Chapter 254: Insect Nest

Chapter 254: Insect Nest

The Carnot Grasslands were extremely vast. They had already travelled till dawn, encountering various packs of wolves along the way, receiving a pretty good harvest. The wind lightly brushed past their faces, as they watched the slowly rising sun. The sunrise in a prairie had it’s own distinct style compared to on a mountain or by the sea. The herbivores began to wake as the nocturnal creatures became more idle.

“You’re sure this monster nest we’re looking for exists? Even if it really exists, can we find it?” SpyingBlade couldn’t help having some misgivings. This prairie was not small. Although it couldn’t compare to a savanna, but could they really find it without a large scale sweep of the area?

“We’re almost within the search radius.” Little Ye Tian had pretty much mapped everything on the way here. SpyingBlade looked at it. It had geological descriptions complete with coordinates, and all the special landmarks along the way were recorded in detail. Every single little incline was accurately reflected on the map. This girl was pretty much one of those map programs from hundreds of years ago. “Give me a copy of your Carnot Grassland and Black Rock City maps, 25 gold. I won’t resell it.”

This caught Ye Cang’s interest. Even a map could be sold!? Little Ye tian thought it over. “Alright, 25 gold, no discounts.”

SpyingBlade took out 25 gold. Little Ye Tian made a copy of her map so far, and even added a feature so that if it was shared, it would delete itself. Then she handed it to him. “Don’t share it. If you do, it will self-destruct.”

By this time, Ye Cang had already called CloudDragon. “Brother CloudDragon, how are you?”

“What?” CloudDragon just happened to be resupplying in White Stone City. The two cities were not too far away from each other. The southeastern-most part of Carnot Grassland was considered part of White Stone City’s area.

“This is a super accurate map we’ve created of Carnot Grasslands. Since you’re a friend, I decided to contact you. 50 gold fixed price!” Ye Cang began to show off his salesperson abilities.

“Get lost, the map only shows Black Rock City’s area. I have no use for it here in White Stone City yet you still want 50 gold!? 25 gold or get out!” CloudDragon directly cut the price in half. In order to explore that area from White Stone City, it would take quite a bit of manpower and resources. Moreover this map, although he had only seen part of it, was so detailed. It was definitely made by that little girl.

“Hah~ just because we’re such good friends. Remember to send me the gold, no further discounts. I’ll send this over to you, don’t go sharing it or it’ll self-destruct~~” Ye Cang sent the map. CloudDragon also sent the gold over using mail.

“I won’t sell the rest. CloudDragon is so far, he won’t be able to make his way over anytime soon.” Ye Cang said, petting Little Ye Tian’s head. They now had 50 more gold in their account.

Wu Na gasped. 50 gold was a large sum of money. Currently, there weren’t many players who could easily pull out 50 gold. In game gold was still high in demand. She herself, after working tirelessly, only had about 2 gold. That was even after finishing a boss quest with Sister Lily. These guy could make 50 gold just by selling two maps? She could only laugh bitterly.

After logging off for a meal, they began to hasten their exploration. Little Ye Tian looked at a distant sand dune area. After marking it on her map, she raised her brows. “If I’m not wrong, it should be in that area. Sand type areas often have insect creatures. If there’s an underground insect nest in Carnot Grassland, it should be there. I don’t know if the other areas also have it, but out of the northern areas, this place has the highest probability.”

“Let’s go. Wait, don’t we have someone to find it for us.” Ye Cang thought of something. With an evil laugh, he snatched the sleeping ‘Emergency Ration’, and put it on the ground. The kagu bug, Little Ration, looked blankly at Ye Cang and blinked its eyes, confused.

“Bring us to the bug nest or I’ll fry you…” Ye Cang smiled. To illustrate his point, he took out some leftover fried food, then pointed to Little Ration. The little kagu bug didn’t understand his words, but when it saw Ye Cang’s smile, its whole body began to quiver. It started running for it’s life on the sand. Everyone broke out in cold sweat, then rushed to keep up with it. The plan was feasible, but Ye Cang’s words and actions were just too shameful.

FrozenCloud sighed in relief. She was relieved knowing that Team Leader didn’t raise any animals in real life. In the end, the fleeing Little Rations led everyone to an enormous rock. Everyone circled around it, and saw the tunnel. Wu Na picked up the trembling Little Ration and put it on her shoulder. “Damn Ye Cang, you really frightened it. Don’t be afraid~~”

The kagu bug quickly hid behind Wu Na’s shoulder, still trembling in fear, making everyone take pity on it.

In response to the looks of disdain everyone was giving him as well as Wu Na’s blame, Ye Cang simply crossed his arms and nodded. “I’m using its danger senses to arouse its potential. Clearly, it worked…”

“Let’s go in while we’re still buffed. Use it up before reapplying it.” SpyingBlade drew his weapons and took the lead to enter. Zhang ZhengXiong also jumped in. Everyone followed one after the other.

Seeing that Little Ration had returned to her shoulder, Little Ye Tian pet its head saying, “Father won’t really fry and eat you…”

“Are you sure…” FrozenCloud asked doubtfully.

“Shh, I’m just comforting it…” Little Ye Tian put a finger to her lip and whispered. Wu Na, who was at the back, didn’t know wether to laugh or cry. This father and daughter pair…

After entering, they found that the tunnels were very spacious, a full 20 meters high, becoming even bigger the further down they went.

After about 10 minutes, Ye Cang, who had night vision, suddenly stopped. He looked at the distance where 3 meter long maggots were scattered and crawling around the sand floor and walls. They had covered the surfaces with some sticky fluid, and some of them were digging tunnels. He tried identifying them.

Sand Maggots (Insect - Elite): Inferior maggots often found in sandy insect nests. Under the kagu bug’s orders, they are often in charge of digging and strengthening tunnels. It has a strong attack and can secrete a glue like liquid. It’s flesh tastes fairly good and can be eaten. Not poisonous.

At this moment, a kagu bug that was many times bigger than Little Ration came around the corner, and was spotted by Ye Cang. The difference was that Little Ration had one more pair of eyes, and a much more lustrous color. The other bug only had one pair of wings and two scythes. It noticed the intruders, and its four insect legs made sounds like clanging metal as it charged over, issuing a whiny shriek.

“We’ve been discovered! Prepare for battle!” Ye Cang drew his bow into a full arc. Multishot! Explosive Arrow! Fire Arrow! They all flew out in succession. Tens of maggots were crawling over along with two flying kagu bugs.

FrozenCloud looked at the tens of disgusting maggots wriggling along the floor. Her womanly nature caused her scalp to tingle, and a shiver spread through her body. “Team Leader, they’re so disgusting. These maggots….”

“Don’t worry. Lele, block the path with molotovs…” Ye Cang said with an indifferent smile.

Lin Le also made a mischievous smile. He flung his bag, directly sending 3 refined flame flasks into the horde of maggots, followed by another 3. The flames blocked the tunnel, yet the maggots persistently crawled forwards while crying out in anguish. However, the two 5 meter tall kagu bugs managed to make it through. They swung their sickles, becoming countless cuts, as they made their way over. Zhang ZhengXiong readied his warhammer and lunged forwards. A Thunder Strike smashed them both down to the ground, and dealing a significant amount of damage.
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