Chapter 261: Burning Bees

Chapter 261: Burning Bees

Ye Cang’s untimely words interrupted them. “Stop…”

Everyone stopped and looked at Ye Cang who was peeking around the corner. Further down was a large hive. Hundreds of Kagu Bees were flying around a honeycomb like thing. He signalled everyone to come look.

Wu Na walked over puzzled. They all looked around the corner, and saw the air filled with Kagu Bees. There were even tens of Kagu Bug Guards. This was too much! How was this supposed to be possible!?

“Team Leader, it will be difficult to deal with this with just the few of us. There’s just too many, and there will clearly be a queen bee like thing in the center. How about calling for external help.” FrozenCloud saw the scene and was a bit scared.

“Father, I also think it’s too much. There are too many…” Little Ye Tian also agreed.

Ye Cang faintly nodded, then thought of something. “Lele, how many molotovs do you have left?”

“Let me count…” Lin Le didn’t even finish speaking when Little Ye Tian answered for him, “25.”

“I have a plan. I’ll attract their attention and lure them all into a tunnel. Then we’ll use the molotovs to trap them. How about it?” Ye Cang said explaining his plan.

“It’s feasible but there are too many of them. Even if we deal with all the little ones, our skills will be on cooldown if the big ones come out. To kill so many is still risky.” FrozenCloud reminded.

“I feel like it’s worth a try.” SpyingBlade said.

“It’s like what FrozenCloud said, but Brother SpyingBlade is also right. We won’t know unless we try. Besides the molotovs, we also have grenades prepared for restraining them. Brother A’Xiong can also stay near the choke point to help hold them back. As long as we don’t use all our skills against these Kagu Bees and Kagu Guards, it should be possible…” Little Ye Tian analyzed.

“Who cares about all that. Let’s do it!” Zhang ZhengXiong nodded. FrozenCloud knew they were going to try. She wasn’t upset that they didn’t follow her suggestion, in fact she was excited but also a bit afraid of aggroing so many enemies.

Ye Cang faintly smiled. “A’Xiong, FrozenCloud, you two block in front of the fire. Lele, Brother SpyingBlade, you two stay back and protect Nana and me while we attack from range. Little Ye Tian, you’re in charge of supporting A’Xiong and them.”

Everyone nodded. Ye Cang knew this fight wouldn’t be short. “Little Tian, cast the blessings again. It’s about time.”

Little Ye Tian cast her blessings on everyone, then sat down and began to drink the magic springwater. After recovering a decent amount, she retreated to a nearby narrow part. Ye Cang drew his longbow and began to walk into the room. His eagle eyes locked onto a target, raised his bow, and unleashed a triple shot, grabbing the attention of every single kagu bee and kagu bug guard. They all began flying over. “They’re coming!”

He began to retreat as he called out, but the kagu bees were just too fast. They would soon overtake him. Ye Cang saw the raging flames prepared in the tunnels, and turned to shoot a few more arrows. He made a face at the bugs, then leapt into the flames while simultaneously casting Shadow Step and arriving beside Zhang ZhengXiong. He activated his shoe’s ability and appeared like a ghost by Wu Na’s side. “Begin battle!”

Wu Na heard the voice and jumped in surprise. She looked at Ye Cang who was obviously just by Zhang ZhengXiong, when did he appear behind her? From the shadow? She didn’t think about it for too long, and began to chant the Windstorm spell, which could incite the flames and deal damage.

Ye Cang pulled out his heavy crossbow and prepared a Meteor Shot.

Zhang ZhengXiong was like a guard, staring into the flames holding onto his warhammer. He heard the screams of the bugs and laughed. FrozenCloud looked at his grin, and her heart shook. Her initial worry was completely swept away. Right! Worrying about losing is unnecessary. Challenge! Continue to challenge and surpass oneself! The tiger claws ejected from her two gauntlets, and her face became serious as she stared closely into the flames.

Lin Le tossed a molotov while resting his blade on his shoulder and singing a made up nursery rhyme. “Two swarms of little bees, flying into the flames. A bunch die over here, a bunch die over there. Boom boom~! I throw…”

SpyingBlade held a sword in each hand, one in reverse grip. He lowered his stance and shouted, “Here they come!!”

The swarm of bees rushed into the flames. The insect wings burned very easily, so even the lucky ones who made it across were injured and fell to the ground. Zhang ZhengXiong swung his warhammer furiously. FrozenCloud also attacked while dodging the falling bugs.

Lin Le looked at the few bugs that were falling towards him. Sword Drawing Art! He waved his enormous bone sword and cut them cleanly in half.

Ye Cang’s Meteor Shot spiralled out. It instantly ran through at least 15 as it unstoppably flew through the swarm of bugs. Multishot! Bone Spikes! Triple Shot! A rain of arrows flew over. Shoo~ Shoo~ Shoo~ Tens of bugs died. The flames burned intensely, killing many Kagu Bees. Wind Blades also shot out, killing many more.

The one who astonished Wu Na the most right now was SpyingBlade. He was using the falling Kagu bugs like stepping stones as he leapt around like a butterfly and fought in the sky with his two weapons. Such an amazing assassin! Too cool!!

Ye Cang was also impressed by this move. The bastards footwork was so precise and delicate. He would slay a bug in the air then kick off it towards another one, almost like wall jumping. Some evil ideas to mess with SpyingBlade popped into Ye Cang’s head but he discarded them. There were so bugs that they might not be able to handle them all. He began to chant a Flame Burst.

