Chapter 4: Green Slime and Mushroom Stew

Chapter 4: Green Slime and Mushroom Stew

The three of them looked at the green slime’s ooze like corpse. Zhang ZhengXiong looked under it. “There’s only 1 copper.”

Ye Cang used his harvest skill on the body.

“You received Green Slime Gel, Green Slime Acid, Green Slime’s Eye.”

Green Slime Gel: Green gel, harmless, edible.

Green Slime Acid: Green slime’s corrosive acid, poisonous.

Green Slime’s Eye: A big eye, harmless, edible.

“Who the f**k would eat this!?” Ye Cang looked at the material’s description speechlessly.

Relying on Lin Le’s OP axe, the three of them trampled the green slimes. In two hours, they killed 30 of them, successfully leveling up to level 2. Ye Cang and Lin Le both put their one attribute point into Strength, while Zhang ZhengXiong continued to add to his Constitution.

“Bro, we can’t keep going like this. The main problem is our health recovers too slowly. We only have about 10 health right now. If we get hit by the acid again, we’re dead. Every minute we heal 2 health. If we want to heal to full, that’s about 20 minutes.” Zhang ZhengXiong frowned.

Ye Cang nodded. It would be such a pity to give up the quest now, but the efficiency here was too low. He looked in his bag and found a pile of gross liquids and eyes. He clenched his teeth: “Lele go over there and get some hay, A’Xiong go find some wood!”

“Why?” Lin Le said blankly.

“We’re going to eat! Hurry up!” Ye Cang said in a bad moody. The other two hurried to fetch hay and wood.

Ye Cang got some rocks from nearby and discovered some wild straw mushrooms. He took the rocks and made a little stove.

After the three were done with their tasks, they used the flint to start a fire, and placed the pot on it. He held back his nausea as he took some green slime gel, slime eyes and wild straw mushrooms and threw them into the pot. He added some water and salt and started boiling it. A terrible smell wafted over. It made the smell of rotten eggs seem ok.

“Congratulations, you’ve created a new recipe. Please name it.”

Ye Cang restrained his nausea and thought of the name ‘Green Slime and Mushroom Stew’. The new recipe was added to the empty cooking menu. He looked at his first attempt at cooking.

Green Slime and Mushroom Stew: While you’re eating, gain 1 health every 5 seconds. Also gain 3 poison resistance for 1 hours. (PS: This food like thing smells extremely unpleasant. Even a beggar wouldn’t eat this).

“Bro, you sure this thing is edible?” Zhang ZhengXiong looked at the green soup. There were a few large eyes floating at the top. Furthermore the stink made his scalp numb and he felt like vomiting.

“Can I not eat it?” Lin Le took a step back.

“Only after bitter hardships can you acquire fame and riches!” Ye Cang wrapped an arm around each of them and said earnestly.

The three of them glanced at eachother and nodded. They clenched their teeth and simultaneously swallowed a mouthful. Due to not having a bowl, the three used their hands and ate like cavemen. Their hearts were as sour as vinegar.

“Brother Lil’White, it tastes really awful.” Lin Le made a bitter face and gulped. A flavor too unique for words, it could only be described as a disaster.

“Lele, just clench your teeth and keep eating! You can do it!” Ye Cang also felt like throwing up. Zhang ZhengXiong didn’t say anything but all his muscles were taut, his eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and he was making a ferocious expression as he swallowed.

Two minutes later, the three of them were healed up. They each turned around and heaved trying to vomit it all out.

“Since we’re healed up, and we even have a poison resistance buff, let’s take this opportunity to put these green pimples to death and leave.” Ye Cang said covering his mouth. His hands still had some remaining stink. The other two repeatedly nodded their head. They looked at the slimes as if it were a sea of hated enemies.

The scene changed to Wu Na in Maple Forest Village.

Wu Na chose to be a priest. She was very quickly invited to and joined a well known chinese women only guild called ‘Thorns and Roses’ and became a normal member. Though ‘Thorns and Roses’ couldn’t compare to China’s top 4 guild’s ‘Misty Rain House’, which was similarly a women only guild, but they are still a strong guild that should not be underestimated. They had famous players like ‘NightDanceEmpress’ and ‘MissRose’. They also had an elite team that participated in the professional leagues.

Wu Na’s little party had 4 people altogether. The leader was a core guild member called Ran LiLi. Wu Na called her sister Li. They were already level 3. Although she regretted that she couldn’t play with Ye Cang and the others, she discovered that sister Li and the girls were all good people so not all was lost.

“Ye Cang, I’m level 3 now. What about you guys?” Wu Na opened her chat and messaged him.

Ye Cang who was slaughtering the green pimples froze for a moment, looked at his own level: 2 - 54%, and calmly replied: “We’re also level 3.”

“Oh right, I’m now a member of ‘Thorns and Roses’” Wu Na happily said.

“Thorns and Roses… What’s that?” Ye Cang played with his eyebrows looking confused.

“…” Wu Na fell silent.

“Bro, it looks like it’s a chinese women only guild. They have quite a bit of fame. It’s said they have a lot of beauties… a lot.” Zhang ZhengXiong reminded from the side.

“So?” Ye Cang’s sword stabbed into a slime’s eye splashing acid everywhere. It dealt an extra 50% damage.

“Not talking to you anymore! Remember to message me when you reach level 10 and choose a town!!” Wu Na hung left the chat with a stuffy feeling in her chest. This dumb Ye Cang.

“Boyfriend?” A handsome girl with a long ponytail asked as she slid to the side, her wooden sword stabbing at a turkey. She turned around and smiled. She had a pretty, egg-shaped face, her whole body held a mature charm. This was the one Wu Na called sister Li.

Wu Na looked a little sad as she shook her head. “He’s just a good friend.”

“Just 20 more and we’re done with the quest” Ye Cang slowly took out a some leftover Green Slime and Mushroom Stew. The three of them were already level 3.

“Brother Lil’White, can we not drink this thing?” Lin Le covered his mouth. Zhang ZhengXiong’s expression became very fierce.

“Only after bitter hardships can you acquire fame and riches!” Ye Cang clenched his teeth and started eating.

“Brother Lil’White.” “Bro.” Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong muttered as they watched Ye Cang with admiration. They also leaned over and started eating.

“It’s even worse when it’s cold.” Lin Le scowled miserably.

The three again filled up their health and heaved for a while. Due to the 3 points of poison resistance, their efficiency rose by a lot. It didn’t take them long to finish off the last 20 slimes. Ye Cang looked at the things in his bag. It was filled with slime gels, acid and eyes. The 100 slimes also dropped 23 copper. The three felt depressed.

“Let’s go hand in the quest.” Ye Cang saw that night was falling in the game and sobbed.

The light of the setting sun covered the entire town. Golden stalks of wheat swayed as players endlessly moved about, exploring, making noise, trading, and courting disasters.
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