Chapter 280: Goblin Camp

Chapter 280: Goblin Camp

Black Peaks, Caldo Peak.

They could already see the wooden buildings near the peak. Ye Cang examined it with his Eagle Eye. “That should be the place…”

Both sides were harboring secret motives. Ye Cang’s main motive was the treasure. As for NalanPureSoul, no one knew what he was plottings. However, it was clear that both sides were acting suspiciously.

After clearing away the demon beasts, they arrived at the goblin tribe’s stronghold. It was clear that they were a powerful tribe as there were numerous grass skirted goblins guarding the gate. Zhang ZhengXiong whispered, “Bro, where’s the fishmen reinforcements you mentioned?”

“I’m also not sure. Anyways, he promised.” Ye Cang replied.

“They should join up mid-fight or if a condition is fulfilled. They probably won’t appear right at the beginning. Of course, we can’t eliminate the possibility of them not showing up at all…” FrozenCloud said, touching her claws.

“Then what should we do? Clean up the area and then charge right in?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked once again.

“It seems that’s all we can do…” Ye Cang said, taking out his bone longbow.

“Let’s wait. Goblins are similar to humans in many ways. They’ll lower their guards at night…” NalanPureSoul said.

Lin Le stroked his chin and nodded, “I think so too…”

“……” Those who knew Lin Le all rolled their eyes, especially Little Ye Tian who was also planning to give her approval.

“Alright, then let’s wait for night time. I can take this time to prepare some food…” Ye Cang nodded and put away his longbow. Those who have yet to eat his food, including Wang and NalanPureSoul, didn’t show much reaction. The rest all sighed. It was inevitable. They began to find a concealed place to wait for nightfall.

Gradually, dusk arrived. Ye Cang was all smiles after preparing a lot of food. “Recently we’ve harvest quite a bit, so if it’s alright to be a bit more wasteful, otherwise we’ll never finish them. Also, there’s probably a long battle coming up, so I’ve prepared a special meal! Tada~!! Assorted Kagu with Skeletal Demon and Spirit of Wild Game!”

Ye Cang said, unsealing the pot. Their hiding place instantly turned into hell. The intense violation of their senses made their stomachs shiver in fear. The soup was dark green with specks of cyan and blue. As if seeing an illusion, it emitted a purple smoke in the shape of a skeleton skull which seemed to laugh at them. NalanPureSoul’s graceful smile froze when he saw the result of Ye Cang’s cooking.

Assorted Kagu with Skeletal Demon and Spirits of Wild Game: Eat to restore 4 health per second and 1 mana every 3 seconds. Also obtain +10 all attributes, +20 all resistances, +12 defence, +10 damage, +10 spell power, and Courage - Beginner Level (+25% Will, chance on attack to increase all attributes by 20% for 10 seconds.) Only those who don’t fear death should eat this food!

NalanPureSoul recalled what happened earlier.

“What’s this green sticky liquid?”

“I’m not sure myself. It’s probably some rotting fluid secreted from zombies.”


“Then what about this transparent flour like powder?”

“Oh, I know this one. It’s the stuff that you get when killing specters and ghosts. In other words, the corpses of specters and ghosts…”

“How about these pieces of bone?”

“Tut tut, this one is impressive. You know that giant skeleton that appeared in Really New Village’s graveyard? These are its bones.”

“Oh, then what about this egg-white like thing?”

“Oh, I know that one too. That’s the gel from the two kinds of slimes we killed around here…”

“Is that so? Let me try to identify it. It’s true…”

“Then what about this mushroom that’s clearly disgusting?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll turn out fine. Vegetables are good for you!”

NalanPureSoul began to sweat. Hellooo, you don’t even know what it is, yet you’re randomly pairing them up? Many wild mushrooms are poisonous! It’s the reason a certain plumber from hundreds of years ago keeps knocking into pipes and dreaming of princesses! If you happen to eat a bad mushroom, then it’s game over!

NalanPureSoul regained his composure, and looked at the food’s stats. It was simply too good, but… for some reason, his intuition was telling him to cherish his life.

Zhang ZhengXiong sighed. “Who’s first…”

No one wanted to be the first to collapse because the ones after could still watch and feel comfort from the misfortune of others. The first one was the most miserable, because he couldn’t see the misery of others.

“Rock Paper Scissors.” Lin Le suggested with a serious expression.

NalanPureSoul’s rigid smile relaxed a bit. He want up, grabbed a bowl, and in front of everyone, drank it. Then as if nothing was wrong, he wiped his mouth, “The taste isn’t bad, everyone come try.”

Everyone who was pinching their noses, looked over doubtfully. Even the creator, Ye Cang, was skeptical. This was NalanPureSoul, the one who could look graceful doing anything. Is he telling the truth? Ye Cang tried a bowl, froze, and then happily roared, “It’s true! It’s so good!”

Everyone sighed in relief. They all pinched their noses as they drank a bowl, then immediately looked towards the first two, but by now, the two had already collapsed and were twitching on the ground.

The explosive stink caught FrozenCloud unprepared. Her consciousness became fuzzy, but she seemed to recall seeing Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul together in a 69 position. In her last moment, she spouted out, “[email protected]#$… you two perverts…”

NalanMoon looked at the two in their compromising position, with a complicated expression. Little brother… you’re really… too cruel. Then with a loud thud, she hit the ground.


“Brother Lil’White!”



“Damn Ye Cang!”

“Liar!!” the five of them shouted as they collapsed.

OldWangFromNextDoor was drinking it for his first time. He felt earth-shattering suffering, sickness, and disgust. He looked around at everyone. …I’m too young to die. Team leader is also too damn evil… He collapsed face first onto NalanBeauty’s butt. So cunning… even while being poisoned to death, a perverted smile was on his face…

About 10 minutes later, everyone slowly woke up. Ye Cang felt everyone’s anger, and pointed at NalanPureSoul. “Brother PureSoul! You liar!”

NalanPureSoul still had his graceful, charming smile. “I really thought it was good, but then my mind went blank…”

“Then have another bowl!” Ye Cang pointed to the big pot.

“Brother PaleSnow, I think it’s not good to eat too much before dinner…” NalanPureSoul calmly said.

Wang felt the handprint on his face and looked at NalanBeauty with a sincere smile, “Hello… I’m…”

Immediately, another handprint appeared on the other side of his face. He lowered his head, choosing to remain silent. He looked over and saw a female assassin hadn’t woken up. “Team Leader, miss NalanMoon doesn’t seem to be moving.”

Ye Cang immediately cheered up. Before he said anything, Little Ye Tian was already starting to revive her.

Ye Cang prepared another bowl, then kneeled be the waking NalanMoon and smiled. “Don’t worry, we still have more…”

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