Chapter 138: Dispel the Illusion

Chapter 138: Dispel the Illusion

The cautious ThornyRose chose not to walk on the path, but rather, waited in the jungle for someone to come by. Suddenly, there was the sound of activity! She looked over and saw the damn lowlife and Shaking Bear. Were they real or fake? More footsteps came from the other side. It was a fake of her!? Her fake smiled just like she did, it was exactly the same. This meant that those two were probably real. She waited to see how they would differentiated them, and also to confirm if they were actually the real ones or not. ThornyRose bid her time and continued to hide among the trees.

“Bro, that’s not…” Zhang ZhengXiong hadn’t even finished speaking before Ye Cang turned into a silver flash and stabbed ThornyRose full of holes, then took a deep breathe. “So good~!”

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed in relief. Good thing it was fake.

F**k! That bastard didn’t even ask and directly killed my fake. Just how did he figure it out without saying a word? ThornyRose thought doubtfully.

“How is it? It’s just like I said right? As long as it’s Thornyrose, it’s fake!” Ye Cang said proudly.

“If we kill the real one, Sister Rose will definitely flip out again…” Zhang Zhengxiong sighed.

“No problem. Like I said earlier, I’ll just go apologize sincerely. It’s for the team so she’ll understand. I’ve already killed four of them, and am feeling much better. It’s too bad I haven’t killed the real one…” Ye Cang said indifferently.

At that time, Zhang ZhengXiong saw a black figure charge out from behind Ye Cang. Eh, this should be the real one. He knew because she currently looked like an enraged boar. Ye Cang felt her anger, and intercepted her two hands. He even blocked her chin with his head so as not to get bitten. “A’Xiong! Hurry! I’ve already confirmed it, this one is fake! Quickly get rid of her!!”

Zhang ZhengXiong pretended not to see anything. He took out a handkerchief and began wiping his beautiful crystal shield, removing any dust from it.

“You traitorous little brother! Come save me!!” Ye Cang felt that he couldn’t hold her back much longer. Zhang ZhengXiong couldn’t bear to watch, and turned his back. “Bro, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I still have a favor to ask of her…”

“My face!!” Ye Cang’s scream alerted the nearby FrozenCloud, NalanMoon and Little Tian. “It’s them, they’re definitely real.”

“Mm, it’s them, let’s go.” Little Ye Tian said after analyzing the voice.

“F**king conscienceless lowlife! You actually want to kill me…!” ThornyRose, after Zhang ZhengXiong tried to appease her, looked angrily at Ye Cang who was covering his face.

“Of course. There had already been 4 of you. I killed all 4 without hesitation and succeeded in dealing damage to the boss. Even if I accidently killed you now, your death would have meaning…” Ye Cang argued.

“Bastard! You’re still talking!? You think I didn’t hear what you said earlier? You clearly just want to take revenge! Aah! It won’t be enough to just tear you apart!” ThornyRose was about to explode again. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws, about to pounce over. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly held her back and consoled her.

“So you think I’m that sort of person. I’m disappointed in you. Hah~ I was only acting for the team…” Ye Cang said sincerely, and sighed.

That lowlife! Still making excuses! But killing four fakes was really commendable. In this fight, she had already considered that they might lose many people. The one’s she hoped would survive were Lele, Shaking Bear, the lowlife, herself, FrozenBlood, and Little Tian. The rest were expendable. Most important were Lele and the lowlife as they both had strong fire skills which were simply too important here. Hold back for the team. Hold back for the team. Don’t lower yourself to that damn lowlife’s level. However, the more she thought about it, the madder she became. “Let’s go find the others and get out of here. Our real bodies are currently protected by the flames, but it probably won’t last much longer. Hurry!”

“Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’Xiong! Sister Rose!” The 3 of them heard Lin Le’s voice.

“Whats 100 + 100!?” Ye Cang shouted.




“Team Leader! Sister Rose! It’s me!” FrozenCloud walked out.

“Where is the place we planned to go for your remodelling!?”

“Eh… Really New Village?”

“Hmmm… Die!!”

“Another Lil’Dino!? Tell me! Where is the place we planned to go for your remodelling!?”

FrozenCloud sighed. “Korea…”

“So it’s really Lil’Dino…”

“…” ThornyRose.

“Brother PaleSnow, it’s me” SpyingBlade.


“Brother PaleSnow, I’m the real one.”


“Brother PaleSnow, I…”


Clang~ SpyingBlade blocked Ye Cang’s Straight Thrust.

“You’re real. Ok, next.” Ye Cang patted SpyingBlade’s shoulder and said indifferently.

“…” SpyingBlade forced a smile. That blade sure was hard to dodge, he even used a surprise attack.

Alice spat out some blood. “That human actually took out so many of my illusions… How did he do it?”

“Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’Xiong! Sister Rose! I brought a stranger! She said she’s in our party. I brought her for you to check.”

“That’s definitely Lele!” Ye Cang was sure. He then asked: “How are you sure we’re real?”

“No bad guy can deceive my eyes!” Lin Le’s dull eye’s suddenly became bright and mysterious. The ahoge on the top of his head entered radar mode.

“Am I air? Am I air?” GreenDew looked as if she was about to cry. She followed behind Lin Le, continuously muttering those lines. ThornyRose sighed, this one was real too.

FrozenBlood, NalanMoon and Little Tian also met up with the group.

“You’ve dispelled the illusion. Gain +10 to all attributes and +25 to Will for 10 minutes!”

Everyone woke up. The fire around them was already almost out and the creepers were just making their way in. Lin Le quickly threw out some molotovs. The pollen could no longer affect them for now.

Lin Le alternated between throwing three molotovs to the left and 3 to the right, creating an alley of fire which everyone used to slowly advance.

Alice sensed the permanent damage she had taken. She couldn’t keep playing around. Black energy flowed out of her. When it touched the flames, it suppressed it causing it to stop burning.

Everyone’s hearts sunk. They were in trouble now! Ye Cang began chanting the Flame Burst spell, but the fireball was put out like the rest of the fire. This boss was too vicious! Not only could they not even hit her, the way she controlled the environment was overpowered. There was no end to these vines and roots!

“You’ve managed to last so long, and even gave me some grievous injuries. However, I must be sending you on your way now…” Alice slowly stood up from the black flower. The thousands of flowers around her were suddenly brimming with energy. This energy wasn’t from nature though. Each wilted flower became a man-eating monster. Their pistils were covered in sharp, black teeth.
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