Chapter 165: Resurrection

Chapter 165: Resurrection

“Ok, ok. We’re all one big team. There’s still two skillbooks. This is the good stuff!” Ye Cang noticed BlackIce’s ashen face. She was probably enraged at Lin Le’s silly face. He clapped his hands and went onto the next item.

“First one, a spellcaster skill. Beginner Level Arcane Intellect!” Ye Cang took out a book.

Beginner Level Arcane Intellect (Super Rare - Beginner Level - Passive): +5% Mana, +10% Spell Damage, +10 Intellect, +5 Wisdom, +6 Spell Power. Requirements: Spellcaster.

Both BlackIce and GreenDew wanted it. This was a skill that would always be useful! Moreover, it was a passive skill! Something they could safely spend their skill points on! CloudDragon knew he had to do his best to get this skillbook for BlackIce. ThornyRose also thought the same. It was extremely important for anyone who wanted to raise a spellcaster. Everyone knew that spellcasters had the highest firepower, especially at this point in the game.

“Bid or roll?” CloudDragon raised his brow and asked.

“Let’s bid.” Ye Cang shrugged. There was no point in rolling if Lin Le couldn’t participate. If they got it, he could use it himself or save it for Nana. Either was fine.

“Half federal dollars.” ThornyRose knew that she didn’t have any chance of beating this damn lowlife. Even if she won, she might offend Mad War. Thorns and Roses was still far away from being able to compare to Mad War. She felt regretful as she gnashed her teeth. As a guild leader, of course she wanted to be able to get priority on the loot.

“Then let’s start with 50 gold. I’ll bid 100.” Ye Cang said, showing he was well-off.

CloudDragon looked at Ye Cang. This guy picked up so much money all over the place. I’ve also gotten quite a bit from the black market, but compared to this guy, I’m afraid it’s just chump change. “110!”

“120.” (ThornyRose)

“130.” (Ye Cang)

“140.” CloudDragon had almost reached his limits. Gold was just too hard to obtain right now.

“Pass.” (ThornyRose)

“I’ll let you have it.” Ye Cang calmly smiled.

CloudDragon took out almost his entire fortune of 70 gold and split it amongst everyone. He then transferred 70 gold worth of federal dollars.

BlackIce knew they had spent big this time, but with this skill, she would be even more fierce.

“Ok, the last one is a recovery spell. Here, only my brother and sister are holy classes. I’ll be taking it and distributing it privately. Any objections?” Ye Cang said, trying to play it down so that others wouldn’t take too much notice. They got a resurrection skill! For the team, it would be best to give it to a Priest or Paladin, but this skill was too rare. Right now, pretty much no one had it!

“Ok, just hand over 100 gold…” CloudDragon understood he wouldn’t be getting his hands on the first resurrection skillbook, but he still had to recover some of his losses.

Little Ye Tian smiled and took out 100 gold. She split it into 14 shares. Her team had 5 people, so they got 30 gold back.

Beginner Level Revive (Super Rare - Beginner Level): Chant 5 phrases and 2 verses (10 seconds) to bring a dead target back to life. Target will revive with 25% health and mana. Costs: 30 mana. Cooldown: 10 minutes. (Limited to being used on players.)

Finally, Ye Cang cleaned up the battlefield. He put the Specter’s Spirit Residue, as well as various types of bones into the handcart. There were also some Excellent and Superior quality equipment. Everyone got a few.

“There should be a way to go to the next floor. Everywhere else was a dead end. Everyone look around.” Little Ye Tian wouldn’t forget anything she had seen. She had an accurate map of everywhere they had walked by in her head.

“Here!” SpyingBlade said from beside a sarcophagus. There was a small notch near it which he pushed. Not far away, some bricks started to part, revealing a flight of stairs going further downwards.

“Let’s heal up first.” Ye Cang knew it was a good time to earn some more money. CloudDragon sighed, but they really did need to heal and buff up before going down. However… the cost was high.

“How about the defensive food?” ThornyRose saw that Ye Cang had only made the sashimi and had no intention of making anything else.

“There’s no more…” Ye Cang replied, showing no signs of lying. They actually had a bit more, but it was reserved for their little team’s personal use. He took out the bones, rotting flesh, spirit residue, zombie fish, and monstrous fish, as well as some rat meat, treant bark and some putrid liquid. He finally broke through and made his very first Intermediate Grade dark cooking.

“Congratulations. You’ve created an Intermediate dark cooking recipe. Received 1000 experience. Please give it a name.”

“Beginner Level Spirit, Treant, Mouse Mashup.”

Beginner Level Spirit, Treant, Mouse Mashup: If you have the guts to eat this, you’ll recover 1 health every second and 1 mana every 5 seconds. Furthermore, you’ll receive +7 to All Attributes, +15 Dark Resistance, +20 Poison Resistance, +5% Stun Resistance, +6 Damage, +8 Defence, +5% Will for 4 hours. There is an extremely small chance that the food could cause death.

Everyone sensed an even more unendurable smell than the one not long ago, and they prepared to escape the room. ThornyRose watched as CloudDragon took a bowl and chugged it. This time, he didn’t even have enough time to lean on the wall and sit in his meditating pose. He directly passed out from the shock. This thing’s medical effects were just too strong. “About that, does he know what he was eating? It’s filled with human bones and numerous disgusting things…”

“Humans were always creatures that consumed each other…” VastSea smiled indifferently and then followed. He didn’t even finish before going into shock.

“If our entire team ate this, our power would be raised to a whole-other level. That small chance of death, if we don’t use it often, it probably won’t trigger. For the oncoming fights, this is something we can’t do without. I trust you all understand…” YellowSprings said while stroking his chin.

“Then why aren’t you eating…” Lin Le pinched his nose and said in a weird voice..

The faintly smiling YellowSprings and the constantly frowning BlackIce also ate it, then both fell over.

Ye Cang sighed. “They’ve all eaten, we also can’t shame our Happy Firmament’s name! Let’s go!”

FrozenCloud and Little Ye Tian looked towards Ye Cang, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le, who were now knocked out on the ground. They couldn’t stop shivering. “Lil’Dino, you first. I’ll definitely eat it, because I don’t want to let down father, so don’t worry. I’ll watch over you…”

FrozenCloud didn’t know what she should do. Should she eat this thing? She gulped and looked at the nearby CloudDragon who was like her, a grappler. There was now another obvious gap between them, and that was their courage! She clenched her teeth, chugged, and then fell down. Her body laid on the ground, twitching and frothing at the mouth.

Little Ye Tian brought FrozenCloud’s ‘corpse’ towards Ye Cang and the others, then she leaned on Ye Cang and drank a bowl. Father… The more cruel your trials become, the more I’m sure about my love for you… oh my god!!
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