Chapter 288: Class Quest

Chapter 288: Class Quest

Ye Cang and the others prepared to continue exploring Caldo Peak until sunrise. Just at this time, NalanPureSoul called. Ye Cang hesitated a moment. That guy is definitely into me. Although I can’t feel it myself, I can still tell from his words and body language. He sighed. Who would have thought that there would come a day where I would have both men and woman falling for me. He picked at his white hair, not knowing what to do…

Ye Cang accepted the call.

“Brother PaleSnow, can you come help with something?”


NalanPureSoul explained the quest. Ye Cang crossed his armed, in thought. Their original purpose was to get to a cave containing rune stones, then he’d report back to the Ritualist Association. This sort of quest really only profits one person. At most, there will only be one share of the rewards. “Reward…”

“If we’re successfully, you’ll definitely be satisfied…” NalanPureSould said.

Ye Cang thought it over, and figured they had nothing to do for the next few hours anyways, might as well go help. If there was a boss, they might even get some equipment. “Alright, coordinates? We’ll talk in detail when we meet…”

NalanPureSoul sent him the coordinates. Ye Cang hung up, then informed everyone of NalanPureSoul’s request.

No one had any objections. SpyingBlade also agreed, but reminded him that he needed to take the initiative and get a fitting reward, because he also knew that this sort of quest was considered a solo quest, no one else would get rewarded. Even if it was shareable, the reward wouldn’t be much. They had to do their best to get benefits out of it.

“I’ll consider. Little Tian, check out the coordinates and get ready, then we’ll go.” Ye Cang nodded and looked towards Little Ye Tian.

Litte Ye Tian immediately marked the coordinates, and arranged her map. Then they set out to provide aid.

At NalanPureSoul’s side, NalanMoon looked to him and whispered, “By calling them, we’ll have to pay the price. Team Leader won’t be lenient after finding a spendthrift. Moreover, he’s extremely evil…”

“This quest, you just scouted it out. Just those few elites by the entrance will be hard for us, let alone the boss deep inside. It will be risky to try it with just us. The people in our guild are all far away, and are lacking in strength. Having them along will guarantee our quest completion. That HeavenShakingMight’s auras as well as his suppression of undead and demons as a priest are a must. As for distribution, since we’re asking them to help, it’s inevitable that we must pay the price. Right now, the most important thing is this quest’s completion. The rewarded skillbook is extremely useful to me…” NalanPureSoul explained while leaning against a pine tree.

NalanMoon also knew that those guys were the strongest players in this area, especially with a buff machine like ShakingBear around. He practically doubled the team’s health, and increased the team’s survivability by multiple folds. He even had a mana regeneration buff and so on. However, knowing that her little brother seemed to be interested in that twisted, two-faced, team leader of theirs put her in a very bad mood. The guy is even that b*tch ThornyRose’s fiancee! Our PureSoul definitely can’t become a mistress! Besides, there are numerous young ladies who want to marry into our Nalan family. This is PureSoul! Nothing can match up to him!

NalanPureSoul saw the struggle and resentment in NalanMoon’s expression, and felt rather helpless. What is she thinking about? She’s making so many expressions.

NalanMight saw the incoming white hair and called out, “You’ve come…”

The two parties once again assembled. NalanPureSoul explained the situation, while Little Ye Tian analyzed. There were summoned demon type monsters, as well as warlocks. She looked at NalanPureSoul, and more or less guessed that the reward for this quest should be a type of summoning skill that summoned a demon to fight for the caster. The other potential rewards weren’t likely, the most probable was a demon summoning type skill. The other party probably already took Brother Xiong’s auras and his natural suppression against demons and undead into account.

“6:4, we get first pick.” Ye Cang directly proposed.

NalanMight and the others wanted to mock him. NalanPureSoul simply smiled, “Alright, but on the premise that the quest is successful.”

Ye Cang raised his brows and thought for a moment, then nodded, “Ok…”

Little Ye Tian wrote out a contract and sent it to NalanPureSoul. NalanPureSoul, agreed, then the contract took effects. NalanPureSoul brought everyone to the cave entrance. Steam drifted out from it along with the smell of sulfur. Ye Cang looked inside and saw a few unharvested demon corpses, so he chopped them up and threw them into the cart. Then he looked to the human warlock corpses. Hesitating for a moment, he chose to directly throw them into the cart like he did with the bandits, of course, after stripping off all their belongings. They also took this chance to cook up some food and buff up before entering.

One of the reasons that NalanPureSoul was adamant about having Ye Cang’s party help was because of Ye Cang’s night vision. It was especially useful in this sort of cave environment. Whether as a sentry or a scout, it is something irreplaceable.

Everyone passed a few tunnels, they saw a light coming from the distance. Ye Cang made his way over. Inside was a room; 7 warlocks surrounded a big table and were discussing something. On the table were cups of blood. They were too far to identify what creatures it belonged to. Beside the warlocks were many enslaved demon type creatures such as imps, succubi, hellhounds, demon warrior, horned demon, and 2 squads of six different types of lesser demons. Lining the rock walls were bookshelves with quite a few books spread amongst them.

Ye Cang sensed that a hellhound was about to discover him, so he quickly left and told everyone of the results of his scouting. NalanPureSoul pondered then said in a lovely voice, “Of the demons inside, the easiest to deal with are those lesser demons, but they have superior numbers. The imps are able to throw fireballs, while the horned demon and demon warrior have strong physiques and can charge. As for the succubi, they are proficient in mental attacks in the form of illusions. The hellhounds are strong against spellcasters with their ability to devour mana. Finally, those warlocks will probably use fire or shadow element spells. Everyone remember well.”

NalanPureSoul gave tasks to all of the 10 or so people present. Ye Cang was in charge of killing the lesser demons as fast as possible, then provide range support where he feels it necessary. Zhang ZhengXiong was in charge of the succubi. SpyingBlade, NalanMoon, and LooseCloud were in charge of taking out the warlocks. FrozenCloud was in charge of suppressing the imps. The hellhounds were left to the manaless Lin Le. The rest would be up against the demon soldiers and horned demons.

Little Ye Tian prepared to use her holy spells which could deal damage to demons and undead. The pearls of light changed from a handy support skill into a powerful offensive skill.
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