Chapter 241: Sentry Tower

Chapter 241: Sentry Tower

Ye Cang made his way into the sentry tower which was covered in dust. It seemed like it hadn’t been used in a long time. Following the spiral staircase to the 2nd floor, he was about to keep going to the third when he suddenly noticed something in the corner. Slowly walking over, he saw some cubs, but it seemed like all three were dead. Reaching out to touch the three tiger cubs, he noticed that two were dead, and the last was exceptionally frail. Looking at the pile of pumpkins and beef on the side, it seemed like it didn’t know how to raise these cubs, or perhaps because it didn’t have any milk to feed them. This was the conclusion that Ye Cang came to. He thought it strange that there could be a mother tiger that didn’t know how to raise cubs. No wonder they became extinct. He took out the milk he got from the farm and fed the weak one. With a sigh, he made his way up the sentry tower and noticed the lever was already completely rusted, but it was still worth a try. He reached out to push it.

Zhang ZhengXiong was being beaten by the tiger into a sorry state, completely unable to retaliate. After its ferocious attacks, it would once again hide into the darkness. Chase? They couldn’t keep up with it, it would be out of sight in moments. At this time, the sentry tower’s light turned on, brightening up the surrounding area. Everyone sighed in relief when they saw the nearby tiger boss. Now they could at least guard against its surprise attacks.

Ye Cang looked around the sentry tower’s roof, and found a concealed spot overlooking the battlefield. With his eagle like eyes, everything visible to him. Now in his sniping position, he took out his heavy crossbow from his bag, then squatted down and aimed a Meteor Shot.

The tiger saw the sentry tower light up! It began to recklessly run towards Ye Cang’s position. Lin Le hurriedly leapt over, blocking it by smashing it with a Handcart Homerun. Then… Handcart Tornado!! Like a tornado, he spun with the cart continuously hitting and pressuring the rennes tiger. Now that they could see it, everyone unleashed a violent storm of attacks. Zhang ZhengXiong charged over, Holy Judgement! He performed three extremely fierce attacks with his hammer, inflicting heavy damage to its leg! FrozenCloud appeared from behind him and attacked. Wyvern Kick (An aerial kick which accelerates at the target)! Wolverine Strike! Triple Strike! She then rolled to avoid a fierce tail swipe, arriving to its front. A Shouryuukenn smashed into its jaw! SpyingBlade was like a demon, appearing at its two sides, assaulting its waist!

“Roar!!” The female tiger’s roar resounded throughout the hills and mines. Everyone immediately became stunned. Lin Le’s ability to break out of stun triggered. Seeing it charging towards Little Ye Tian, he once again activated a charge to intercept it. With a swing of his large blade, he blocked the claw swiping at Little Ye Tian. Sword Drawing Art! Whirlwind Strike! Rising Slash! Netherworld Shock! He once again repelled the tiger and sent blood splattering everywhere.

At this moment a meteor flew over, directly piercing through its throat. The heavy crossbow bolt pinned it to the stone, inflicting stun+immobilize+weakened. Lin Le then walked over, Execute! Success! It cut an enormous wound. Zhang ZhengXiong also broke out of his stunned state. Thunder Strike! The hammer smashed through the air onto its skull, making the sound of cracking bones. A dazzling light emitted from his thick armguard as he punched. Rainbow Slam!

Ye Cang saw that the female tiger was almost finished, so he took aim, and a poisoned arrow shot at its heart from behind. SpyingBlade’s longsword expanded the wound on its stomach. Little Ye Tian shouted a warning, “Don’t lower your guard. It won’t fall so easily…”

The female tiger, even while being bombarded on all sides, was still staring at the sentry tower. Tearing away the arrow pinning it down, it disappeared from everyone’s sight, leaving behind a burst of warm blood.

“Defend! It created clones! There are 5!!!” Ye Cang’s eagle eyes saw that it had become 5 clones which was attacking them from all sides.

Little Ye Tian was protected in the middle of the four as them stood back to back. They had just finished their preparations when they saw the 5 identical seriously injured female tigers attacking them, each attacking fiercely with the claws of both hands.

SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. This season’s game was much more abnormal than last season’s. The difficulty was increased at least two levels! Together with Zhang ZhengXiong, FrozenCloud, and Lin Le, they painfully resisted the onslaught from all four directions. All five clones had substance, god knows which one was the real one…

Ye Cang’s long ranged support was now restricted. He couldn’t use any AOE skills such as flame burst with them so close. He shot a Fire Arrow, Triple Shot, then normal attacks. Eh? Only one of them had dodged his arrow. “The one in front of FrozenCloud is the real one! A’Xiong, activate your skills and block the others!”

Ye Cang thought it over, then prepared to shoot an Explosive Arrow, since the damage wouldn’t be enough to kill them. He took aim, and fired!

Zhang ZhengXiong roared. He forcefully blocked an incoming claw, then used barbaric charge to gather four of them together. His health suddenly began to drop, so he quickly used the healing light spells stored in his holy text. Little Ye Tian also began to heal Zhang ZhengXiong’s health, which was dropping like water from a faucet. Every life-saving skill was employed. Even 5 orbs of light flew towards Zhang ZhengXiong, further healing him. Even like this, he couldn’t hold on for long! At most 20 seconds! It would be up to the others.

Lin Le crushed two gold coins, and obtained the effects of Money Maintenance (heal 60% over 15 seconds), temporarily raising his physical strength to his max. He then became a ghostly image as he made his way towards the one Ye Cang said was real. FrozenCloud activated her martial artist robe’s and bracelets’ abilities, and still had another 30 Qi, which was enough! Dodging past it’s tiger claw, she arrived at its undefended stomach, and performed a extremely ferocious palm strike. Qi - Collapsing Palm! An obvious indent was left where the palm had struck.

SpyingBlade knew that he had to give it everything he had, this was the final spurt! Otherwise, once those four others took out Shaking Bear, the others wouldn’t be able to hold on for long! He attacked like a madman, putting his life at stake, while also like a fluttering butterfly, incomparably mysterious.

As for Lin Le, his ghost walked passed right through the female tiger, and secretly arrived behind it. He used his new move! Armed Destruction!! In a flash, he performed 5 random slashes, covering its back in wounds!

A red rocket arrow flew over and struck at its waist, inches away from where SpyingBlade was attacking. Boom~! The rocket exploded, and SpyingBlade was immediately sent flying. It was then followed closely by a Flame Burst! The Flame Burst struck its head, sending Lin Le and FrozenCloud, who had finished their combos, flying.

Ye Cang made his move, pulling out his pike. In a few steps, he leapt off the sentry tower, and became three shadows as he fell through the air. Using the force from his fall, the pike stabbed through its heart. Flame Blade! Straight Thrust! Multiple Straight Thrusts! The pike became a black and red blur, as the summoned shadows also joined in on the attack.

“Congratulations, you’ve slain Rennes Tiger. Obtain 2350 experience.”
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