Chapter 224: Silver Devil and Cold Moon

Chapter 224: Silver Devil and Cold Moon

The five of them were currently in one of the hovering train’s rooms.

“Team Leader, what’s our itinerary?” FrozenCloud hadn’t asked over the phone, so she asked about it now. In the Korean Federation, Jeju Island is the tourist holyland.

“First we go eat kimchi. Then we’ll send you to Korean Beauty. After that is Jeju Island…” Ye Cang said, sitting lazily on the seat.

Just how much do you want to send me to Korean Beauty. FrozenCloud’s heart felt like it was being squeezed. For some reason, it was their first time meeting in reality, yet they were able to act like old friends. She looked at Lele and Brother Xiong who were playing cardgames with her. Little Ye Tian couldn’t play, because she was too good at memorizing the cards, so was banned.

“Lil’Dino, next time you hide something from Lele, I’ll ignore you…” Lin Le pouted.

“Mm, I’ll give you some new year money this year…” FrozenCloud smiled. She knew Lin Le really cared about his allowance, new year money, award money… wait.

“You’re the best…” Lin Le’s ahoge swung happily.

Ye Cang smiled, watching this scene. Suddenly, a message arrived. Reading it, his smile disappeared. He logged into the virtual world, and went to the 10 commandments conference. The figure of #1 saw that a black figure had appeared in the #7 position. “You haven’t come in a long time, Silver Devil…”

“Calling me in such a rush, what’s the situation. Tell me.” Ye Cang asked indifferently.

The other participants, besides those who knew Ye Cang, were all puzzled. This #7 was so arrogant, making them all frown. #10 spoke up unhappy with his attitude, “Humph~ Not joining the meetings all year, and then coming just to act so arrogant. Who do you think you are…”

Ye Cang looked at #10, then laughed. “A new one? #1, want me to help you train him…?”

“No need. This time, you and Cold Moon will be going to the Korean Federation’s Jeju Island on a mission. This time’s mission must absolutely succeed…” #1 said with a dignified voice.

“Mm.” From #5 came an emotionless female voice.

“Oh~~ I just happen to be on vacation in Korea…” Ye Cang said with a yawn.

Ye Cang then directly appeared at #5’s position. She had a beautiful figure. The long hair on her left was black and on the right was white. She had double eyelids, and a frosty face, as if her expression never changes. She had a suffocating sort of beauty. This was Cold Moon. Ye Cang reached out and directly touched her chest, “Oh, you’ve grown?”

“I’m still growing, so I adjusted it in the virtual world too…” Cold Moon said emotionlessly.

#10 - Earth Dragon, originally wanted to make it hard for Ye Cang, but saw him act so casually with Cold Moon. Although they were just two dark silhouettes, but she didn’t seem to have much reaction. That was Cold Moon! He had experienced how strong Cold Moon was. He now looked at Ye Cang’s silhouette with a bit of fear…

#4 spoke in a lazy voice, “Now you know… why he’s called Silver Devil… Haha…”

Earth Dragon didn’t understand. Ardent Wind explained, “At first he was called White Devil. However, whenever he attended a meeting with Cold Moon, this sort of thing would happen, so everyone started calling him Silver Devil…”

“Ardent Wind, don’t go spreading rumors…” Ye Cang said, returning to his spot. He looked to #1 and spoke indifferently, “#1, just 2 more times…”

“I know…” #1 said.

“When it’s time to act, notify me, Moon…” Ye Cang said and then went offline.

Cold Moon saw him go offline, then nodded to his spot and immediately left.

Earth Dragon looked to Ardent Wind and quietly asked, “What does 2 more times mean?”

“I also don’t know. It’s some agreement between Silver Devil and Boss…” Ardent Wind shook her head.

“Then how does he compare to Cold Moon…” Earth Dragon only knew he himself wasn’t a match for Cold Moon.

“Cold Moon could be considered his disciple. In the past, she worked as his assistant…” Ardent Wind said with a bitter laugh. She knew a bit about the two of them. Cold Moon had joined the 10 commandments under Silver Devil’s recommendation. At first she was his assistant. The two of them had a success rate of 100%, never failing before.

Earth Dragon immediately froze. That Cold Moon was actually once his apprentice. Thinking back to his earlier ignorance, he began to shiver. “Then his strength…”

“I’m not sure. Although he’s been around for 3 years, he doesn’t participate much. Boss, War Soul and him are probably the strongest 3 among us.” Ardent Wind murmured.

Ye Cang slowly opened his eyes, and once again saw FrozenCloud playing happily with the others. Little Ye Tian was making a sullen face as she tried really hard not to be too good. Seeing this brought a smile to his face. Still two more times, huh.

Qin Family Home.

“That Su family’s second daughter dares to fight over son-in-law with us. This is my fault for looking down on her. She’s really too cruel! Husband! Call Zhen’er. We’ll rush to Korea and stop them! We’ll save the son-in-law we finally managed to obtain! We can’t let the Su daughters keep ruining us! Those sisters are too dangerous…” Mrs Qin roared when she received the news. Veins throbbed on her forehead.

Mr Qin nodded seriously, “Su BingXue, that girl, still has such a move to play. Humph~ You might have a plan, but I have a solution!”

ThornyRose, who was shouted for, arrived and saw her parents having a fit as if they were going to smite someone. They probably won’t listen to reason anymore. Well, taking a vacation to Korea is alright. Her two parents had already gone crazy, wanting to hold their grandchild. ThornyRose could only sigh. FrozenBlood quickly rushed over. “Who would have thought that FrozenCloud would do such a foolish thing for me. Sister Zhen, Aunt, Uncle, let me go with you…”

Mrs Qin saw that FrozenBlood didn’t appear to be lying. “Alright, let’s persuade her together…”

ThornyRose stared expressionlessly at FrozenBlood. This girl just wants to see the mess and take a vacation at the same time. “You guys… FrozenCloud…”

“There are no pure relationship between men and women! She’s definitely trying to steal my future son-in-law!” Mrs Qin shouted. ThornyRose saw that her mother was already dressed in vacation clothing and her luggage had already been packed, including makeup, sunscreen and all that. She looked at it speechlessly. It turned out she just wanted a vacation but was afraid of telling grandfather, so found an excuse. She turned and saw her father was holding his fishing equipment while shouting, “Father! Our future son-in-law is being stolen by that Su family’s second daughter…”

ThornyRose stared expressionlessly at her parents. So you’re just using me as an excuse. “I was definitely adopted…”

“You told her?” Mrs Qin looked at Mr Qin and even took a step back in alarm.

“Mm…” Mr Qin hung up the phone and nodded with a complicated expression.

“Zhen’er, we were going to wait till you were 30 and still single before we told you…” Mrs Qin sighed.

ThornyRose felt like these words were thousands of arrows stabbing into her heart. These parents were really a match made in heaven…
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