Chapter 211: Wolf God - Dina

Chapter 211: Wolf God - Dina

As the went deeper, the cave became more spacious. There were battles all over the place as the npcs protected Mar, Ye Cang, and the others in the middle. Entering into an especially large cavern, an enormous wolf which approached 13 meters in length was laying in the center, its whole body emitting black miasma. Its two eyes glowed a frightening scarlet red as it stared at them through the cavern entrance. All around the room were strange stalagmites

Ye Cang identified it.

Really New Village’s Corrupted Wolf God - Dina (Boss - Corrupted - Abyss): Formerly the guardian of the forest and a spirit of harvest, she received much reverence from the residents of Really New Village, who called it Wolf God - Dina. Due to Gauteng’s evil ritual, it was corrupted and lost its mind.

“Who would have thought… that you would be able to kill your way here. The Mar family, oh, and even the Blue Scaled children of the river…” Dina slowly stood up and grinned, making it’s scarlet wolf eyes squint.

“Dina! You’ve been a threat to our Really New Village Region for 30 years! It’s time to settle it!” Mar declared, pointing his sword at it.

“Today is the day you’ll die…” Yak said, his voice full of vengeance and fury.

“Haha~ Tiny ignorant humans… You’ll pay for your arrogance!! Awooo!!!’ The wolf god issued an extremely ear-splitting howl. Ye Cang prepared to grab a poisoned arrow as he stared at it.

“Careful, Dina is strong…” Vasiyas warned in a low voice.

Mar and Yoji charged up together, one on the left and the other on the right.

“PaleSnow, GreenDew, support us from range. Lele, you’re on standby, act when you see an opportunity. Don’t let it become guarded against you. HeavenShakingMight, you’re the main tank, no problem right?” ThornyRose looked at everyone and asked. The four great guild as well as Lord’s Reign were all here, so it was better to ask.

No one had any objections, especially after seeing that Zhang ZhengXiong was able to tank multiple boss leveled werewolves without any pressure. His equipment far exceeded the current VastSea, ThornyRose, and NalanMight by an entire grade. Moreover, he was imposing enough. WillowDream looked towards CloudDragon, NalanMoon, and ColdFront. None of them objected, so she also remained silent. The tank on her side couldn’t even compare to NalanMight, let alone this HeavenShakingMight. She raised the pike in her hand, and gave a few commands, having her archer find cover. She had a support with a few skills, which was rare in Really New Village, who she sent to a relatively hidden location and had her heal everyone…

Everyone assigned tasks to their own people, then charged up to join the attack. Ye Cang raised his hand and attacked with Precise Shot + Double Shot, instantly stacking three poison debuffs on the boss. Yak also pulled out a longbow and shot a barrage of arrows, however, it didn’t seem to even tickle against the wolf god Dina. The arrows had no chance at hitting her exposed vitals such as her eyes, because she was guarding them carefully. They could only give up and choose to shoot her legs and abdomen.

Zhang ZhengXiong charged over like a meteor. Barbaric Tackle! He performed a surprise attack against her waist, causing her to sway. ThornyRose frowned. This boss’s attributes were so high. With Shaking Bear’s Barbaric Tackle, a normal boss would be sent flying. This wolf was even struck at the waist, yet only swayed a bit… She charged over, but a steel brush like tail swept at her. She had to raise her shield to block, but was sent stumbling a few steps back…

WillowDream’s pike flashed, stabbing right for its throat, however its hair hardened, blocking everyone’s attacks. No real damage was being dealt. Even the strong Mar and Yoji were being suppressed. Luckily, they had the support of Vasiyas’ water shields and magic. GreenDew’s and BlackIce’s magic missiles smashed onto its fur, making clanging noises as if it had struck metal.

“It’s magic resistance is high!!” Little Ye Tian noticed the way the magic missiles had dissipated, and roared before BlackIce had a chance to say it. She then added a holy shield to Zhang ZhengXiong and Mar, who had been struck back by the claw. The holy shield together with the shield of water looked gorgeous.

“Humph~ Die, You insects!!” Dina’s two eyes shined, and its fur stood erect like steel needles, then shot out at its surroundings.

“Dodge!!” Zhang ZhengXiong quickly ran to cover Lin Le, who was still waiting for a chance to strike, and held up his shield against the incoming steel needles.

Ye Cang turned and slipped behind a stalagmite. He put away his bone longbow and took out his Heavy Crossbow, preparing to use Meteor Shot with it…

ThornyRose also moved to protect FrozenBlood and SpyingBlade. WillowDream tapped her pike on the ground and then soared into the air like a swallow, dodging countless needles and arriving behind Zhang ZhengXiong’s large body, leaning against him back to back, using him as a shield. Zhang ZhengXiong faintly smiled, he could feel her butt pressed against his. Such a perky butt…

FrozenCloud’s and CloudDragon’s hands moved in a flurry as they smacked the needles aside, however CloudDragon came out of it unscathed, whereas FrozenCloud was stabbed in the shoulder, however it was still alright. ColdFront and LordGrinned had managed to dodge this assault, but out of LordGrinned’s people, one had been careless and had perished…

FrozenCloud was shocked. Against this sort of attack, out of so many people, they had only lost an assassin…

Yoji whirled his pike, knocking away the countless needles coming at him, then stabbed at the boss’s throat, bringing about a splurt of black blood. He pulled out the pike, and blocked the black energy shooting from its claws, but was still sent flying back. There were three wounds on his waist, which were emitting black smoke. Yoji endured the pain and got back up. He leaned on his pike and roared, “Mrglll! Mrglll glrrm gl!!”

“He said, don’t get hit by the black energy, the wounds are hard to heal, and it’s corrosive!!” Ye Cang translated loudly.

Yoji retreated. Vasiyas quickly went up to purify his wound with a grave look in his goldfish eyes. “Such a strong power of corruption…”

Vasiyas took out a bottle of azure liquid and dripped it on the wound while reciting. The black smoke around Yoji’s wound began to dissipate, and it quickly healed. Yoji leapt up and patted his chest, “Mmmm mrrrggk! Mrglll!!”

“He says, I your father am back!!” Ye Cang translated as he took aim with his heavy crossbow, waiting for a chance.

“Useless words! Don’t bother translating them!!” ThornyRose shouted after the storm of needles stopped. Luckily, Shaking Bear had activated his holy text, otherwise there might have been even more casualties. “Everyone remember to use your potions! Little Ye Tian, prioritize your healing on the ones with less health. Leave your life saving skills for the tank! Everyone else be careful!!”

“Potions? When did you give them out?” WillowDream picked up her pike and left the cover of Zhang ZhengXiong’s back.

“When you were in shock for the 2nd time. If you didn’t say anything, we would have forgotten…” Zhang ZhengXiong said, passing a bottle to her. WillowDream took it. A method to heal in battle, although it didn’t heal much, but it would be useful in a pinch.
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