Chapter 307: North District Game

Chapter 307: North District Game

Ye Cang got up and left the auction house. It was already night time. There wasn’t much point to going out hunting now, as everyone else was still doing their class training, so he just logged off.

After logging off, he looked at the time. It was currently 8:30, so he left and went to take a walk on the beach. After thinking a bit more, he decided to roam around the north district for a bit.

Lin Hai, north district, Xinla street.

Xinla street was the north district’s nightlife. The night market, bars, and various late-running eateries were all there. Due to boredom, Ye Cang had come to wander this area a few times. He was currently wearing an unbuttoned flowering beach shirt, showing his thin body. He had swim trunks, flip flops, and a popsicle in his mouth. His dead fish eyes looked all over the place. There were people everywhere, and it was extremely crowded. North district was among the more heavily populated of Lin Hai’s districts. A man rushed over, brushing by him. Ye Cang faintly smiled. Pickpocket? While he was having his wallet stolen, he had easily taken his wallet back, as well as the thief’s wallet. The thief quickly ran into an alley and reached into his pocket. It was empty. Even his own wallet was not there. He quickly turned and chased back, but Ye Cang had already disappeared from the crowed.

Ye Cang took out the thief’s wallet. 300,000 federal dollars. Thieves these days are so rich, carrying so much cash on them. He put the cash into his own wallet, then threw the stolen wallet into the trash. He continued to leisurely roam, but a man with dyed green hair stopped him. “Friend, you’re pretty good. Are you interested in playing a game? Although it’s dangerous, but if you win, we can fulfill your dream…”

Ye Cang hesitated. The speech seemed very familiar. He made a good-willed smiled, “Alright…”

North District, abandoned factory. Due to failed investments, this place became empty and abandoned. Gamer was sitting in a meeting room looking at the holographic projections of the new player data. One wanted to be a model, one was a wanted criminal, one was a boss who wanted to save his bankrupt factory, one was a highschool student trying to raise money to treat his sister. This time’s performance should be interesting. He began his private broadcast, and nearly ten thousand people payed to watch this survival game. Another participant joined at this time. The moment he saw that white hair, and that indifferent smile, he frowned. Why is he here!? He thought of that time at the east district, and his body began to ache. Which dumbass brought him here! He quickly ordered some people to bring Ye Cang to the meeting room, then looked at the green haired underling, and reached out his hand to dig his heart out. Ye Cang grabbed his wrist and stopped him, “He was just being nice. He saw that my hands were pretty fast, so asked me if I wanted to come play. There’s no need to kill him…”

The green haired man looked at the hand that had stopped at his chest. His back was quickly drenched in sweat. “Boss, I- I…”

“F**k off!” Gamer coldly said.

The green haired man quickly rushed to escape the meeting room.

“East District’s watchman. I thought we were going to mind our own business. What are you here for?” Truth be told, Gamer was terrified. He remembered that indifferent smile was also there when every bone in his body was broken, and his hand was cut off. The pain from that time was carved into his soul. Whenever he recalled it, his whole body would ache.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m not here for any reason, I’m just bored. I was roaming around the north district, but someone invited me to play a game, so I came to have a look…” Ye Cang looked at the participants in the holographic display. Then found a sofa to have a seat. “Do you have a cold soda?”

Gamer couldn’t see through him. He had someone bring a cold soda as well as a wine for himself. He continued to watch Ye Cang closely, not daring to move. Over 200 broken bones and one hand, in the blink of an eye.

Ye Cang saw that his eyes never left him, so he smiled, “I really don’t plan to do anything. I’m just here to watch. How does this game of yours work? Can you tell me about the players?”

Gamer skeptically sent him the data. Ye Cang browsed through it, and couldn’t help sighing. Many of them were desperate people. There were also some gamblers, but most were people who had no choice but to join the game. This guy was completely exploiting their desperation, and making them kill each other. Although extremely cruel, but he really does keep his promise. The victor will really have their wish granted, while the losers could only leave this world. Before participating, they are already informed that it was that sort of game, so none of them were forced. The were all voluntary.

“Why did you start this sort of game?” Ye Cang asked.

“Is there anything more interesting than watching them struggle? Despair, hope, disappointment, suspicion, jealousy, scheming, all be seen here. You can see the darkest, yet the most beautiful part of human nature. I hope you won’t get involved…” Gamer said coldly.

“I won’t. They chose this themselves. If you follow the rules, then so will I…” Ye Cang said indifferently. He drank his soda while watching the projection. The model stabbed a dagger into the heart of the factory boss that had just saved her.

