Chapter 210: The Food Poisoning Arrow

Chapter 210: The Food Poisoning Arrow

The situation was becoming messy.

Kunsa looked at a cave to the right and shouted, “The Wolf God should be there…”

Mar spoke while cutting down werewolves, “Uncle Yak, Chief Yoji, Head-Priest, let us go after that evil creature! White Hair, Iron Fist, you two bring some people and come!”

Ye Cang had Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le return from their slaughtering, and they joined Mar in clearing the way to the cave. CloudDragon, ColdFront, WillowDream, LordGrinned, and NalanMoon all brought a few people and followed.

The closer they got to the cave, the stronger the werewolves became. Yoji’s elite warriors used themselves as shields, protecting the group. Mar’s trusted aides also stepped up to shield everyone.

“Don’t stop! Kill our way in! Once the wolf god is dead, these werewolves won’t stand a chance!” The High-Priest Vasiyas shouted.

Although the tunnel was winding, it was still very tall, spacious, and densely packed with red glowing eyes. Mar and Yoji brought their remaining aides to clear the way. Ye Cang pulled out his sword. This wasn’t the best place to use a bow, and he needed to save mana for the wolf god. Lin Le directly leapt over everyone’s head, jumping into the dark cave, lighting the way with his aura. His sweeping attacks quickly cleared a spot around him, then he began to prepare his quick draw skill. One Handed Sword Drawing Secret Art! Returning Dragon! The enormous blade swung, creating a cold flash. His other hand then quickly pulled out the second heavy sword on his back. Second Strike! Surging Dragon! There were two dark flash this time. The slashes left behind the afterimage of half moons as they sent black blood splattering outwards. Whirlwind Strike! Like a meat grinder, he began clearing a path. 3 revolutions, then a heavy chop left a road of carnage behind him. He roared towards the sky, “Whose next!!”

Mar looked surprised. That midget was good. He suddenly saw a boss level werewolf jump out, performing a surprise attack, sending the midget flying. He watched as he crawled up, supporting himself on his skeletal blade. He shouted in rage, “You dare bully me!!” He raised the enormous blade, rushed over, and began to slaughter it.

ThornyRose facepalmed…

YellowSprings was speechless. This was Really New Village’s strongest Heavy Weapon’s specialist? In his complete set, the werewolves attacks weren’t even a threat. Set equipment was too OP.

“That dumb kid…” BlackIce sighed.

VastSea stabbed her in the back by reminding her, “You were chased down several streets by that kid and even appeared on the headlines…”

“You…” BlackIce’s face turned red. That damn kid!

Zhang ZhengXiong didn’t just sit back. He charged forwards with a Barbaric Tackle, sending a dozen werewolves flying. It was followed by Holy Judgement’s three strikes filled with holy might and the sword’s raging flames, killing countless.

“A’Xiong, dodge in 3 seconds!!” Ye Cang said after cutting down a few. He switched to his bone longbow and began charging a Meteor Shot. A spiral energy attached itself to the tip of the arrow, spinning faster and faster. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly dodged. The arrow was like a revolving meteor as it shot out, running through 20 or so.

“Brat, not bad…” The old hunter Yak smiled brightly. His dagger deflected the claws of a werewolf, and his longsword turned into a flurry of strikes aimed for its throat and other vitals. Finally, the last strike stabbed between its eyebrows. Meanwhile, an enormous rock lizard had bitten onto a boss werewolf. Yak drew his hand-crossbow, and shot a few bolts at it. Ye Cang saw that there was green liquid dripping on these bolts. They were coated in poison! It looked pretty useful. “Teacher Yak, teach me to use poison…”

“A brat like you still wants poison? Just dip your arrow into that thing you ate earlier, then roast it a bit in a fire. It definitely won’t be any worse than my poison…” Yak joked.

“Really…?” Ye Cang said, taking out his pot, causing all the werewolves to clearly hesitate, before continuing to fight while covering their noses. Mar and the others also covered their nose. God damn, this smell goes straight to your head. Feeling a bit light headed, and fighting with a single hand, he roared, “Damn White Hair! Put that disgusting thing of yours away! There’s not ventilation here, do you want to fumigate us to death!!?”

Ye Cang quickly dipped a batch of arrows into the pot, and quickly put it away. He then made a fire and began roasting them as if making some marinated lamb kebabs. He endured the stink and roasted for a moment, until the system suddenly told him he learned to create poisoned arrows (Only effective for yourself. Limit of 30 at once, any more than that becomes ineffective). The arrows now had an additional effect. +4 poison damage, and will poison the target, dealing 1 damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute. It could even be stacked 3 times. It even had a chance to cause the target to become paralysed for 1 second.

“It worked.” Ye Cang laughed mischievously, then looked towards Yak to thank him, “Thank you Teacher Yak for your teachings!!”

Yaq saw the arrows were now covered in a light layer of purple, and broke out in cold sweat. He looked at the players, impressed. These guys are amazing. They even dare to eat poison. He said, still feeling amazed, “I was just joking earlier…”

“His cooking can actually be used as a contact poison…” FrozenBlood, NalanMoon, and SpyingBlade were all dumbfounded. They all had some interest in poison, after all, they were assassins. There was no reason to not coat their weapons in poison.

“It really is a biological weapon…” ThornyRose cried out quietly in surprise. This sh*t can even be used as a poison coating, yet why did it look like he was cooking while dipping those arrows…

ColdFront, WillowDream and the others were stunned. Wasn’t that they thing they ate earlier? They actually ate something that could be used as poison!? They stared at Ye Cang who was happily looking at his ‘shish kebabs’, and felt a chill down their backs. CloudDragon also felt his scalp tingle, because he heard Ye Cang say something. “I’ll name it Food Poisoning Arrows! Ahahaha! This is the start of a brand new chapter on my cooking journey. Hah~ I can’t be satisfied with just this. The road is still long… There are countless things to learn.”

The ferocious Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le, who were slaughtering at the front, suddenly had a bit of a solemn air around them…

ThornyRose saw the glance FrozenCloud gave her which screamed “Save me…”, and quickly looked away.

SpyingBlade cleared his throat and jogged back to ask, “Brother PaleSnow, can you coat my weapon?”

“The system says it only works for me, and only for arrows…” Ye Cang said while he put away his ‘shish kebabs’.

FrozenBlood and NalanMoon, who were also planning to come over became a bit disappointed.

Ye Cang used his normal arrows, saving the poisoned ones for the boss. 30 arrows wasn’t much, it might not be enough to last the entire boss fight.

ThornyRose walked over to look at the arrows new effects, and was surprised. It was not only good, the additional properties were extremely useful. Against a spellcaster, a condition like paralysis would cancel their spell. Moreover, those classes had low health, so if they didn’t die after 3 arrows, the three stacks of poison, which would deal an additional 1 damage a second, would definitely finish them off. Not to mention being poisoned to death, at this stage in the game, there were very few spellcasters that could survive even two shots of his bone bow…
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