Chapter 321: SpyingBlade’s Heart

Chapter 321: SpyingBlade’s Heart

A’Suo and the others begrudgingly looked at the the fashion magazine had all been occupied by others. Was this our event our theirs!

Ye Cang’s group passed by the night market and had some ramen. Then returned to the game feeling perfectly satisfied.

SpyingBlade saw that Ye Cang and the other had come online. “The signature?”

“At my place.” Ye Cang happily replied.

“If there’s a chance, I’ll go over and get it. Address?” SpyingBlade noded. Ye Cang gave him the address to their seaside cottage without any misgivings. After SpyingBlade got the address, he said, “Let’s go. We should hurry… I saw the broadcast earlier. Tsk tsk, Lin Hai’s Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle really live up to their reputation…”

FrozenCloud wiped her cold sweat. What were you watching!? Of course, Panty Uncle is so handsome that it’s hard to look directly at him. Ah, how can there be such a handsome uncle.

Meanwhile Wu Na was feeling the pressure. Soon, it would be her show. Her goal was to exceed 10,000 fans! Ye Cang, with his 500,000+ fans was completely indifferent to it.

By now, it was nighttime, and the mountain seemed exceptionally dangerous. Wolf type demon beasts were appearing in packs, however, to Ye Cang’s party, who mostly had dark gold weapons, it was just free experience. The high damage from dark gold equipment easily broke their defence. Even just one point of damage wasn’t as simple as just adding to final damage output, because the weapons damage was the most important part of calculating if an attack would break through defence.

Ye Cang’s pike pierced through a giant mountain forest wolf’s body. Pulling away, he activated Flame Blade, then Flame Lotus, then Multiple Straight Thrust in four different directions, causing 3 flame lotuses to blossom. The final flameless thrust stabbed through one, once again penetrating it. He then turned 180 degrees while pulling out his bow, and preparing an arrow. Fang Ci, who was watching, was dazzled. He knew how useless a class the ranger was supposed to be, with magic that’s not as good as a mage, melee that’s not as good as a fighter, ranged that’s not as good as a hunter or archer. Yet team leader actually casts magic better than a mage, doesn’t fall behind SpyingBlade - who was obviously not normal at a glance - in melee, and his ranged doesn’t even need to be said. The difficulty of playing a bow and arrow class was not little, one would need to learn to shoot like in real life, which would take time to learn, thus archers were very welcome. Besides, even the best archers would probably only be as good as this guy. Actually, he wouldn’t go so far as to say that this age’s training could produce such a skillful archer.

Fang Ci had Bali fear the giant wolf, then used the spirit to slay it. He had her cast an aoe curse, making the fight even easier. Even SpyingBlade had to admit that a Necromancer’s curses were very useful. Although bosses might not be affected, but against these group encounters, an aoe curse that increased damage taken was extremely practical. As for Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le, they were simply abusing these animals. With Zhang ZhengXiong’s defence, he could easily play around with 5 wolves. And the moment Lin Le saw a wolf, it would be chopped in two.

FrozenCloud struck a wolf dead. She had noticed that her health had barely changed the entire fight. A beam of light passed through her towards Shaking Bear. Little Tian’s support was really perfect. She made full use of her advantages as a support paladin, and her grasp of timing was peerless.

After the battle, Ye Cang became the godly public sanitation worker, cleaning up the battlefield that was covered in blood until not a spec was left. This left everyone terrified.

After a long journey, even SpyingBlade was becoming sick of mountains. They once again climbed to the top of a mountain and looked at the enormous moon. Lin Le proposed that everyone take a picture together. Everyone stood together, with their back to the moon, and made a pose. SpyingBlade couldn’t help smiling. A picture huh? He recalled that time by a lakeside. A picture of a man and woman embracing in the water. He raised his head towards the cold moon. Those were already things of the past. Life was too full of sorrow and drama, and he was simply amongst the more pitiful. He began to think. It’s just like CloudDragon says. I’m just a coward. A man that’s going to die, yet wishes a woman can live happily, hopes she can forget. A traveller with one foot in his grave.

Everyone once again rested.

Imperial City, Royal College, Queen district.

A pale faced, short haired, average looking man sat at a bench on a seaside trail. He watched as the sun slowly rose above the sealine. Then, with somewhat strange movements, he stumbled to a vending machine and bought a bottle of mineral water. He held it in his left hand, his right hand clutched the bottle cap, but he couldn’t get it open. The water splashed around the bottle from his efforts, it just wouldn’t open. Finally, he resorted to biting it, and unscrewed it with difficulty. He unhurriedly took a drink, and looked at the exposed sun with a smile. “My right has has withered away? Next should be there. My legs.”