“If you win, I hope you can use a bit of money to save my factory. I beg you…” Before the boss died, he clutched her hand and begged.

“In your dreams, old bastard…” The model woman pulled out the dagger, causing a spurt of blood. She looked at his despair and sneered. She used his clothes to wipe the blood that got on her, then left with a lovely, pleasing walk.

Ye Cang sighed. He was unable to judge, unable to sympathize, and unable to blame. Everyone who came to this place had the same goals. They simply used different methods. Some were too naive, others too savage, but their goals were one, to be the victor. He turned and looked at Gamer’s sneer. That guy must have also had a painful past. Was he betrayed? Or perhaps abandoned?

The one Ye Cang was most interested in was the high school student here to save his sister. He had directly chopped off the model’s head, then kneeled and apologized sincerely, “Sorry, it’s all for little Tong. You have to die…”

What made Ye Cang even more surprised was that when he went up against the criminal, he had calmly pulled another participant into the fight, and worked together to kill him. Then the moment the criminal fell, he pulled out a dagger and instantly killed his teammate. Yet the whole time, he still seemed unwilling, and was crying tears. “Sorry… If there is a next life, I will definitely work hard to repay you, but right now… please die…”

“This is one of the most interesting competitors I’ve seen. He’s clearly decisive and does not take pity on anyone, yet shows such hypocritical remorse.” Gamer clapped.

Ye Cang shook his head. “He won’t last until the end. The one you call a hypocrite is is running out of conviction…”

Gamer looked at Ye Cang doubtfully. What does he mean? All that’s left is a little girl and this high school student. Both of them are here to cure their family. One for his little sister, the other for her mother. Both of them have been vicious, but the situation leans towards the high school student.

The two of them both made a trap for the other. The final fight was extremely desperate, making it hard to imagine they were a young girl and a high school boy. The high school boy had lost a hand to steel wire. The girl had a leg blown off. In the end, the high school boy had a dagger at the girl’s throat, but seeing her childish face, he wavered.

“Big brother, you win. The money, can you give a bit to my mom for her illness? If you can…” The girl smiled with a face covered in blood.

“Ok. Then if you win, would you do the same?” The high school boy said, crying tears, but smiling.

“Mm…” The girl closed her eyes and nodded. Something hot dripped onto her face. Fresh blood splattered over her, and she saw the high school student’s neck artery was slit and spraying out blood. She heard his final words, “Then… it’s a… promise…”

“He…” Gamer was puzzled. What does this mean? He clearly just had to kill this little girl, then he could take the money. He could have saved his little sister. Why kill himself? Could he have really believed her vague and empty promise? Or did I see wrong? He recalled Ye Cang’s words. ‘The one you call a hypocrite is is running out of conviction…’

Ye Cang flashed and appeared at the scene. He covered the bleeding artery, then picked the boy up and left the factory. He smiled. This kid really deserves to be saved. He never threw away his conscience. He knew that killing this girl who was around his sister’s age, was not much different than killing his sister himself. He had let her live and really believed she would use the money to help his sister…

Gamer watched as Ye Cang brought the high school student away, and smiled. This guy really is hard to understand. He actually guessed the conclusion. I’ve seen so many fights, and can guess so many of them. He had someone go save the girl, and sent her and her mother to the best hospital in the north district to undergo muscle and bone regrowth therapy to heal her recently lost leg. He also gave her the money, and coldly said, “This was an interesting show. Congratulations, you’re the victor. Here is your prize…”

After he spoke, he left the hospital. The rest would be unrelated to him.

Ye Cang sighed in relief. If he was just a second later, this child would have died. He had rushed to the Lin Hai’s Dragon group to use their medical equipment. Using his identity, he had someone reattach the hand while he himself worked to save the boy’s life.

The high school boy slowly woke up. He saw a white haired man smiling at him. “I’m dead right? This must be hell. Mister Grim Reaper…”

Ye Cang couldn’t help laughing. Everyone who sees me while near death thinks I’m the grim reaper, sent to bring them to hell, huh? “You’re not dead. I saved you…”

“Really? You must have seen everything, why did you save me? Are you pitying me?” The high school boy’s reaction made Ye Cang smile. “Because you deserve it. Pity? More like respect. I’ve brought your sister here for treatment, you can relax.”

“Your purpose? No, what do you want from me…” The high school student asked with a tearful smile.

“Be my successor…” Ye Cang said indifferently.
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