Chapter 213: Defeating Dina

Chapter 213: Defeating Dina

CloudDragon took note of all the people who could attack the boss. Besides himself and VastSea, there was also Ye Cang, the one who was beating up his teammate Lin Le, FrozenCloud, as well as that little girl. No one else was free. “Lele, throw YellowSprings over to HeavenShakingMight. FrozenCloud, you can stop helping him, come help tank the boss!!”

Lin Le picked YellowSprings back up, and threw him towards Zhang ZhengXiong.

Originally, FrozenCloud had come to help, making it a 2 vs 3, but now FrozenCloud had to help tank the boss, so it became 1 vs 4 and he still couldn’t strike back. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly shot a rainbow light from his shield, inflicting the four of them with status effects, then cast two healing spells that were stored in his holy text onto himself. God dammit! All the hard work is is being done by me!

Ye Cang dodged arrows from Yak while shooting at Dina.

CloudDragon and VastSea rushed over. They smashed at the wound as if to ‘extinguish’ the fire. Dina swung its claws and tail, but the two of them worked well together, dodging or blocking as needed and continuing their assault, moving along with with Dina to stay at its injured side, as if they were its shadow.

FrozenCloud saw that Dina’s attention was locked onto CloudDragon and VastSea, so she called out, “Lele, open a hole on this side too. Are your skills ready?”

“Mm, ready.” Lin Le once again waited for a chance. Seeing the three of them spinning around in circles, he lowered his body, and his two eyes turned red. Berserk! He his ring’s damage boost, and he even crushed another 3 gold. His ability activated, retuning 2 gold to him. FrozenCloud also ducked, and stalked over like a cheetah, preparing to join the surprise attack. “Now!”

Lin Le once again leapt over. Sword Draw! Returning Dragon! Surging Dragon! The bone sword slashed out executing the first slash, while the black sword on his back matched it executing the second. He swung the two heavy swords very naturally, making it look as smooth as water, as if what he was swinging wasn’t two oversized weapons. The large sword smoothly returned to his waist, and he grasped the bone blade in two hands once again. Whirlwind Strike! The final Heavy Strike was then followed up by the set’s strongest move, Netherworld Shock!! The power flowed through the bone sword into Dina’s side. He then reached out, summoning his handcart. Lele’s Homerun!!

FrozenCloud also matched him, using her Qi to perform a combo: Wolverine Strike, Triple Strike, and then a chain of various attacks! Shouryuukenn! Together with Lin Le, they enlarged the wound while damaging it.

The two of them only took a moment to open up another terrifying wound. CloudDragon’s side had also dealt a serious amount of damage. When Lin Le’s Homerun hit Dina, she was actually blown back a few meters, making a whimpering sound. Black blood sprayed in every direction. Lin Le didn’t forget to throw another 3 molotovs into this new wound, making it hard to recover from.

CloudDragon raised his brows. As expected of Really New Village’s best equipped guy. Moreover, that handcart homerun had such a strong knockback effect without requiring a long charge time. He suddenly recalled the three S rank characters that ThornyRose had procured. If it was this guy, the heavy weapons class would have a whole new playstyle. CloudDragon wasn’t sure why, but he had that sort of feeling…

Ye Cang was up to his ears in work. He had to keep Yak busy so that he doesn’t disturb the ritual, while also providing ranged support. He activated Mirror Image, switching places with a clone, dodging an attack from the rock lizard. He then knocked an arrow and shot near Yak, grabbing his attention once again so that he wouldn’t turn to Vasiyas and the two support. BlackIce had escaped her icy prison, so he appeared from her shadow sending an uppercut to her chin, knocking her to the floor and interrupting her spell. He then turned his body, dodging another arrow. He returned his bow to his back and pulled out the Heavy Crossbow that had finished reloading itself. In a flash, the bolt shot out at the same time that Lin Le had smashed Dina stumbling back, and penetrated right in her left eye. An ear splitting howl echoed through the cave.

CloudDragon glanced at the distant Ye Cang holding his Heavy Crossbow. That guy is really someone you can’t let your guard down around. He kept BlackIce alive while also dealing with the old hunter and the rock lizard, and protecting the ritual site. While doing all this, he still has time to heavily injure the boss. He’s sharp, even for a professional level athlete. Seeing him show off with the Storm Fencer in those videos, I have to admit that he’s the strongest Storm Fencer I’ve ever seen. He was able to use it extremely flexibly and thoroughly take advantage of it’s abilities. Especially that skill where he targeted the heart. Only someone with their senses developed to the peak could pull something like that off.

“Kadala!!” Vasiyas raised his staff that was now emitting strong water energy, then tapped it on the blue charm. Immediately, a wave of gentle blue light radiated outwards. Yoji was pushed back by Mar, and was about to charge back, when the blue light touched him, returning him to normal. “Mmmm? mrrrggk?”

“He says, what happened!? Why don’t I remember anything?” Ye Cang translated loudly. CloudDragon was speechless. What kind of addiction was this? He had to translate everything no matter how useless?

“I’ve already said, stop translating everything!!” Ye Cang heard a familiar voice, and smiled. They had broken free!

YellowSprings looked fiercely at Lin Le, while holding his stomach and face. That bastard…

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed in relief. It’s finally over. He quickly began to heal himself, and thought, Good thing I’m a priest…

Everyone faced the weakened Dina and launched their attacks. Finally, the boss howled for the last time and fell.

“Dina, it’s over…” Mar said while panting.

“Over?” The black blood suddenly rose and covered it, then ignited into black flames. It slowly got up, “Not yet…”

Burning shadows instantly engulfed the cavern.

“Don’t let it recover!” Mar shouted panicked. Everyone began to besiege the boss one again while enduring the damage from the flames which they were unable to dodge because it had covered every part of the cavern. Little Ye Tian quickly activated her shield’s and staff’s AOE support abilities, then began to heal madly. WillowDream drank the potion she was given, and continued to attack violently. Vasiyas also used the last of his mana to cover everyone in a shield of water, then weakly leaned on a nearby stone, using his scepter to remain standing…

“Use everything you have! Now’s not the time to hide your trump cards! One move can be the difference between failure or success!!” ThornyRose roared.

Ye Cang merged into the shadows, then joined everyone in melee. Flame Blade! Multiple Straight Thrusts! Straight Thrust! Shadow Strike! A shadow appeared, imitating Ye Cang’s Multiple Straight Thrusts! Everyone unleashed everything as if their life depended on it. Even the elusive SpyingBlade unleashed a violent burst of attacks. BlackIce sighed, feeling sullen. This battle had nothing to do with her. Her magic did pretty much nothing as she was burned to death first.

Finally, under Mar and Yoji’s combined assault, Dina fell once again. The black flames gradually dissipated. Ye Cang sighed, looking at his remaining 30 health, however, he still had a second life… He looked at SpyingBlade, “Brother SpyingBlade, where did you go earlier?”

“I was resisting in a corner…” SpyingBlade shrugged. “I hear you guys have some quest item. No one on your team was controlled.”

“Nah, it’s just the effects of my charisma…” Ye Cang said with a shrug, as if it was a matter of course.

“Charisma…” NalanMoon and WillowDream both spat out involuntarily.
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