Chapter 233: Test Begins

Chapter 233: Test Begins

When they were reporting to the command center, they actually met an old acquaintance - Instructor Wang.

Instructor Wang saw Ye Cang and the others, and almost ground his teeth to shreds. Ye Cang smiled at him as if they were old friends, making Instructor Wang explode in rage. The staff members had to hold him back from pouncing at them. “Bastards! I’ll tear you apart!!”

“Hello…” Ye Cang, Zhang ZhengXiong, and Lin Le politely greeted him, then continued in.

The other teams saw Instructor Wang’s reaction, and broke out in cold sweat. It looks like the rumours were true.

This time, overseeing the command center were the head instructors Zhou XiaoZhi and Li LiJia. They registered each team, one after the other. Li LiJia looked at Ye Cang’s little team, and sighed. “Don’t go overboard…”

“We’ll be safe…” Ye Cang replied. Li LiJia froze. These guys had another scheme. Being immoral was this team’s most defining point. She looked at Zhang ZhengXiong, rearing to go, and could only cover her forehead, hoping that there were no big issues this time around. Even from here, she could hear Old Wang’s shouting.

Ye Cang’s group of four were assigned to transport #7. Carrying their parachutes, Lin Le looked at the other teams and made an evil smile, “You’re all dead…”

“Lele, don’t scare them. Later, if we do anything, please don’t take offense…” Ye Cang knocked Lin Le’s head, then said towards the other teams. This only served to make the teams even more afraid, especially since Zhang ZhengXiong’s horrendous physique was making loud cracking sounds as he stretched. They smiled bitterly and gulped.

“T-105! Jump!” Following the instructions, the four of them jumped off the the transport. Ye Cang and the others all held onto Zhang ZhengXiong. Zhang ZhengXiong opened his parachute and slowly descended, bearing the weight of 4 people.

The four of them landed on a rocky beach beside a river. Only Zhang ZhengXiong had used his parachute. Little Ye Tian had been analyzing the topography as they fell, creating a map in her mind. Their coordinates, the area, their altitude, she knew it all. Ye Cang looked up and saw another team descending in the distance. “There’s a team there.”

“Father, they’re landing in the C35 area. It’s pretty close to the mouse tunnels…” Little Ye Tian tidied up her data and then said.

“Brother Lil’White, how about we strip them of all their stuff, then tie them to some giant mice!?” The king of bad ideas, Lin Le, said with a genuine smile.

“Good plan! But it’s not enough. An instructor will definitely go rescue them. We have to put a trap on them and the mice. We can conveniently grab some of the instructors stuff.” Ye Cang said, stroking his chin.

AN: Giant Mice (Enormous mountain mice. A mouse like mutated creature. Has an aggressive nature and were first spotted after the invasion of the void beasts.

“Bro, when are we gonna bomb the command center?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked with a shrug.

“Later. We’ll be expelled if we directly blow it up. We need to make it look like an accident. Let’s get some stuff from the instructors and prepare.” Ye Cang said.

“Father, if you want to bomb the command center, I have a plan. It will require quite a few things though. The command center’s defence systems are pretty decent, but I can hack into it. This is the list of items, let’s see if we can get them.” Little Ye Tian said after making some calculations.

“The rescue team will have KB3 plastic explosives. If we kidnap about 10 teams and lure them over…” Ye Cang looked at the list. He knew, more or less, the staff’s general loadout.

“Bomb! Bomb! Teach them to disqualify us! Humph!” Lin Le shouted with a pout, as if he had been wrongfully judged in a paintball game by the ref.

“Humph humph. Don’t worry. They will pay the price for tricking us into returning to the command center early last time…” Ye Cang said with a sneer.

Using a satellite, Li LiJia monitored Ye Cang’s group. Hearing their words, sweat dripped down her forehead. Everyone on that team was insane. Just disqualifying them once, and they’re going to retaliate like this? She quickly instructed some people to reinforce the command center’s defence. With Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Tian around, the little girl’s IQ + that guys strengthened muscle giant form, she had no choice but to be careful. Zhou XiaoZhi noticed that she was constantly observing Ye Cang’s group. “You know that doing this is in violation of the rules. To watch that team’s actions so closely, isn’t fair to the others. Although Zhang ZhengXiong is someone your third administrative building selected, however…”

Li LiJia shot him a glare, then replayed their conversation to him. Zhou XiaoZhi froze. This definitely wasn’t beneath a person who would pull out pepper spray in a martial arts competition… He looked at Li LiJia and said seriously, “Assign some more people to watch over them. They don’t look like they’re joking…”

“Father, we’re being monitored by satellite. I can block it…” Little Ye Tian’s sharp senses had already discovered it by feeling the transmission waves. Ye Cang nodded. Zhou XiaoZhi and Li LiJia watched as they disappeared from the satellite surveillance.

Li LiJia suddenly recalled Little Ye Tian’s astonishing IQ! It was definitely her! The instructors were no longer able to monitor or get in touch with them! They definitely wouldn’t stay in that area. She took out her walkie-talkie and informed all the patrolling instructors, “If you meet any team in need of saving, be extra careful! Inform me immediately if you run into team T-105! Don’t f**k up!!”

Zhou XiaoZhi fixed his collar. “I have an ominous feeling…”

Li LiJia nodded. Ignore the two good-for-nothings, that team still had Zhang ZhengXiong and that little child prodigy. This wouldn’t be any normal problem. Adding that little girl to the team conveniently complemented Zhang ZhengXiong’s ability. With her intelligence, she probably knew this entire area like the back of her hand. Now that she had erased them from the surveillance, god knows what they would do next. Thinking of what was about to happen, she sighed, and sent a message to Ye Cang’s team’s communication device, “Don’t think you can do whatever you like…”

“What!? You’re breaking up! I can’t hear you! A’Xiong, tie him onto the giant mouse’s head. Don’t worry, he won’t die! The girl? Just don’t completely strip her and tie her onto the mouse’s stomach! An instructor will definitely come save them! I’m hanging up, the signal here isn’t good!” Li LiJia heard him hang up, then looked at the scattered instructors. There were many mouse tunnels, five of which had an instructor heading towards it. She frowned. They might be at that one, but it isn’t certain. With that girl’s IQ, they are probably trying to trick us! If we eliminate that one, where could they be!? She thought over it carefully as she looked at the map.
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