His warm face leaked a tiny bit of sorrow. He reached out his hand, as if to capture the light, but could barely make a fist. He could only watch as the light slipped through the space between his fingers. “How much longer do I have…”

The morning sun represent hope and tomorrow, yet the man sitting on the bench was in this state. He peacefully leaned back and like an old person might, stared blankly out into the sea. Finally, he made a smile full of tears, “Sorry, it’s not that I want to hurt you. Sorry…”

This was how SpyingBlade was in reality. Extremely common. Average of height. Education wise, he only got Cs. Besides not being able to find work, his everything could be said to be ordinary. His family was nothing special. Growing up? Nothing special. He held no hopes and no disappointments. He just wanted to find an ordinary woman, have a normal wedding, have children, if worst comes to worst, have an ordinary divorce. Just like his name, Zhao YiFan1; he was originally willing to live such an ordinary life, yet in his first year, he received grievous news. ALS2. It was a disease that, even now, can’t be cured. A disease where he can only look on helplessly as he loses the strength to do anything, even breathing. Eventually, his brain would wither, his flesh would wither, his four limbs would gradually lose function, he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself, and when he lost the ability to breath, it’s said that it would be worse than death. One thing to be glad about was that the time until the disease becomes deadly was considered long. According to the doctor, he still had 4-5 years. So, in a dark room, he lit a cigarette. Zhao YiFeng, aka SpyingBlade, decided that in his last moments, he would be extraordinary.

SpyingBlade looked back on his 20+ years of life. Was there any revenge to take or favors to return? What about his parents? He definitely had to repay the debt of having raised him. Other than that, there was nothing notable. Now that he had become this ill, he recalled his ordinary life, so ordinary that he himself found it boring. Even having a precious memory or an enemy was a luxury. He didn’t even have an unforgettable friendship.

It was then that he recalled the only thing that was memorable to him. It was something he had nearly forgotten. In his first year, the prettiest girl in class, who was also the class monitor. She had an elegantly beautiful face, and appeared to be from some great family. Once, he had wanted to confess to her, but only got a roll of her eyes and a sneer. “You think you match me? If you’re serious then prove to me that you have the determination to the pursue me…”

SpyingBlade had given up at that time. He had sobered up and understood the disparity between them. Although her tone was harsh and her sneer had hurt him, but he knew he was just a working class, ordinary guy, while she was an influential family’s miss perfect. His and her life weren’t meant to overlap. Without anything better to do, he had returned to his ordinary place in society, passing his leisurely days. As he recalled this, in his dark room, SpyingBlade made a determined smile. “I will make you mine, and then dump you! This will be my final wish…”

SpyingBlade asked around. In the past, she was the school goddess, and now she was being cultivated as the successor of Falling Star Pavilion. Conveniently, she was hiring professional players to work for her, so he decisively signed up. Gradually, he earned her recognition. SpyingBlade began to approach her who was once his goddess. He bet his everything one this last daring ambition of his life. He struggled, and thoroughly moved CompassionateStar, obtaining her heart. And unbenounced to when, SpyingBlade had lost the evil desire for revenge, and it had thoroughly become love. He had learned of her tenderness and had even heard from her own mouth how in college, she had a favorable opinions of a man, the first one to stand out and confess to her, that ordinary man. Although he was ordinary, but by confessing to her, he had done something not ordinary and even brave. SpyingBlade froze. At that time, she hadn’t really intended to refuse him, but was testing his determination.

SpyingBlade, on their first night, watched CompassionateStar take off her clothes. She waited for him, full of love. He looked at himself in the mirror, and was suddenly startled and anxious. How much longer did he have? 2 years? Perhaps 3 years. 3 fingers on his left hand already had trouble moving. His body was also gradually losing it’s balance. If he were to take her now, what could he give her? Would this become a scar that would forever haunt her? Thinking of CompassionateStar’s tenderness and how she had accepted that ordinary man, his heart ached, and he came to the bed and ruthlessly mocked her, “Haha, success! You think I would really have XX with you? In your dreams. You’re just a manipulative b*tch! I’m Zhao YiFan, the one who confessed to you that year, that man you rejected. Ah~~ I feel much better. Seeing your filthy body, tsk tsk, such great revenge! Haha! I really outdid myself…”

“DarkBlade, don’t joke around. We’re getting married next month. Really, if you keep messing around, I’ll get mad…” CompassionateStar froze, then smiled at him, revealing her body. Silence followed. She looked at SpyingBlade and found he didn’t seem to be joking. CompassionateStar’s expression gradually became worried, “Don’t joke with me! I… I…”

SpyingBlade didn’t say a word. His heart was bleeding and he continuously apologized in his mind. Seeing CompassionateStar’s despair, humiliation, shame, and that bone-chilling hatred, he could only force back his tears and clench his teeth as he said more vile words. “Joke? Boring, I’ve already lost interest in you and don’t even feel like XX you. Goodbye, naive and adorable guild leader CompassionateStar~”

SpyingBlade put on his clothes, and wandered the streets like a soulless corpse. His face was covered in tears, but he had a relieved smile. As for the woman, she tightly held her bare body, and cried bitterly, her expression full of resentment and sorrow.

1: His name means Yi: One, Fan: Ordinary

2: ALS is a disease that gradually paralyses people
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