Chapter 208: The Dark Cafeteria

Chapter 208: The Dark Cafeteria

The elite werewolf bodies were distributed and looted, giving everyone some equipment. Even the unaffiliated players were able to get at least one piece of equipment. Lin Le received the hundreds of bodies that he had killed, and began looting. As for Ye Cang, he was kicked away by his party and made to go over to another guild’s area… After clearing up the battlefield, they marched to a flat area. Kunsa and the Treants dispersed the fog, but even with the fog gone, the ground was still covered in dark, shadowy plants.

Ye Cang acted like a cafeteria lady, and began making food in bulk. He chose to make Werewolf, Skeleton, Mushroom Stew as well as Sewer Rat, Skeleton, Herb Soup. All the ingredients were things that he would never run out of. He cooked with many pots simultaneously, running from one to the next. The big guilds even sent people over to provide more pots and fires. Ye Cang would throw in the ingredients and seasoning, then move on, showing his peerless ability to mass produce dark cooking. After a mere 3 hours, he had made over 400 pots of each. Enough for 2000 people to eat, potentially earning him up to 2000 gold. CloudDragon and the others were shocked. Then broke out in cold sweat. F**k, that’s too much! How can we let him profit so much off of us. In the end, it was bartered down to 500 gold, half paid in federal dollars…

The two thousand elites from every guild came over and looked at the black goop in front of them. It was emitting black and purple smoke, spreading foul miasma. That super, vomit inducing stink assaulted their senses, causing them to back away, step by step. They gulped. Can this sh*t even be eaten!? Although the buff is awesome… But with some coercion from their superiors, the spectacular sight of 2000 people passing out from food could be seen. FrozenBlood and some other girls couldn’t withstand their urge and rushed over to take a picture of it…

“Hah~ This industry is too tough, bullying players like me who are just trying to etch out a living. Do you find it fun? Despicable…” Ye Cang grumbled off to the side as he began making food for his own group as well as the higher ups of each guild. He carefully selected from the skeletal demon’s bones, and added some rare mushrooms and herbs, the Sewer Rat Boss’s meat, ghost residue, rotten meat, and both slime gels, then boiled it all together. CloudDragon, NalanMoon, ColdFront, WillowDream, as well as the person in charge of Lord’s Reign in Really New Village were all speechless. You call this US bullying YOU!? They looked at the thick purple smoke billowing in the air in the shape of a skull, which was actually making a sinister laugh. The stink itself felt like a bomb continuously going off in their stomach, their mind, and their nose. It was the first time WillowDream and ColdFront had seen such terrifying food. They immediately began to sweat profusely, cursing at the fact that the game didn’t allow adjusting of senses.

WillowDream couldn’t take it anymore. “Bi- Big brother hero, you can’t mean for us to eat this…”

CloudDragon sighed. It had leveled up. Every material he used was either rare or boss leveled, making the stew’s buff too enticing. However, the flavor and smell… A drop of sweat dripped down his face.

“Congratulations, you’ve created an intermediate grade dark cooking recipe. Obtain 1000 experience (experience towards cooking skill). Please give it a name.”

“Specter, Zombie, Skeleton Demon, Wild Mushroom, Slime Stew…” Ye Cang muttered, feeling like just being near the pot would make him pass out. Not good, he was really losing consciousness!! He quickly scooped a bowl of and chugged it down. Then turned his head to the others, “Hurry and eat while it’s warm… before the smell… knocks.. you…”

He fell on the ground, twitching…

Specter, Zombie, Skeleton Demon, Wild Mushroom, Slime Stew: Eat to heal 2 health a second and 1 mana every 5 seconds. Also obtain +7 all attributes, +15 all resistances, +7 damage, +6 defence, +7 spell power, and reduces damage taken by 5%. Every time rage, energy, or mana is consumed for a skill, there is a 15% chance to increase damage by 25%. Persists for 5 hours. (There is a chance that eating this will cause you to drop dead on the spot, with no death penalty. There is a small chance to temporarily obtain a portion of the skeletal demon’s power…)

“Brother PaleSnow, why do you do this…” SpyingBlade’s scalp tingled. Every time, he would make these inhuman biological weapons, harming everyone including himself…

His food buff was equivalent to wearing one of the pieces of equipment dropped by the skeletal demon. Little Ye Tian was like a little supervisor, glaring at Zhang ZhengXiong, Lin Le and FrozenCloud. “Hurry and eat. I’ll be right behind you…”

As if they were walking to their execution, the three of them ate with miserable looks on their faces. Everyone watched them lying on the ground, twitching. Little Ye Tian pinched her nose, went to a spot amongst her fallen comrades, ate, and began twitching with them…

“I feel like there’s one upside to being with team leader. In the past, I wouldn’t dare to eat deep-fried centipedes, but yesterday, I actually tried one, and it was pretty good…” FrozenBlood said, almost crushing her nose from pinching so hard.

“……” ThornyRose was also the same. She recalled how she had eaten that super smelly stinky tofu, and it was actually really good… However, it couldn’t even be compared to the smell and taste of this thing in front of them. She hesitated to go forwards.

CloudDragon and SpyingBlade walked up together, and calmly had a bowl each. While eating, CloudDragon quickly sat in his crossed legged meditating pose, in order to maintain his image, however, he was still twitching all over. As for SpyingBlade, he directly passed out on his face, as if prostrate in admiration of the food…

Before eating, the others resisted the stink and had their trusted aides form an encirclement, so that no one could see their sorry figures. These aides all rejoiced that they only had to eat the lower quality version…

Mar watched the player’s activity, and then covered his nose. “My god, what are they doing over there. This smell, so strong…”

“I think I saw the white haired warrior use the skeletal demon head and slime gel in his cooking. I wasn’t paying attention so didn’t see the rest, but there might have been some ghost residue and stink shroom…” The tall Kunsa said as he blew the foul air towards the players.

Mar sighed in relief when the smell disappeared, then his expression became strange. He never would have imagined that the smell of boiled skeletal demon’s bones with a stink shroom and slime gel would be so explosively disgusting. That cooking was something that defied nature.

A couple minutes later, everyone woke up one after the other, however, there was one of them who never got back up, namely WillowDream. Ye Cang kept a straight face, trying to hide his smile. “Little Tian, resurrect her so that she can eat it again…”

“Yeah, yeah…” Lin Le crossed his arms and nodded.

“Teehee~ okies…” Little Ye Tian said, making a girly giggle and said cutely.

LordGrinned, ColdFront, and the others all raised their brows. These guys were too vile. However… for some strange reason, thinking that WillowDream would have to eat it again made them feel a bit better…

NalanMoon looked at Ye Cang’s smile, and shivered. This guy definitely said the same thing that time!

WillowDream was resurrected by Little Ye Tian and slowly woke up. She looked at Ye Cang’s concerned smile as he said to her, “New friend, don’t worry. We have someone with a resurrection skill, so you can eat without concern. There’s still plenty more.”

NalanMoon looked at that concerned smiled. F**k! That’s the exact same expression! I woke up to the exact same thing!! Just how evil is this guy! She looked at WillowDream’s shocked expression. However, seeing this b***h like this feels so good~~!

“Humph~ You afraid?” CloudDragon said, figuratively holding a knife at her back.

NalanMoon also suffered because of those words. She clenched her teeth, holding back her anger. She was now an observer, but had first hand experience. She looked at CloudDragon differently. This guy… He’s also a super evil person in a different way…

BlackIce was thoroughly convinced now. Not of their fighting strength, but their evil nature. She watched as WillowDream downed another bowl, and collapsed, twitching… Sigh~
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