Chapter 313: Ruins in the Dark

Chapter 313: Ruins in the Dark

Although everyone attacked fiercely, the marshwalker’s vitality made them feel anxious. Wu Na, Wang, and Fang Ci were all being pushed in closer as the dust cloud slowly spread. Lin Le swung his bag, throwing out another 5 molotovs, stopping it, but it was only delaying the inevitable. With its high physical resistance, Lin Le’s attacks were severely weakened. Lin Le didn’t have many elemental attacks in the first place. Even Netherworld Shock had been used.

Fang Ci could only command his skeleton to throw out fireballs while he attacked with Spirit Balls, all while slowly walking towards the center.

Ye Cang used his fire skills as much as possible. When he unleashed his burst of melee attacks, he would leap back and shoot fire arrows, explosive arrows until Flame Blade was back, then charge back into melee to unleash another burst. Everyone knew they could only give it their all. If they allowed the spores to close in on them, then they would be paralysed to death, not to mention that it was poisonous and its damage wasn’t low.

The marshwalker was extremely enraged. These bugs were too clever. It once again grew out more spores. Ye Cang shouted, “Lele, burn these these fungi with molotovs!”

Lin Le quickly threw molotovs, burning the gradually expanding spores.

Ye Cang frowned. They only had about 7 meters of room to move, and this thing still didn’t look like it would fall. He shadow stepped to Little Ye Tian’s side, and summoned his shadow weapon - heavy crossbow. He once again pulled out his balista, and sent the two bee monarch bolts shooting out. Although the damage was greatly reduced, it was still much stronger than a normal attack. Putting away his ballista, he pulled out his bow and began unleashing fire arrows while keeping an eye on his mana. There was still 24 left. Nana and Wang had run out, and had no time to recover. They were pressed for time. His flame blade appeared once more with a straight thrust combo.

5 meters, 4 meters! Their space was constantly reducing. The ranged classes had no choice but to stand in the boss’s attack range. 3 meters! The marshwalker finally showed signs of tiring, it was faintly tottering. Under the constantly burning molotovs, its natural recovery couldn’t keep up. On top of the fact that it had no spores around it, it finally began showing signs of collapsing, but the spores were already upon them, having encroached another meter. Everyone was now in the dust. Ye Cang shouted urgently, “Lele, set us on fire!”

Wu Na sighed. Like this, the spellcaster would be the first to go, but it was better than dying without being able to move. Lin Le nodded, once again launching 5 molotovs out from his bag at the boss and them. He quickly crushed a gold coin, activating two stacks of Money Maintenance, causing his health to continuously increase.

With a burning enemy and burning allies, they continued their battle. This method was a double edged sword. With Lin Le’s ability to increase the effect of items, the Molotovs did a large amount of damage. Everyone’s health drained like leaking water. Zhang ZhengXiong flipped open his holy text, activating it’s aoe healing, then Desperate Prayer, bringing everyone’s health up. Even the percentage healing afterwards couldn’t keep up with the raging flames. Little Ye Tian endured the feeling of being burned, and spammed Healing Chain and the resulting Pearls of Light. She gave up on the spellcasters that couldn’t endure, and focussed on the important people.

The only good news was that the boss’s intelligence was low and it’s movements slow.

Wu Na, Wang, the water elemental, and Fang Ci, were the first to be burned to death. The next to not be able to hold on were FrozenCloud and Little Ye Tian. Following Little Ye Tian’s death, Little Rations also disappeared. As for Weak Sauce, it was standing behind a very distant pillar, acting as the cheerleader. Although no one could see it, but it was taking its work very seriously. The only ones left were Ye Cang’s group of three, SpyingBlade, and Little Ren. They were still dancing among the flames and attacking with everything they had.

“Lele, continue!” Ye Cang’s mana had been thoroughly exhausted. He could only use skills that required energy or rage.

“Brother Lil’White, we’re out!” Lin Le’s words made everyone’s heard sink in despair. The flames were gradually being extinguished. If they couldn’t kill it before it extinguished, they would all die! The four of them continued desperately fighting for their lives!

SpyingBlade looked at the flames that now barely reach half a meter. The spores were gradually descending. Is this the end? Such a pity, I still have 20 health left. He turned and saw Ye Cang walk right in front of the boss, in the path of an incoming strike. He didn’t block, nor did he dodge. What was he doing? Did he give up?

“Get ready to dodge!” Ye Cang roared as he stared straight at that enormous incoming fist.

“Not good, bro wants to die to trigger a self-destruct. That attack doesn’t discriminate between friend and foe! And its range won’t be small! Lele, hide somewhere!!” Zhang ZhengXiong said, running for a scar in the ground.

The two jumped into a 1 meter wide chasm. Although the edge was slippery, but they held on tightly, using their weapons to stab into the wall as support, preventing the from sliding down. SpyingBlade quickly followed their example, wondering how Ye Cang could explode on death. Little Ren watched the three and imitated them. There was a loud explosion from above, and shadow energy rushed above their heads. The explosion was very big, even in the chasm, they could feel the strong wind it caused. It blew down on them, blowing various sized rocks into the chasm. Zhang ZhengXiong used his hand wearing the armguard to knock them away.

