Chapter 285: Heavy Crossbow New Effect

Chapter 285: Heavy Crossbow New Effect

NalanMoon noticed Ye Cang’s abnormal actions. He’s going to steal a spell? Every spellcasters most hated ability. A single success could turn the tide of a battle. That’s why all spellcasters needed to learn to extend their cast times or shorten it, in order to vary their casting speed, or have someone cover them, otherwise, it would be a disaster of someone stole the spell.

“Now!” Ye Cang grasped with his hand, and was presented with the spell’s description. Blizzard? Without hesitation, he used it in the direction of the boss and the enemies. Icicles, and hale continuously rained from the sky. Cold wind chilled to the bone. The enemies back row suffered heavy casualties. The spellcaster boss involuntarily cried out, “Steal Spell!”

As the boss tried to continue casting, Ye Cang and the others had already found cover. Ye Cang pulled out his heavy crossbow, and aimed a Meteor Shot. NalanPureSoul smiled. Hellfire gathered in his hands again, and he summoned a rain of fire, which almost covered an entire 10 meter area. He made another grasping motion, and there was another explosion, clearing the way for Ye Cang’s shot. Lin Le stopped his steps. Summoning his handcart, he activated Handcart Charge and brought Little Ren rushing forwards with him to aid Zhang ZhengXiong.

The spiraling Meteor Shot pierced the boss, interrupting his spell. Ye Cang turned and hid behind cover. He took out the next bolt, and began to manually reload it, using up countless seconds to pull hard on the heavy crossbow. Now he aimed a Precise Shot.

The surrounding bandits noticed Ye Cang preparing a second shot. They all went to the spellcaster and shielded him. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le had already killed their way to the back, making the bandirs suffer heavy casualties. The second bolt shot through the few human shields left and once again pierced the spellcaster. An enormous burst of poison damage instantly killed him. Ye Cang was also surprised. So much damage!

NalanPureSoul couldn’t help doubting what he saw. How could something deal so much damage! The two bolts probably barely exceeded 100, but that second bolt had dealt at least 400+ damage! Was it a special effect? A special effect from when two bolts hit the same target? Or is it an effect that activates when one repeatedly hit the same target?

The fight gradually came to an end after that. Ye Cang had jogged over and retrieved his two special bolts, putting them in his backpack to automatically reload. He spent the rest of the fight using his bow and regular arrows.

A scary growl from a dog snapped Ye Cang and the others out of their thoughts. From the distance, a scarred man holding a heavy axe was walking over. Beside him was a 5 meter long dog type beast, which also had scars. The low growl made everyone raise their guard. There were even another 10 elite bandits that joined the fight.

“You dare to kill so many of my brothers! Toli! Tear them apart!!” The scarred man bellowed. The huge dog charged over.

Ye Cang roared, “A’Xiong, you take the human boss!!”

“A’Xiong1, FrozenCloud, you two go take the dog boss.” NalanPureSoul instructed.

The two A’Xiong’s charged at their targets: one at a man, the other at a dog. Zhang ZhengXiong smashed his hammer at the scarred man’s axe. SpyingBlade, NalanMoon, and the others went to clear up the elite bandits. Little Ye Tian saw that because Zhang ZhengXiong had focused on the boss, a few bandits had snuck past him and approached her. She quickly hopped onto Little Ration and flew into the the air. She looked down at NalanSuzy, planning to taunt her and watch as she died to the bandits, but then recalled their goal, so she unhappily called out, “Still not getting on!?”

NalanSuzy ran over and jumped. Together they sat on Little Ration’s back as it flew up. Although it flew low, it wasn’t something that a few landlocked bandits could reach. Their throwing knives would just bounce of Little Ration’s shell and the shield Little Ye Tian had cast. Little Ration flew to a nearby rooftop to rest. The two of them began to continue supporting the part. When the bandits were about to climb up, they would fly to another rooftop.

NalanPureSoul looked around at the messy battle. After these two bosses had appeared, the battle only became even more chaotic than before. They had to set up a strategy and rhythm, they couldn’t keep fighting solo! Ye Cang called out to him from the ground while restoring mana, “Watch my back for a bit. The timing on stealing that Blizzard spell was a bit off so I used up too much mana…”

NalanPureSoul smiled bitterly. I also don’t have much mana left. “Brother SpyingBlade, focus one at a time! Kill them as fast as possible. Sister, LooseCloud, take on the archers and spellcasters! Sister Beauty, work together with Nana. OldWangFromNextDoor, you two focus on enemies coming within 20 meters. Help buy some time for me and Brother PaleSnow. Especially OldWangFromNextdoor, take advantage of your water elemental’s slowing ability and damage reduction…”

After giving out commands, he also sat down and began to eat and drink. The others all nodded.

Zhang ZhengXiong was feeling the pressure. To both left and right were elite bandits. Thunderclap! He stunned the ones on the two sides, but the bald scarred boss continued chopping. Zhang ZhengXiong’s hammer smashed into the face of the bandit on the left and right, then he violently turned. Rainbow Slam! The boss and one of the elites became dazed. He waved his hand and his ring shot a ball of fire towards FrozenCloud’s area, helping relieve the pressure on that side for a moment. Holy Judgement! Three heavy strikes killed one of the elites. Lin Le charged over with Assault Charge, knocking away the bandit on Zhang ZhengXiong’s other side. He then Leapt and landed on a sentry tower to fight the two archers there. The tigerkin Little Ren leaped up to another sentry tower to deal with a few other archers. With his outstanding strength, he waved his heavy axe around, yet moved as fast as a feline. His hunting efficiency was very high.

Little Ye Tian was on a rooftop looking at the elite troops still trying to climb after them. She pointed her mythril staff, blinding them. Then Little Ration brandished its scythes. The bandits died under its ferocious attacks. NalanSuzy just now realized how strong this insect really was. It wasn’t just an aerial transport.

Time slowly passed. Zhang ZhengXiong fought like a gladiator, not giving any ground. His holy text’s active and the recorded healing spells had already been used up. FrozenCloud’s side was already having difficulty holding back the dog, but now they were running out of strength.

NalanPureSoul observed the state of the battle as he ate and drank. For the insect, being able to fly while carrying others is already proof of it worth. HeavenShakingMight is fighting the boss bravely, which proves his outstanding talent. His steps even contain some of the mysteries of the Divine Trigrams. Is he from the Qin Family? HappyAndCheerful is also occasionally using some of the Divine Trigrams’ footwork. Are they practitioners of Heavenly Dragon Art or the orthodox Yin Yang Divine Trigram Technique? He looked to Ye Cang who was eating and drinking beside him. This guy’s movements don’t show what family or sect he’s from, but it’s clearly been perfected to the extreme, exactly like they teach in school, but with extreme precision. It’s simply unheard of. He looks like he’s just doing whatever he wants, but there are no wasted movements whether while evading, attack, or changing positions. Yet he makes it look so normal, as if it was nothing special at all. Is it trained until it has become his natural state?

Ye Cang felt NalanPureSoul’s ‘loving’ gaze, and stared back deep into his eyes. The two of them once again stared at each other, neither looking away, as if they were the only ones around.

1: NalanMight = NalanXiong = A’Xiong
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