Chapter 147: The New Sisters

Chapter 147: The New Sisters

That evening, it was storming outside. Everyone was sitting around the first floor living room watching TV.

“I feel like there’s nothing to watch…” Ye Cang said as he flipped through the channels.

“Last time, that special episode of sisters was pretty good. Who would have thought that A’Jiao would turn from a kind girl into a queen. As for the ending… Hah~ A’Xiang is too lucky.” Zhang ZhengXiong said, rocking on his rocking chair.

“I feel like there will be a sequel. I’ve analyzed it, and there’s still one potential love rival that hasn’t appeared yet. That crazy girlfriend that kidnapped A’Xiang when he was in middleschool - A’Qin.” Just as Little Ye Tian finished speaking, the LinHai channel popped up. Lin Le saw that it was the ending of the show where A’Suo, A’Duo, A’Jiao, and A’Xiang were about to go on their honeymoon. A’Xiang, who went to the washroom, was washing his hands when suddenly, a resentful girl who looked like a ghost appeared in the mirror. A’Xiang raised his head to look, and when he could finally see her clearly, he said: “It’s you! You’ve appeared!”

The ghost image disappeared and a girl suddenly stuck to A’Xiang from behind. She gently caressed his face. “A’Xiang, we’ll be together forever…”

The image on the TV suddenly exploded with lights and colors, and the scene changed.

“WHAT! A’Xiang got kidnapped!”

“Another unknown and formidable enemy!!”

It showed a scene where A’suo, A’Duo, and A’Jiao managed to cut of the mysterious girl and the kidnapped A’Xiang. However, even though they cooperated, she still managed to easily defeat them. They could only watch as their husband was taken away. The sorry figures of the three girls laid there in the airport. They clenched their teeth, unwilling to give up.

“His past comes back to haunt him!”

“A’Qin, let’s break up.”

“No! Did I do something wrong!?”

“It’s not that.”

“Then why!”

“Because I saw that highschool beauty, A’Duo…”

“A junior highschool boy was imprisoned by his girlfriend for two weeks before being rescued. It has already been confirmed that the girl was mentally ill.” (News)

“The three girls learn of the truth!”

“Another rift forms between A’Duo and A’Suo!”

“So you were already together with A’Xiang since highschool! You b***h!!” A’Suo’s fury rose to the sky.

“You didn’t even know him at the time! Little Sl*t!” A’Duo didn’t back down.

“The next great war between the sister’s was on the verge of breaking out!”

“A’Jiao failed to reason with the two sisters, so she returned to the supreme court to request her teacher to impart upon her the ultimate laws of justice.”

The scene quieted down. In a pitch black abandoned little house, the gloomy woman clung to A’Xiang who was tied to a chair and screaming to be saved. “No one can take you away from me again… A’Xiang…”

“A’Qin, I never thought you’d become so pretty. Untie me and we can have some fun~” A’Xiang saw that A’Qin had become a beauty after putting on some makeup, and actually fell for her looks!

“Don’t try to trick me! I’ll never let you go!” A’Qin said as she gagged A’Xiang.

A’Xiang wanted to cry but couldn’t. I’m being serious…

“Can the sister’s make up again!? Can A’Jiao save A’Xiang by herself!? Will they ever get to go on their honeymoon!? Airing next weekend. Please look forwards to it. Sisters - One Time Special - The Return of A’Qin!”

“A’Xiang’s so innocent…” Little Ye Tian murmured. Wu Na froze. Innocent!? That scum!? If I was A’Qin, I would have dumped him in an instant. Thinking till there, she quivered. That was close, I almost got trapped by the show. But seriously, is LinHa channel out of ideas!?

“I suddenly feel like brother Xiang is too awesome…” Zhang ZhengXiong said, filled with envy.

Ye Cang nodded…

Wu Na quickly snatched the remote and changed the channel.

Sometime during the night, the rain had stopped. The beach seemed especially clear and cozy.

Wu Na sat on the balcony with her guitar. She slowly plucked the strings and a beautiful melody washed over the area. It was a simple and tranquil sound. The others had already gone to bed, except for Ye Cang who came to her side. “Who knew you could still play these peaceful songs…”

Wu Na glared at him, but continued to move her fingers. She opened her mouth and sang in her natural voice: “Far away, on a distant shines. Ye we are trapped under the endless sky. Where does our path lead? Who can tell me? Who can tell me? Where have I gone and where shall I go? Who can tell me? Will tomorrow’s light once again brighten my day…”

“Hah, your voice doesn’t suit these songs…” Ye Cang smiled and walked forwards. Of course, he didn’t forget to tease her a bit.

“Damn Ye Cang…” Wu Na stopped playing and looked inside unhappily. She then returned to plucking the guitar and singing a light balad.

Early morning, after breakfast.

Ye Cang put up his beach chair and was once again resting lazily in the shade like Master Roshi. Little Ye Tian, Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong were taking a walk around the beach. As for Wu Na, she was training her voice. “Ah~~ Ah~~”

Later that day, after returning to the game, Ye Cang looked in his contacts and saw that CloudDragon was online.

“You here to sell something again?” CloudDragon asked doubtfully when he received Ye Cang’s call.

“Hah~ So that’s how you see me. It’s like this, Mar told me to go help you. I’ll go bring some people over in a bit.” Ye Cang got straight to the point.

CloudDragon thought for a bit. It was true they needed to speed up the graveyard exploration. Any normal player would just be asking for death if they entered, moreover, there were guards posted at the entrances. They wouldn’t let just anyone enter, but Ye Cang wanted to come, no one could stop him. Afterall, he was the 2nd in command. He weighed the pros and cons. “Ok, we’ll come meet you outside the cemetery and discuss the plan.”

Ye Cang hung up. He gathered up ThornyRose, NalanMoon, and SpyingBlade at the general store.

“Brother CloudDragon has agreed. Let’s go meet them outside the cemetery first.” Ye Cang’s words made ThornyRose and NalanMoon think: Since CloudDragon has agreed, the most important part is coming up. The division of tasks and loot.

“Minor Healing Light. 10 gold. Does anyone want it?” SpyingBlade took out a skillbook and asked.

ThornyRose, NalanMoon, and FrozenBlood looked at him amazed. First it was a Minor Holy Shield, now it was a Minor Healing light. Did this guy find a secret spot that gives skillbooks? They didn’t ask about it though. This was considered a trade secret, no one would give it away easily.

Ye Cang bought it for Little Ye Tian. ThornyRose and NalanMoon didn’t fight over with him. It would be best for the team if Little Ye Tian learned the skill. As a support character, she had too few skills.

When Zhang ZhengXiong entered the team, NalanMoon noticed a change. He had gained another aura effect. Although it wouldn’t be that useful to her, but it could restore mana and increase the effects of the spellcasting stats: Intelligence and Wisdom. He was pretty much a Sugar Daddy to any spellcasters, especially since he was both a tank and a aura specialist. He could even be a healer when he needs to be. He was an indispensable part of their team. It would be completely different without him around.

TN: So much dissapointment… nothing happened between Ye Cang and Wu Na… I translated these 4 chapters so fast hopeing for something T.T
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