The the shock ended, SpyingBlade flipped over the edge. Little Ren directly jumped out. Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong climbed out. They examined the aftermath. The ruins in the surrounding tens of meters were damaged even further, but there was no obvious change; they were still ruins. What made them happy was that the spore and dust had all been sent flying very far away, and the marshwalker was on its last breath. SpyingBlade was surprised that Ye Cang was standing there, beside the boss, in perfect condition. He casually tossed a Flame Burst, ending the fight. Did he have two lives? Even his mana had been fully replenished. He was completely empty just earlier. It must be some special item. If not one time use, then it must have a very long cooldown. He faintly smiled. Assassinating a guy like that would be amusing…

“Congratulations, you’ve slain marshwalker. Received 3000 experience.”

Ye Cang began to look abnormally excited. He reached out his hand towards the marshwalker’s body. SpyingBlade felt like his heart would stop. He and Zhang ZhengXiong simultaneously began to run over, staring at that ‘divine hand’ that was approaching the boss. “No!! Don’t!!”

“Bro! Calm down!” Zhang ZhengXiong yelled anxiously.

“Stop that hand!!” SpyingBlade also bellowed. They saw the abnormal look in Ye Cang’s eyes, and they felt a chill. The distance was too far. They wouldn’t make it! Their movement skills were on cooldown! Could it be, they had fought for nothing!? Put their lives on the line, fought so tiringly, even lost half their party and all their spellcasters. Who would have thought, that at the very last moment, after the boss had died… Their hearts felt clogged.

At this time, the marshwalker’s body swelled up and exploded. Ye Cang was immediately blown away, and a large amount of spores was spread into the air. Zhang ZhengXiong and SpyingBlade quickly stopped and backed up, sighing in relief. They watched as Ye Cang was launched towards them. Zhang ZhengXiong caught him with one hand, and cooperated with SpyingBlade to restrain the berserk Ye Cang. As the explosion of spores dispersed, Lin Le went up to loot the corpse.

The two of them finally sighed in relief, letting the now normal but extremely unhappy Ye Cang go. “Tch, I almost got it. It was going to be a divine artifact, but was ruined by you guys again.”

SpyingBlade was already too tired to care about him. Where in the world did that confidence come from? He had already emptied multiple bosses, which made his heart hurt even now. However, SpyingBlade now understood how Ye Cang had finished off the boss. He recalled their journey and looked at the ring on his finger. It was probably that two in one ring, which fit perfectly with the two effects. One to self destruct, one to revive.

Ye Cang took the items Lin Le handed over. There were 3 in all. One gold quality and two distinguished. He roughly looked through them. “Let’s wait till everyone is back.”

After speaking, he moved on to deal with the body of the marshwalker. Then the four of them entered a fairly complete house and rested, waiting for Wu Na and the others, who would be coming from Bal Village’s respawn point.

When Wu Na and the others heard that the marshwalker was killed, and saw the large amount of experience coming in, they sighed in relief. The quickly made preparations, then hurried back to the ruins.


Ye Cang’s side had spent the time searching under the glow of sunset. When SpyingBlade spotted a treasure chest, he secretly told Lin Le, and let him go open it. This made Ye Cang hate SpyingBlade even more. He criticized him, filled with righteous anger. What they didn’t know was that Ye Cang had also discovered a chest, and had opened it, but found nothing at all. In order not to let the others know, he had buried it, and continued acting as if nothing had happened, not at all embarrassed. He muttered, “Treasure chests are like scratch cards, sometimes they come up empty. Next time, I’ll definitely win a prize, and first place at that. That’s right, a divine artifact is waiting for me…”

It gradually became night time.

The four of them chose to avoid the area around the palace, since they didn’t have enough people. Even that boss just now gave them such an arduous fight, though it was because of the marshwalker’s high physical resistance, but they still only had four people. It was too dangerous to go without any spellcasters or support. Moreover, SpyingBlade had, from the house’s second floor, discovered some ghosts floating around the palace. The other three also came to look. They occasionally appeared in the sky. Floating white spirits and their anguished wails.

“Who would have thought that night would be such a different scene.” Ye Cang raised his brows. He had used identification and had learned that they were elite vengeful spirits or wandering spirits. “Let’s wait for Little Ye Tian. Their numbers are increasing as the night goes on. Having two holy classes will be better. Let’s just sit and wait here for the time being. “

The four guarded the windows. Ye Cang’s remained alert and used his night vision.

Little Ye Tian and the others passed over the mountains, and once again returned to the hill leading to the ruins. Little Ye Tian saw the anomaly. Ghosts come out at night? Good thing we came during the day, otherwise there would really be too many enemies. She led the group along the shortest route to the house Ye Cang had chosen.

The three spellcasters looked at their little ‘healer’ who had become a ghost killing machine. When they were hit by her healing spells, the would directly burn up. Even the Pearls of Light that appear beside her could be used to attack, making her damage exceptionally high.
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