Some elite kagu bug guards made it through the flames. Little Ye Tian quickly cast a shield around Zhang ZhengXiong, then cast a Rejuvenating Light on FrozenCloud. She continued to cast Healing Lights to increase the pearls of light around her. She currently had 3.

The kagu bugs began piling up within the raging flames, which was smothering it. Zhang ZhengXiong smashed aside the kagu bug guard and shouted, “Lil’Dino, help me hold these two for a while! I’ll be right back!”

FrozenCloud looked at him speechlessly. She was already under a lot of pressure! She used a wyvern kick to arrive at his spot. The one she was fighting originally now charged towards Wu Na. “Lele, intercept it!”

Lin Le looked at the incoming kagu bug elite guard and the increasing number of kagu bees. He roared and unleashed a netherworld shock to the front, stunning the bugs in the tunnel. FrozenCloud felt it brush right past her. Every time Lele attacked like this, her stomach would drop. Zhang ZhengXiong used a Barbaric Tackle to charge into the flames, knocking the pile of kagu bees outwards. The flame once again began to burn vigorously. Lin Le quickly swung his bag, and molotovs once again added fuel to the fire.

The battle dragged on into a war of attrition. Ye Cang had already used up all his arrows and switched to casting magic. When his spells were on cooldown, he switched to melee. Zhang ZhengXiong held his spot and also used Barbaric Charge to knock aside the piles of corpses smothering the flames. SpyingBlade felt like his hands and feet haven’t stopped moving for even a moment since the beginning of the fight. It had been a long time since he last experienced a fight like this. Continuously killing, endless death. The moment he relaxed, he would be engulfed by the swarm.

Little Ye Tian was feeling weak. She had already used her ring to exchange health for mana. Whenever she had some free time, she sat down to drink magic springwater and recover a bit. Wu Na was the same. She had cast so many magic missiles and windstorms that her mana was pretty much empty!

Lin Le used Handcart Tornado to help out with the gathering corpses, knocking aside a huge amount of kagu bees. He also continued throwing molotovs. FrozenCloud felt like her skills were never off cooldown at the same time. They were practically used the moment they were available.

As time slowly passed, Little Ye Tian finally completely ran out of mana, so she had no choice but to sit down and drink water. Wu Na was the same. Zhang ZhengXiong’s health was down to a quarter of his total, and had even already used Berserk Recovery. Lin Le’s money maintenance had also reached it’s 3 times an hour limit. Everyone looked and saw that the kagu bees had no intention of stopping their assault. They felt helpless yet could only continue holding the line. All around the tunnel were kagu bee corpses. Their defence line was slowly but steadily being pushed back.

Zhang ZhengXiong noticed that everyone’s health was low, so he opened his holy text to heal everyone, but it was no better than throwing a cup of water at a burning cart of wood. If only they had just two more able combatants.

Finally Zhang ZhengXiong was left with only 5% health. If he were to die, not only would morale drop, but the auras would disappear. FrozenCloud also couldn’t hold on much longer, and she didn’t have much health left, only 13%. Ye Cang thought quickly. “A’Xiong, back up. I’ll replace you!”

Zhang ZhengXiong knew that Ye Cang also didn’t have much health left. Though he had a second life, it would only delay the inevitable. They were really just a bit short on people. There were still almost a hundred kagu bees… He sighed and backed up. Two figures charged up to replace him. Little Ye Tian looked and saw that the two shadows were Little Ration and Little Ren! They had leveled up to 10 and evolved! She had forgotten this variable!

Ye Cang also noticed this. Little Ren who use to be just a little tiger cub was now about the size of a normal tiger. When standing, he was around 2 meters tall. Little Ration was also about the same size, with meter long scythes. He checked their attributes.

Pet (HappyAndCheerful): Little Ren

Level: 10

Loyalty: Like Family

Grade: A-???

Race: Rennes Tiger

Specialty - Naturally Sharp Claws / Humanoid Tiger: Sharp claws with +30% armor penetration, +30% damage and can cause bleeding. Can equip certain weapons and armors.

Damage: 35 - 38

Strength: 45

Dexterity: 65

Constitution: 64

Intelligence: 25

Wisdom 41

Tiger Roar: Roar to inspire allies increasing all attacks by 25% for 30 seconds.

Tiger Pounce: About the same as FrozenCloud’s set ability.

Track: Good at tracking down creatures that have a scent.

Quadruple Strike: Perform four rapid claw attacks against a target, dealing 85% damage each.

Jump Expertise: Extremely good at jumping.

Rennes Rapid Charge: Movement Speed +50%.

Pet (NightSky): Emergency Ration

Level: 10

Grade: A

Loyalty: Fanatical / Fearful

Race: Kagu Bug General / Flying Creature

Specialty - Night Stalker / Bladed Tank: At night or in darkness, stats increase by 30%. It’s shell and scythe are equivalent to Distinguished grade equipment.

Damage: 40 - 45

Strength: 63

Dexterity: 64

Constitution: 51

Intelligence: 12

Wisdom: 21

Stealth: Activate to enter stealth, becoming harder to sense.

Wild Blows: Perform 4-5 rapid attacks forwards, each dealing 50% damage.

Keen Eyes: Gives a bonus to seeing through stealth.

Screech: Interrupt spellcasting in an area, with a chance to cause daze.

TN: Omg, I totally forgot about these two pets. I kept thinking, huh are they gonna get two more party members? XD
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