Chapter 182: ThornyRose’s Dream

Chapter 182: ThornyRose’s Dream

As for the reward, besides gold, everyone had received an epic grade skill, and were extremely happy.

Ye Cang looked at his own skill.

Meteor Shot (Epic - Beginner Level): Store up power for 3 seconds, then unleash a strong piercing attack against enemies in a line, causing 235% damage. The attack has 35% increased penetration, +60 range. Cost: 30 Energy. Cooldown: 3 minutes.

Zhang ZhengXiong was all smiled. The heavens haven’t abandoned me…

Holy Judgement (Epic - Beginner Level): Perform 3 attacks against a target which deal additional holy damage. The first attack will deal 100% damage +25% holy damage. The 2nd will deal 125% damage +30% holy damage. The third strike is a heavy strike that deals 195% damage +50% holy damage and has a chance to stun, and knockback. If the target is an evil creature, will deal additional damage. Cost: 35 Holy Power, 15 Mana. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

Lin Le also check out his skill.

One Handed Sword Drawing Secret Art - Returning Dragon / Surging Dragon (Epic - Beginner Level): Perform two quick-draw attacks against a target. The first one is called Returning Dragon. Without storing power, instantly perform a fierce quick-draw against the taget dealing 175% damage. While performing this move, power is being stored up for the 2nd attack, Surging Dragon which deals 225% damage. The skill required weapons to be sheathed. The 2nd quick-draw requires a 2nd weapon.

As for Little Ye Tian, she received an exceptionally useful skill.

Light Pearl (Epic - Beginner Level): Whenever you use a holy spell, obtain a healing pearl of light that floats beside you. Send the pearl at a target to heal for 22 health. You can have at most 5 of them at one time and they last 1 minute.

Lin Le was looking at his skill, but didn’t understand what the last part meant, so he asked Ye Cang. “It probably want you to have two weapons equipped…”

“Oh…” Lin Le raised his head and pondered, then took out his old large black sword and put it on his back. He now had the white skeletal blade and the black sword crossed on his back. ThornyRose watched stunned. He can dual wield heavy weapons!?

“The system said that my attributes reached a certain degree and I learned a skill. Backup Weapon. I can equip two heavy weapons but I can normally only use one.” Lin Le happily revealed.

“…” ThornyRose and the others looked speechlessly at Lin Le’s little figure with two contrasting massive weapons crossed on his back, seeming really out of sorts. Zhang ZhengXiong became envious once again…

YellowSprings was stunned. At this stage, being able to equip one of those weapons would make you ferocious enough, yet he actually has both at once. Even if he could only wield one at a time, he could still enjoy the attribute bonuses from 2 heavy weapons. To PVP against him now, he could probably only run and hide. If he failed to dodge even a single strike, he’d probably die in a single hit. HeavensDomain was the best example. Right now, Lin Le’s attributes towered over everyone else’s, and his equipment was even a set. YellowSprings could only smile bitterly.

Backup Weapon (Special Talent - Beginner Level): When you only have one weapon, you can equip a second one as a backup weapon, and benefit from its attribute bonuses. When it’s require, you may draw your backup weapon (Such as a weapon was thrown or for skills requiring multiple weapons).

Lin Le reached out to grab the black sword on his back, then suddenly looked towards BlackIce and shouted: “Hidden Weapon!!”

The black sword whistled through the air in an arc, and stabbed into the ground right beside her foot. BlackIce looked at the sword, and could only shiver. She didn’t even have time to react. Such a big object at such a close distance, moreover, it was thrown with a skill. Also… Why me every time!! “What are you doing!!?”

“I’m just messing with you. I calculated properly, nothing would have happened. Rest assured…” Lin Le jogged over and pulled out the sword. He put it back on his back before returning.

ThornyRose felt like crying. She only threw javelins while Lele threw heavy weapons…

“You!!” Blackice was about to flip out, but CloudDragon chuckled. “Let’s go. We’ll meet again when it’s time to assemble…”

“Brother CloudDragon, take care…” Ye Cang called out to him.

“Bro, where do we go now?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked.

“Let’s just stroll around. We can check out the fishmen or go further away from town. Let’s see if we can find any quests so we can get a bit stronger.” Ye Cang thought for a bit and replied.

“Notify me if anything comes up…”

“Me too…”

SpyingBlade and NalanMoon left a word and directly left.

“I’m going back to the guild to run some training exercises. If anything comes up, remember to tell me first! Got it!? In any case, we’re all now considered part of the Thorns and Roses club.” ThornyRose reminded them, then brought FrozenBlood and GreenDew away.

“I know. When do we get paid?” Ye Cang thought of an important matter.

ThornyRose sighed deeply. How could he not even remember something like this? “Next month on the 5th. Remember to come to the DiFeng City in the virtual world this weekend. Here’s the address. You’ll be choosing your characters, and coming up with strategies.”

“Ok Madam!!” Ye Cang waved and then left.

“Don’t call me Madam!!” ThornyRose roared back grumpily, then also quickly left.

“Rose, what characters are you planning to let them use?” FrozenBlood asked, curious.

“PaleSnow will use Sister Ai’s gunner. Shaking Bear will use my alt. As for Lele, it’s a bit harder. He seems to like going big so I guess he can use Sister Wei’s Greatsword User. As for the little girl, it’s easy. Thorns and Roses has quite a few good support character… we’re simply lacking skilled users to play them.” ThornyRose thought for a bit. “However, let’s see the results of the practice first. I hope they can also do well among the clubs… However, if they do as well as I fear they might, our funds are going to burn… Has SpyingBlade responded?…”

“Not yet. What about our funds? Are you going to try to entice some people from other clubs…” FrozenBlood shook her head.

“We can speak of it later. That’s only if they can meet my expectations. After all, the club matches are different from the online game. That place is a paradise for the strong. We haven’t yet achieved our dream…” ThornyRose thought of the Great Christmas War she watched as a child. Watching those experts cross swords made her blood surge. Her dream was to organize a team to participate in the Great Christmas War, even if just once…

The Great Christmas War? FrozenBlood looked towards the distant stars. This dream was too cruel. They had worked hard for so many years, yet were still no closer to their dream. Their best achievement was that they once defeated one of china’s top 8 clubs, but it wasn’t even one of the truly top clubs. For their dream, they had worked tirelessly, yet were shot down every time… still, they were unwilling to give up. Miss Rose and the Night Empress might be famous among the ordinary players, but amongst the professional players, they were merely two passable 2nd class players…

TN: Poor FrozenCloud… doesn’t even bother telling us the skill she got…
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