Chapter 217: Adventurers Association

Chapter 217: Adventurers Association

Lin Le followed the blond haired little Mar’s advice and went to the nearby chamber of commerce. Their sign had a picture of a fist and a coin. He slowly entered.

FrozenCloud went to the local division of the War God’s Temple.

As for Ye Cang, he stood at the entrance to a treehouse, blinking his eyes. He turned to see the large buildings that Lin Le and FrozenCloud’s instructors lived at. The War God’s Temple was made entirely of marble, a single glance was enough to tell it was high-end. He then turned back and looked at the hole in the tree, it was even more shoddy than a haunted house. With a sigh, he slowly walked in. What amazed Ye Cang was that the inside was spacious. He then saw a few grandpas and grandmas sitting at a wooden table, playing boardgames. It reminded him of the senior’s activity center they use to frequent. He broke out in cold sweat and wanted to leave. I should just got the the mage’s association or War God’s Temple to see if I can change classes. Seeing them all look over at him, he rubbed his head, feeling embarrassed. “My bad, I’m at the wrong place…”

At this time, a wrinkled hand pressed down on Ye Cang’s shoulder. Ye Cang turned and saw a kind looking granny. “Young man, mm~ you’re aptitude is good. Linda, bring him to get an ID…”

“Umm… I’m really in the wrong place…” Ye Cang saw everyone smiling at him and tried to leave.

At this time a tall and beautiful woman, wearing a cyan mantle with long white legs and long white hair, who looked both fairy like and sisterly, walked down the stairs. She had some birds chirping around her. Ye Cang gasped. This pointy eared beauty’s chest might even be an N!? Looks like I underestimated this place…

The white haired elven woman and Ye Can sized each other up. However, she was checking his body while he was unable to tear his eyes away from her jiggling chest.

“Welcome, this is the adventurers association. I’m the one in charge, Linda…” The white haired elven woman said indifferently.

Then Linda introduced the elders to him. They were all retired members of the adventurers association. Bale, Ken, Esse, Carina, as well as the one who just spoke with him was Black Rock City’s Adventurers Association’s (Ranger’s Guild) branch manager - Ivy.

Ye Cang snapped out of his daze and once again wanted to change classes. “Umm… I…”

Linda interrupted him, “Come with me…”

Linda brought the once again dazed Ye Cang to a room on the 2nd floor. The walls were covered in wanted posters, and mission postings. Linda explained the system to Ye Cang. These were separated into ranks. Once one has performed a certain amount of work for the association, one can start accepting better quests. Moreover, they were always being replaced. She then explained the ranks in the adventurers association (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst). The adventurers association was a neutral organization, specialized in gathering information, and performing various missions. Different from the assassins guild, the adventurers association accepted mainly quests to hunt dangerous creatures or solve unfathomable mysteries.

After her explanation, Linda reached out, as quick as lightning, handing Ye Cang a medal, not letting him refuse.

“Congratulations! You’ve become a member of the adventurers associations. Prestige - friendly…“

“……” To him, the system message sounded like ‘Congratulations! You’ve become a member of the senior’s activity center’. Ye Cang was immediately astonished. He felt like a tourist that had been scammed into joining a sketchy organization.

“I know what you’re thinking. Uncle Bale and the others are like that now, but they were once renowned adventurers in Black Rock City, completing many S rank quests. They’ve even complete quests such as defending White Stone City from the Steel Empire. From now on, I’ll be your trainer…” Linda’s words pulled Ye Cang out of his despair. Since he’s already joined, then there’s probably nothing he can do. He took a look at the quests that he was qualified to take. As for this associations function, Ye Cang had no complaints. It was already pretty good that you could get some quests to kill bosses, but you really had to look for them. Most of the quests were things like ‘help Lily find her missing puppy’ or ‘the barber shop’s scissors outside the city’.

Soon after, Linda passed on some skills to Ye Cang. He received 3 skills, 2 talents, as well as 2 talent points and 2 skillpoints.

Adventurer’s Medal (Bronze): +3 All Attributes. Can view bronze rank quests.

Hunter’s Mark (Rare - Beginner Level): Mark the target, allowing you to know its general location from a distance, and increases damage you deal to it by 5%. Cost: 3 mana, 10 energy. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Cloudwalk (Super Rare - Beginner Level): Activate to increase movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds. During this time, you are immune to physical attacks and can walk on liquids. Cost: none. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Triple Shot (Rare - Beginner Level): Shoot 3 arrows at a target, each dealing 85% damage. Cost: 20 energy. Cooldown: 7 seconds. (Automatically replaces double shot)

Adventurer’s Essentials (Adventurer - Beginner Level): +9 Wisdom. Increases the chance you will be given a quest.

Tactics - Rapid Withdrawal/Pursuit (Adventurer - Linda - Beginner Level): When leading a party, your party members gain +8% movement speed and +5 Attack Speed. Once activated, this bonus improves to +50% movement speed and +30 Attack Speed for 20 seconds. Cost: 30 energy. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Ye Cang felt like these skills were pretty good. Especially the Tactics skill and Cloudwalk. If they ever had to escape again like in the tomb, it would definitely be much simpler. Following Linda, who could now be considered his master, back to the first floor, he looked closely at what these once formidable but now retired members were playing. Eh~ Monopoly… Lele should have come here. His title of number one public enemy of all senior’s activity centers wasn’t just for show…

“Ok, you’re now a member of the adventurer’s association. When you have time, come check out the mission postings. If you want a quest, just rip it off the board, and leave a signed message in it’s place. Remember to put my name as your trainer. Every month, I’ll have to send your completed missions to headquarters. Also, the association will take 20% of your reward. Work hard.” Linda said these meaningful and heartfelt words, then patted Ye Cang’s shoulder. Her actions sent waves through her lethal weapons, making Ye Cang nod his head obediently. He even waved to the friendly retired adventurers, then walked out before suddenly realizing, what just happened!? He just now registered Linda’s final words, looked at the sheepskin missions that had suddenly appeared in his hand, and broke out in cold sweat. Am I working for some company!? Doesn’t this mean that after I finish a mission, I have to split the rewards with her!? He sighed, Who told me to get such a trainer. I’m just an apprentice, and can only pretend to smile. Working in a virtual game really isn’t simple. Hah~
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