Chapter 215: The Pathfinder Hero

Chapter 215: The Pathfinder Hero

Ye Cang’s pink pupils showed that he was deep in thought. His two hands were behind him, supporting his body as he stared at the sky…

“Brother Xiong, Little Tian, hurry. Once everyone wakes up, it’ll be a pain to fish!!” Lin Le and the others were at the nearby docks.

Ye Cang smiled gently and waved at them, “Leave early so you can get back early!!”

After saying that, he returned to the cottage and waited for them to come home.

After breakfast, they once again returned to the game.

Currently, it was already dawn in Really New Village. Ye Cang gathered everyone outside of the city hall. “Let’s go accept the reward.”

Everyone arrived in the audience hall, and saw Mar’s pleasant smile, which made them all look at him with contempt.

“You’ve come. You’ve contributed greatly to Really New Village becoming stable. Especially White Hair, his assistants and Iron Fist. This is a reward to show our thanks!” Mar said with a bright smile.

“Congratulations, you’ve completed ‘Really New Village Main Quest Line - Black Werewolf Attack’. You’ve obtained S rank contribution. You’ve obtained 1 epic skill, 2 skill points, and 2 talent points. Obtained the title Really New Village’s Light. Achievement Really New Village’s Hero completed.”

Enchant Arrow - Fire (Epic - Beginner Level)

Fire Arrow: Shoot an arrow covered in flames at the target, adding 32 fire damage. Cost: 4 mana. Cooldown: 4 seconds.

Explosive Arrow: Shoot an arrow enchanted with explosive flames which deals 120% physical damage +52 fire damage. Deals 80% of the damage to surrounding targets. Cost: 15 energy and 8 mana. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Really New Village’s Light (Title - Unique): Easily gain friendly prestige with humans. +10 Charisma.

Really New Village’s Hero (Achievement): Permanent +3 to All Attributes.

Ye Cang looked at his own people. They had received 1 less skill point and talent point than him, and the didn’t get the title, otherwise it was about the same. As for the others, Ye Cang didn’t ask, but they all looked happy, so they should all be quite satisfied…

He was originally going to spend his skill points on his new skills, however it said he couldn’t yet. He could only sigh and continue saving them up. Little Ye Tian analyzed it a bit, and concluded that they could use them when they reached a major city.

“Ok, the werewolves are no longer a threat, so the roads leading out are all open once again. I know your ambitions don’t lie in this little town, but in the vast world. You can set out after making your preparations.” Mar said with a smile, “White Hair, stay behind…”

“Really New Village has opened it’s roads to the outside world, all novice villages will similarly have their roads opened! Players that reach level 10 can choose to be transported to a city at any of the relay stations. This will be in effect after 1 hour.” The world announcement notified.

The big guilds could finally be relieved. At last, they could leave the beginner villages. They all began to prepare for the next step in their journey.

“A’Xiong, bring everyone to wait for me in the general store…” Ye Cang said, then followed Mar to their private courtyard.

“White Hair, go to Black Rock City. Bring this letter to my son. If you go there, at least there will be someone you know. Tell him of Really New Village’s situation…” Mar took a letter out of his chest pocket and handed it to Ye Cang

“Go…” Mar said with a smile, then turned his back to Ye Cang.

Ye Cang suddenly felt some reluctance to leave. From very early on, this Uncle Mar and his wife had always been good to him. He slowly turned, “I’ll come back to see you two…”

“Wait!” Madam Mar walked out of the house and shouted.

Ye Cang turned again, and looked at the woman running over.

“Take this necklace before you leave.” Madam Mar said, taking out an exquisite necklace.

Ye Cang took it, knowing the necklaces history. He looked at Madam Mar, “Thanks, I’ll take good care of it…”

He saw Madam Mar’s smiling nod, and Mayor Mar’s trembling back. With a faint smile, he turned and left.

Madam Mar looked at her husband who was choking with emotion, and embraced him. “It’s just like when little Mar left. You just can’t watch. After a while, you should retire, and then we can also go to Black Rock City.”

Mar nodded, and returned to the house with his wife.

Ye Cang walked through the city while staring at the necklace.

Zaklos’ Touch (Special - Quest Item)

Category: Necklace

Requirements: None

+8 All Attributes

+8 Spell Power

+5 Charisma

+10 Defence

+7 Damage

???: ??? (Cooldown: ???)

PS: A mysterious necklace from the Steel Empire.

Ye Cang was delighted to see another ??? skill, along with those super high attribute bonuses. In any case, it was better than his own necklace. He put it on, then went to the general store to pick everyone up. Together they went to the relay point which was jam packed with people.

However, some players recognized the wolf pelt wearing Ye Cang and they cried out one after the other, “It’s brother hero! He’s the one who led us to victory along with CloudDragon!”

Everyone opened up a path for him. It was as if they were walking down the red carpet, actually, it was even more rowdy. There were many cries begging to join their group, or to get carried. It was spectacular.

Ye Cang had Little Ye Tian as well as FrozenCloud push the handcart, as they advanced while selling things. FrozenCloud covered her face with one hand. This situation was one where they were hailed as heroes. At least, it should’ve been. However, it turned into a situation where she pushed a handcart and promoted sales. Looking beside her, there was a little girl happily beating her shield as a drum. She felt like she would die of embarrassment.

“Brother Hero!! Brother Hero!!”

“Brother Diamond! Brother Diamond!”

“Mad Devil Le! Mad Devil Le!”

“Hand Cart Sisters! I love you!!”

Ye Cang slowly advanced while being cheered. Lin Le removed his mask, and waved his hand like he was in some parade. “Hey everybody! Hey everybody…”

“Eeh~!! Brother Le is so cute!! I want to bear his child!!”

“Go away! Don’t let Really New Village’s Brother Le see a dinosaur like you!”

“Damn pervert! Who are you calling a dinosaur!? Do you believe this lady won’t snap your little cucumber!?”

“Father, I was wrong…”

CloudDragon, who was already at the very front, as well as ThornyRose and the others watched speechlessly. These guys caused such a huge uproar. They had really become like idols to everyone in Really New Village. Really New Village’s diplomatic hero, the very first to be in a world announcement, the one who opened up every beginner village - the Pathfinder Hero. In Really New Village, there was no one who could compete with his popularity.

“Brother Hero has really good taste. That wolf pelt looks so real. It’s as if there was a real wolf hung over his shoulders…”

“You understand sh*t. That wolf pelt is a super high grade item. It’s probably something they got when they defeated the wolf god. Look at that wolf head, it’s eyes are still emitting an ominous glint. The stats are definitely awesome…”
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