Chapter 197: Gene Lock

Chapter 197: Gene Lock

Half-moon lake.

Ye Cang brought tiger masked Zhang ZhengXiong to the meeting place and saw Zhao XiangYu.

“Really too similar to sister, especially that earnest expression…” Zhang ZhengXiong murmured.

“Let’s go…” Ye Cang said indifferently, his expression not visible behind the mask.

Zhao XiangYu sensed someone approaching. She saw her fox masked master, but this time he had a 2 meter tall tiger masked man beside him. This is? That physique looks familiar.

“This is your martial uncle. He’s here to see how much you’ve tempered your body…” Ye Cang said briefly.

“Martial Uncle…” Zhao XiangYu looked at Zhang ZhengXiong and bowed her head.

Zhang ZhengXiong directly walked up to her and sized her up. Zhao XiangYu felt like a ferocious beast was staring at her, causing her hairs to stand on end. She tried to raised her head to look into his eyes, but couldn’t find the courage to do it. That shocking physique really made others lose courage. Well, rather than simply the physique, it was the terrifying aura that came with it.

Zhang ZhengXiong reached out his hand to feel her upper arm, lower arm, thigh, calf, joints, shoulders, as well as her abdomen, then smiled brightly, “Use your full strength, including your qi, and hit me once…”

Zhao XiangYu felt uncomfortable having Zhang ZhengXiong touch her all over the place, and his words made her even more confused than she already was.

“Just try it.” Ye Cang sat on a large rock and said.

Zhao XiangYu gathered her strength, then struck Zhang ZhengXiong in the chest with her palm. A sharp pain travelled up her arm and her palm felt numb, as if she had just struck a metal door. She didn’t even cause him to sway.

“Although qi is the basis for martial arts, but the body is the origin. Only by having a body that could bear the qi could one be truly strong, otherwise, it would become a weakness. Those supermen you see on tv, they might look as thin as sticks, but their bones and muscles are incomparably tough…” Zhang ZhengXiong explained while brushing off the spot Zhao XiangYu had attacked. It was like nothing had even happened to him.

“But the body of humans have a limit. Most martial artists end up choosing to train their mind to get stronger, then using the power of their mind to improve their genes and physical body. Of course some achieve enlightenment, gaining immediate power ups, and others completely forgo training the body, focusing on inner strength, but it’s too early for you to do any of these. My school puts emphasis on evolving the genes and the body. Now, your martial uncle will teach you how to unseal your first gene lock. As for what a gene lock is, you’ll understand in the future. For now, telling you would be meaningless…” Ye Cang said, then paused for a bit, “However… it’ll hurt a bit…”

The gene lock. This was a law of the human body that Ye Cang had discovered after countless battles, as well as analysis of both himself and other humans. Pure humans were also able to unseal their gene lock because it is something that exists in all living creatures, it would merely be more difficult for them than for Ye Cang and also Zhang ZhengXiong who had been injected with his blood and transformed.

Zhang ZhengXiong smiled under his mask and looked at Zhao XiangYu, “The first layer is the entrance. The trick is to sense your bones, and meridians… This is something that martial uncle will help you with~ Come~ Compare pointers with martial uncle~ Just training~”

Zhang ZhengXiong cupped his fist in salute, then cracked his knuckles as he slowly walked over…

Zhao XiangYu nearly choked, and was covered in cold sweat…

The next day.

Southern District - Ri Sheng road, in a tall apartment building.

Zhao XiangYu felt like all the bones in her body had been shattered. Thinking of the tiger mask and her so called martial uncle, she began to tremble. However, in the end, she was still able to vaguely feel the so called first gene lock, and could be said to have taken her first step. She recalled how she had exploded with strength, but ended up not being able to endure the exhaustion. That muscular martial uncle of hers had driven her to a corner, so much so that her whole body now felt limp and sore.

“Unseal your lock. Let it all become a part of you. Feel your bones and blood vessels. Draw strength from your cells. Undo your bodies natural restrictions. Take your key, and set them all free…” Her white haired master’s voice had whispered in her ear. Her mind didn’t know what to do, but her body had already grasped it. Her whole body suddenly felt light. Exerting just a little strength sent her shooting over like a missile. However, she was still beaten miserably, but at least now she could vaguely feel it, as if every cell in her body was helping her. Compared to her body from before, it was like she had been freed from some invisible chains. Even her inner strength had doubled. Although it was only the first lock, when her qi passed through her new body, it could display 10 times the efficiency. Of course, none of this was any help against that muscular martial uncle…

“Not bad, martial niece, however, unless you’re in a life or death crisis, it’s best not to unseal your gene lock. For the you right now, it’s too much of a burden on your body. Refine your body well. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Health is the most important. I…”

These were the last words she heard before passing out, but the final part was a bit fuzzy. Zhao XiangYu looked towards the sun. Wait, how did they know where I live? Then she recalled her address was written in her wallet, and smiled. She grabbed her wallet, opened it, and froze. There wasn’t a thing inside except a small piece of paper with the words, “This is your tuition fee, O(∩_∩)O~…”

“………” Zhao XiangYu gripped her wallet tightly. That was my living expenses for the month. Even my clothes and shopping money…

Be the sea.

“Bro, I know why you want to help that girl now…” Zhang ZhengXiong said with a can of Ye Cang’s favorite beer in his hand, “She’s really too similar to big sister. Acting strong, but inwardly weak. Especially that expression she makes when she’s serious. I almost thought sister had risen from the dead…”

Zhang ZhengXiong put down the can of beer, then stared at his own two hands.

“Don’t think too much. Meeting her is fate. Her being so similar to QinXue must also be fate. That said, why do you keep looking at your hands?” Ye Cang looked over and asked.

“Feels good~ Next time you go, you have to remember to tell me…” Zhang ZhengXiong smiled.

“Stinking brat!” Ye Cang spat out as he watched Zhang ZhengXiong dodge the can he threw. He recalled Zhang ZhengXiong’s final words to her before she passed out, as well as that tear. “My big sister, why did you have to leave me and bro… Health is the most important. What I wanted most is for you to keep living…”

“No wonder A’Xiong that kid kept saying ‘A healthy body is a healthy mind’” Ye Cang faintly smiled. He ruffled his white hair and yawned, his eyes becoming teary. “I hate staying up late. Aah~ well, there’s some extra income…”
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