Chapter 242: The Tiger Cub, Little Ren

Chapter 242: The Tiger Cub, Little Ren

Clang~! Ye Cang turned and twirled his pike, blocking SpyingBlade’s backstab. “What the heck. Brother SpyingBlade, it wasn’t on purpose…”

“F**k off. You could have shot anywhere, but instead, you choose right next to my face!?” SpyingBlade spouted.

“I had no choice. It’s better than directly shooting at your face…” Ye Cang shrugged, then dropped his pike back into his shadow.

FrozenCloud and ZhangZhengXiong looked at the two with odd expressions. Why does their conversation sound so awkward.

“Alright, alright. The boss is already over. The rest is unimportant…” FrozenCloud said, breaking them up, then together with Zhang ZhengXiong, protected the boss behind them, blocking Ye Cang’s path. Ye Cang blinked. “Out of the way. I’m going to loot the boss…”

SpyingBlade also joined them in suppressing his divine hand. Ye Cang looked at the three of them, and sighed. “You’ll regret it. Earlier, I was in the sentry tower and discovered 3 tiger cubs, although 2 are already dead. The cause of death, if I’m not wrong, was starvation. The last one was also at death’s door, so I fed it some milk.”

Lin Le looted some equipment, and Ye Cang took it, in no rush to begin distributing it. He first rapidly dissected the female tiger. After this operation, just like he’d guessed, there was no milk. He then doubtfully brought everyone to the sentry tower, and saw that the last one, who just recently still had a breath left, was now powerless. With a sigh, he reached out a hand to feel its heart. There was no pulse. Shaking his head, he began to say, “This one is…”

Seeing such a cute animal in such a miserable state, Little Ye Tian felt rather sad. FrozenCloud also couldn’t bear watching…

Ye Cang was about to let go when suddenly… Thump~ He felt an incredibly weak heartbeat. “It’s still beating…”

Little Ye Tian quickly cast a healing spell on it. Ye Cang also fed it cow’s milk, a little at a time. The heartbeat very slowly became stronger. It’s body also slowly relaxed.

“Use the surrounding furniture to make a fire. Let it warm up as quickly as possible.” SpyingBlade said. He, along with Zhang ZhengXiong began taking apart the surrounding furniture, quickly smashing it into firewood to start a fire. Lin Le curiously poked at the V on the little tiger’s forehead. Under the flames, the little tiger’s whiskers twitched. Lin Le laughed mischievously, and continued poking it.The little tiger slowly opened its eyes, and looked at Lin Le curiously, blinking it’s little tiger eyes.

Lin Le felt as if the little tiger and himself were connected by fate. Children all like animals, especially one as cute as this tiger cub. “Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’White, I also want a little buddy…”

Little Ye Tian got up, also wanting to apply for candidacy, but was knocked aside by Lin Le’s butt. He pointed at the kaakoo bug - Little Ration. “You already have one yet still want to fight over it with me. Villain! Brother Lil’White, give it to me.”

“True, Little Tian is already in charge of Little Ration. Then Lele, you will take care of Little Ren.” Ye Cang’s words made Little Ye Tian pout. Looking at the proud Lin Le made her even more upset. He’s always bullying me. “Ok, I understand, father…”

By now, the kaakoo bug was already level 6, receiving two pretty good skills, however, it was still too early for it to participate in battle. Also, it was still considered a larva.

“Brother Lil’White, you’re the best!” Lin Le said, clinging to Ye Cang like a child clinging to his big brother. He then continued to happily poke the renne tiger cub while glancing at Little Ye Tian who was biting her nails on the side. She gnashed her teeth especially hard when she saw him cling to her father and stick out his tongue at her. That damn Lele, stinking Lele…

Ye Cang used his animal taming ability. He succeeded in taming the Rennes Tiger Cub and named it Little Ren, then passed it back to Lin Le. SpyingBlade raised his brows. Not bad, this bastard can even tame beasts. This could be the best money making skill if it’s anything like the other games. Young animals, dying animals and eggs were the easiest to tame, but if one had to choose the best, it would be eggs and newborns, followed by young, then dying. Among SpyingBlade’s friends was a professional virtual animal cub trafficker, so regarding the selling of animals, he was very familiar.

The fact that they had revived the little tiger made Ye Cang pretty happy. It almost made up for the fact that he didn’t get to loot the boss earlier. The thought that he had personally killed this little tiger’s mother never even entered his mind. A mother like that, who could not feed her young, was not a mother. However, he still didn’t understand. Although it was an ancient species, one that was even extinct, there couldn’t possibly be a mother animal that was unable to feed its young. If so, how did these cub survive for so long? If the mother couldn’t produce enough milk, he could understand, but she practically had none. What happened? Something seemed fishy. He explained his doubts to everyone.

“It could be a defect in their species.” FrozenCloud also didn’t know much.

“I agree with Brother PaleSnow’s words. There’s something weird going on in these mines.” Although SpyingBlade said so, pondering over it, he couldn’t think of any ideas.

As for Zhang ZhengXiong, he didn’t feel like there was anything wrong at all. Lin Le was still unable to take his eyes off the little Rennes Tiger - Little Ren, showing no signs that he would get tired of poking it anytime soon.

Little Ye Tian frowned, then took out a paper and began to calculate. No one understood what she was writing. “There are many reasons. The reason Lil’Dino gave is plausible. The tiger earlier was so strong. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but that tiger was actually already weakened before it fought us. I feel like the reason the rennes tigers went extinct was not due to a racial defect. Although such a defect could render a species extinct, the church had mentioned once that there was once a great war against the demon race, killing off many species. I feel like this was the reason for their extinctions. As for this one, rather than a physical problem, the fact that she couldn’t produce enough milk, or any milk at all, I have countless speculations. The most rational one is that she and her children had been sealed up until now. Some animals can survive being sealed for long periods of time. Moreover, if they were sealed, she would have passed the peak period in which she could produce the most milk. As time passed, it would become more difficult, until finally, she could no longer do it. Another possibility is a disease. Or perhaps a combination of both. These are the reasons I could think of. Of course, this is considering the fact that it wasn’t a racial defect and the system isn’t coming up with some crazy story.”

SpyingBlade and FrozenCloud were stunned. This girl is too capable. The things she mentioned were both very possible, because neither of them could think of a counter-argument.

“Then the problem is, if they were indeed sealed, then… then where was it? Of course, there’s the possibility that it was diseased, but for that, there are two unresolved issues. Two fundamental problems. First, if these rennes tigers really always existed here, then after all these years, how could no-one have known about them? The news of such a rare and extinct species would spread fast. Second, where is the father…” Little Ye Tian stopped writing. This was something she didn’t understand. If they were really sealed, then where was it? First of all, it would definitely be nearby. It couldn’t be far from the mine, because her cubs were so young. Most of Callor Hills had been mined, so where could they have been hidden? This was the most mysterious part. If it was the second reason, then where was the male tiger? He couldn’t have just disappeared as soon as the female tiger gave birth. Although possible, it was too unlikely.
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