looked towards Ye Cang, asking for permission. Ye Cang faintly nodded. “Do as you wish.”

“100 gold! All in gold coins! I’m in favor of allowing half federal dollars! But you can’t pay all in federal dollars! We represent half the people in this party and surely Sister Rose wouldn’t want that either, right?” Little Tian tapped her staff on her shield and stood up tall.

“You!!” ThornyRose had gotten angry at her on more than one occasion, but this was the first time she felt that this Little Ye Tian was as hateful as that lowlife. “120 gold, half federal dollars!”

NalanMoon furrowed her brows. The gold in the black market was limited. She was approaching the limit that the Freedom Alliance in Really New Village could give her. ““150 gold! Half federal dollars!

SpyingBlade closed his eyes and crossed his arms, enjoying the sound of big guilds bleeding money.

Little Ye Tian stopped and looked at ThornyRose, letting her go first.

ThornyRose clenched her teeth. “160 gold! Half Federal Dollars!!”

“I give up!” Little Ye Tian smiled.

“PASS!” NalanMoon could only helplessly give up. If only they could pay fully in federal dollars, even if it was 10 times higher, she would still dare to bid!!

“Pass…” SpyingBlade shrugged and smiled.

ThornyRose endured the pain in her heart and handed 40 gold coins to Ye Cang’s team. She felt like she had just lost most of the money she spent, and it actually went to that lowlife. She took the accessory and looked at Ye Cang’s little team. Little Sky you smelly brat! I even brought you to level and this is how you repay me!! You ungrateful bastard!! Aaah!!

“Thanks~ Leader ThornyRose.” NalanRose received 8 gold, earning back the amount she had lost to that scum. SpyingBlade smiled. With these earnings, he could purchase many consumables. The molotov’s Lin Le made weren’t cheap, but he had no choice but to buy it from him as he had a use for it later.

“I just knew you were a good teammate…” Ye Cang said, shaking ThornyRose’s hand and smiled.

“Hehe… Hehe…” ThornyRose laughed coldly. “Don’t push me…”

Ye Cang quickly took back his hand and rubbed his nose, choosing to stay silent.

FrozenBlood equipped the accessory. “Good sister…”

“Get lost!” ThornyRose shouted, then said in a quiet voice. “Don’t let anyone else see those pictures you took. Especially not to those girls from the class of 2413.”

“Hey, are you questioning my moral…” FrozenBlood said sadly.

“I’ve never doubted…” ThornyRose smiled stiffly. … that you are a super black bellied lady!!!

1 gold was already a lot for a normal player. Most of those who had gold, had bought it from the black market or from their guild. Normal players couldn’t even buy any from the black market because it gets cleaned out by the big guilds. There were only a few gold farming studios that didn’t sell to big guilds.

“Father, we earned 40 gold coins as well as double the conversion rate in federal dollars. The goal for Sister Lil’Dino’s remodelling project has almost been achieved. Now, we only need to find time.” Little Ye Tian’s words made FrozenCloud feel really guilty. She was too afraid to even look into the little girl’s eyes. She was glad that although the girl had high IQ, her EQ didn’t match. Especially when it had something to do with her father, the team leader. She’s practically never questioned his words. That sort of spirit that allows her to surpass any difficulties, FrozenCloud didn’t understand it.

“Little Tian, it turns out letting you manage the finances was a wise decision…” Ye Cang said and reached out to pet her head. It was a cheap reward, but to Little Ye Tian, it was a supreme pleasure. She showed an innocent maidenly smile.

“Brother Lil’White, she didn’t wash her hands after going to the washroom!” Lin Le was unwilling to lose. He stroked his chin and slandered her with an extremely serious expression.

“You’re lying!!” Little Ye Tian shouted, a bit of guilt in her voice.

“Little Tian, you disappoint me. Although, I also rarely wash… Hah~” Ye Cang sighed. Little Ye Tian looked at the proud Lin Le as if he was her mortal enemy. Damn Lele! Bullying me again!!!
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