Chapter 163: Really New Village’s Three Brothers

Chapter 163: Really New Village’s Three Brothers

“That damn midget! Aaah!!” BlackIce walked out of the resurrection point with her two fists clenched tightly and roared. She was grinding her teeth so hard they were about to shatter.

“Isn’t that Mad War’s Chief Mage - BlackIce? ”

“You mean that one that was chased around the block by Mad Devil Le? That BlackIce?”

“Who’s this brother called Mad Devil Le?”

“Are you a newbie? You’re in Really New Village and you haven’t heard? He’s one of Really New Village’s most awesome people. At the top of the list is the Fighting King along with Really New Village’s Three Brothers! The Hero! The Big Diamond! And Mad Devil Le! Following that would be Thorns and Roses’s Sister Rose, The Night Empress, as well as well as 3 of Fighting King’s 4 main members, VastSea, BlackIce, YellowSprings, and then the Freedom Alliance’s Nalan family. After that is the handcart sisters. Then the Flame Dragon Unions few members… Well most importantly is Brother Le. Tsk~ Tsk~ He’s a real man! A man amongst men! Doesn’t matter who you are, if he’s in a bad mood, he’ll kill you… BlackIce is awesome, and beautiful, but she said something wrong and was chased down several streets by Brother Le. The hero doesn’t even need explaining, he’s the pride of our Really New Village. He’s someone that can even match the Fighting King! Moreover, The Big Diamond, Mad Devil Le, and the handcart sisters are all the Hero’s party members. Too bad the hero’s party isn’t accepting any new members now. A few weeks ago, Brother Le said he was looking for a little brother. At that time, I thought he was an idiot so I didn’t pay him any attention. Thinking back on it now makes my intestines twist in regret…”

“Me too… Hah~…”

“Umm… what’s with The Big Diamond?”

“He’s Really New Village’s number 1 rich tyrant. Just his shield is covered in precious gems and rare stones. It’s really just showing off. His ring also looked like it was made entirely out of diamonds, and his whole body is obviously covered in top quality equipment. When The Big Diamond enters town, all the girls would stare while the men can only look down in shame…”

BlackIce heard the surrounding gossip and became so angry that her face twisted into an ugly scowl. How did news of me being chased around Really New Village become must know information? The game has barely started and I already have such an embarrassing rumor. Rage boiled behind her eyes and her muscles began to twitch. That midget! One day, I’ll have you begging me for forgiveness!

The scene returned to the tomb.

“Lele! Bring the boss’s corpse to me! It’s mine! I’m the leader! Treasure Chests and Bosses are all mine! Bring it over! Bring it to my divine hand! I can already sense a divine artifact! It’s calling out to me… Calling my name…” ThornyRose clamped on tightly to the increasingly strange Ye Cang. His appearance was starting to become deranged. Such a strong thirst for bodies and chests. NalanMoon and SpyingBlade’s backs were already covered in cold sweat. GreenDew was murmuring: “It’s an illusions…”

“Brother Lil’White! So much equipment and skillbooks came out!” Lin Le shouted after looting all three bosses and all of the strengthened elites.

Ye Cang looked at his right hand. “You’ve missed another chance at seeing a divine artifact… Hah~ Ignorant plebeians…”

ThornyRose finally let him go and sighed in relief.

SpyingBlade pointed to Sayle’s sarcophagus. “That sarcophagus probably has something inside it. It’s a common place to put hidden chests. The sarcophagus itself should be a chest.”

Everyone raised their eyebrows, surprised. Just where did that guy get his intuition for treasure? It felt like as long as there was a hidden chest within his field of view, this guy would definitely not miss it. Though granted, in this case, even without him, they would have checked it eventually. At this moment, ThornyRose, Zhang ZhengXiong and FrozenCloud once again raised their spirits, because Ye Cang’s two eyes had begun to glow red with greed. ThornyRose quickly grabbed onto him tightly. Dammit, in the future I have to add a bit more strength. I almost can’t hold on. Zhang ZhengXiong and FrozenCloud quickly moved to protect the chest behind them as if they were hens protecting their egg from a falcon. This was incase he broke out of ThornyRose’s seal which she sacrificed her own body to make.

CloudDragon and the others just stood on the side watching. They understood one thing, it seemed like these people would stop at nothing to prevent him from touching a boss or chest… They once again looked towards NalanMoon, who sat at the side resting while watching the farce, looking for an explanation.

NalanMoon once again sighed. “Any boss or chest that he touches will become empty. Even when looting normal mobs, he would at most get some scraps and leftovers. Never once has he gotten anything useful…”

“Really?” YellowSprings asked doubtfully.

“I don’t care if you don’t believe me. You’ll know in the future… I have a feeling you’ll be cursed by him a few times…” NalanMoon also hadn’t believed at first, but every time, ThornyRose would leave a few corpses for him to sate his cravings, but he had never let down everyone’s expectations. Nothing! Even a Distinguished boss had been cursed by him! Just thinking of it made her heart almost stop.

“I would rather believe than not…” YellowSprings said. CloudDragon nodded. There really is someone so unlucky?

Lin Le once again looted some equipment from the sarcophagus. Ye Cang finally gave up. My divine hands. I still can’t break out of these fetters. When will a divine artifact appear… Hah~ Ignorant mortals. He reached out to take the items Lin Le brought over.

“Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’White! I’ve left you an elite corpse to satisfy your cravings!!” Lin Le saw that Ye Cang was giving him a very nasty look. A hand reached out about to knock him on the head! He quickly sucked up to him.

Ye Cang knock changed into a gentle pat on the head. “Lele’s still the best. Better than those stupid, stupider, and stupidest…”

“Mm! I’ve always believed in Brother Lil’White’s divine hand! It’s too bad I can’t do as I like.” Lin Le blamed himself. Noticing that he didn’t get knocked on the head, he sighed in relief. Then he quickly whispered into Ye Cang’s ear: “Those mortals, or whatever, are too hateful!”

“I know…” Ye Cang sighed. It seemed Lele was the most sensible. Much better than that unfilial little brother that help outsiders to stop him… Though it would be better if Lele could be less loose lipped.

That traitor! He beat me to it again! Little Ye Tian had just wanted to console her father, began to bite her fingernails. She could read lips, so she knew what they were talking about.

“Let’s split the loot…” CloudDragon reminded.

“Right after I loot a corpse!” Ye Cang went to the corpse that Lin Le had left for him and slowly reached out his right hand. ThornyRose sighed. It was fine to let him satisfy his cravings with this, otherwise they’d have to suffer his complaining the entire way back. That guy would never give up unless he loots something…

Ye Cang reached his hand in and froze. His expression soured, and he looked away, pointing towards a vent. “There’s something in that vent!!”

Everyone knew that Ye Cang had night vision, so they all turned to look… Ye Cang quickly took out a pair of distinguished quality boots that Lin Le had looted, and quickly stuffed them into the body. “My bad, I saw wrong. Anyways, I got a Distinguished equipment! It’s even a set item! Lele, it’s yours!!”

From start to finish, CloudDragon, who hadn’t looked away, looked down on him with contempt. He really was someone who was super cursed…

ThornyRose only sighed, too lazy to retaliate. She impatiently said: “Just quickly divide the equipment…”
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